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Aurora Banner Clarifies Their Coverage

Posted by auroracitizen on October 20, 2011

Kudos to the Aurora Banner for quickly responding to comments about inaccurate information in their recent coverage of the Morris lawsuit discontinuance.

An online story appeared which indicated the lawsuit alleged that comments made by the 3 named defendants had defamed council and staff.

The banner was quick to correct the story after it was pointed out their facts were incorrect with the following Editors Note:  This is a corrected version of a previous story. The source of the allegedly defamatory comments has been amended.

The case revolved around whether or not comments made by anonymous bloggers on a local issues blog were defamatory toward staff and council. The suit alleged Mr. Hogg moderated the blog and Ms Bishenden was a former moderator, while Mr. Johnson was a frequent poster. The suit does not allege Mr. Hogg, Ms Bishenden or Mr. Johnson made any defamatory comments themselves.

This is a sensitive issue within the Aurora community so it is essential that the facts presented are correct.

You can read the full article here.–morris-drops-blogger-lawsuit

Not sure whether the article was changed before it went to print, so a correction may be necessary there as well.

2 Responses to “Aurora Banner Clarifies Their Coverage”

  1. Sprite said

    Surely she didn’t go to the police about that stupid rumour that waitstaff at the local restaurants were spitting into her meals ?

  2. Pinch me, I'm dreaming said

    Quoting from the former’s interview with the Banner:

    “It’s been very emotional for me based on the extreme language of the comments, some of which were threatening in nature. Even more disturbing, even though I’m no longer a public servant, there are further incidents that have raised concern.”

    “It’s been a huge burden carrying the town’s initiative. I have taken it as far as I felt responsible. If people knew what I’ve gone through, it would be a lot easier to explain.”

    It has generally been felt by the public that the initiative was taken by Morris and that members of Council present at the infamous meeting September 14/15 were coerced into going along with her demand, resoundingly emphasized by slamming her hand on the table and vowing she would not spend a cent of her own money on the matter.

    To talk of oneself as a public servant is the height of opprobrium.

    In my opinion, she has the initiative solely on her own shoulders and that is where the burden lies. The town’s burden consists of $55,000 in legal bills paid on her behalf. She talks about “taking it as far as I felt responsible.” She has been utterly irresponsible in this affair, and only when serious financial cost now faces her personally does she decide that she can only go so far.

    This is hypocrisy in spades.

    I can hardly wait to see the self-aggrandizement that will shortly be appearing on her just unveiled blog. The culture club will be out in force!

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