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Recent Supreme Court Ruling Has Applicabilty to Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on October 19, 2011

A recent Supreme Court ruling also has some applicability to what has happened here in Aurora.

This case deals with a blog publisher who published hyperlinks to other internet content.

The plaintiff argued that by creating the hyperlinks they became a “publisher” of defamatory material.

The defendant argued a link is not an endorsement.

The lower courts agreed with the defendant — as did the Supreme Court.

This ruling crystallizes the position that publishers of blogs are not responsible for the content written by others when posting hyperlinks on their blog.

While publishing hyperlinks to other content is not exactly the same as allowing comments to be published — it certainly supports the position that publishers  are not responsible for the comments of others.

The Toronto Star reports on the decision here.–supreme-court-ruling-big-victory-for-internet-freedom?bn=1

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