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Is anyone else concerned about how long it is taking to get budgets approved?

Posted by auroracitizen on February 12, 2009

It is already mid February and still no budget approval. What additional information does Council have today that they didn’t have 2 months ago, or 4 months ago? This process should have been started in October, not in January.

Previous Councils have managed to approved budgets early in the year when their decisions could impact the spending for the year. What is keeping this Council from doing the same? Is this a symptom of the significant staff turnover?

It’s hard to find savings when the budget is being spent before the decisions are made and new decisions are too late to impact existing commitments. Alternatively, new projects are not started or optimal pricing is not secured because we are late tendering projects. In tendering, the early projects get the most competitive bids. The later you wait, the less aggressive the tenders are.

Could you imagine doing your personal budgeting after the expenditures have been made? Those who do, usually end up in credit card debt. Hopefully Aurora is not travelling down the same path.

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20 Responses to “Is anyone else concerned about how long it is taking to get budgets approved?”

  1. Anonymous said

    No I’m not concerned. A 1.8% increase is better than expected. Even with the interference and disruption by Ms. Buck you did it!

    Good on you!

  2. Goodie Two Shoes said

    Why is the Mayor involved in the hiring of lower level staff? Isn’t that the job of Human Resources or are these people not qualified to do this job? I question why an elected official feels she has the right to be involved in such a process.

  3. Anonymous said

    If anyone took the time to attend the Council meeting of Feb 24, it will be patently obvious as to why the budget takes so long.

    The presentation of the Heritage awards took place, and even though there is a Heritage committee here (of which Councillors Collins-Mrakas and McRoberts are members), ALL the awards were given out by the Mayor.

    Then she proceeded to read all three pages of her latest proclamation in reference to the Year of Business.

    Now throw into the mix that the Mayor actually participates in the hiring of lower level staff positions in the Town (as opposed to senior management).

    So, how could she possible have any time to do something as trivial as the Town Budget when there are these other, obviously far more important, tasks to take care of?

    Sheesh, give the lady a break!

  4. Anonymous said

    Check your dictionary, dearie, for the definition of Jenny.
    Looks like some humor got past you. Happy to help.

  5. Heather Sisman said

    Who is Jenny??

  6. Anonymous said

    Goodie two shoes,
    I can see nothing in Anonymous 6:57 that brings Evelyn harm, but then that seems par for the course.
    You and Jenny and Heather Sisman seem to blame others.
    Oh my so much is being clarified that others have tried to point out to me for a long time.
    Thanks for being so clear.
    ( If this is posted it will begin with large bolded type, “Anonymous said”. I don’t believe that the moderator will post it thinking that it is the work of Goodie two shoes.)

  7. Goodie two shoes said

    I realize this comment has nothing to do with the original post, but I need to make a comment to Anonymous 6:57. Evelyn is once again being accused of wrong doing. Well she did post a comment about fellow councillor Wilson and if you care to read a little further then your nose you will find an expression of regret on her blog site. I believe it was titled Just When I thought. So if you think that by posting your comment you will bring Evelyn more harm, then sorry she is way ahead of you. No satisfaction here!!

  8. Anonymous said

    Anonymous 6:57PM,
    I don’t understand how this “spam” business has anything to do with the mayor.
    I don’t understand the use of “cheaters and liars”.
    I saw the “spam”.
    It was the same entry that I copied from Mme Buck’s blog because I was shocked at its content. I still have the original, with her blog’s heading and picture.
    The comment published on this blog was published without benefit of “Anonymous said.”.. or anything of that sort. That’s why it caught my attention.
    I don’t understand what happened but I think some people on this blog try to blame the mayor for things that are not reasonable.

  9. Anonymous said

    i guess it is safe to assume you are the one that cut and pasted someone elses words……Did you also do this in school when writing a essay….Trying to pass off someone elses work as your own…Shame Shame..Seems that is all you can expect from the mayor and her gang of five (cheaters and liars) Thats about all the votes you will get come next election – 6 votes….Oh yeah 7 there is Ken whitehurst…He has to vote for the five and Mayor, they gave him a nice cushy job with great pay…….later

  10. Anonymous said

    Highly unlikely to se spam, I”d say.

  11. Anonymous said

    How did spam pass the moderator’s screening?

  12. Aurora Citizen said

    The deleted Feb 20 post was not a comment but spam content copied from another blog and posted here.

  13. Anonymous said

    Didn’t the blog moderator post it?
    Was it posted or deleted at 9:32 PM?
    What process led to the deletion?

  14. Anonymous said

    Who posted the blog?
    Who removed it?

  15. Heather Sisman said

    There was a comment made at the GC meeting on 2/17 about the budget dates. I don’t remember who said what, but one councillor mentioned the dates of budget approval in the past, and someone else commented no, they were right on track.

    Looking at the comment about regarding multiple errors in the ’06 budget that was finalized in December ’05 – maybe it is in everyone’s best interest to wait till late March or April for the final outcome.

  16. Anonymous said

    A few facts from the Town’s website in response to Mr. Hogg’s:

    2004 Increase 3.50%
    Approved – April 27, 2004 Prev Cl

    2005 Increase 7.90%
    Approved – March 29, 2005 – Prev Cl

    2006 Increase 7.90%
    Approved – December 2005 – Prev Cl

    Although budget was approved early; multiple errors included in the 2006 budget were found during preparation of the 2007 budget – in excess of $1.8 million. Had these expenditures been properly reported the 2006 tax increase would have been in excess of 15%.

    2007 Increase 3.59%
    Approved – April 24,2007 Present Cl

    2008 Increase 4.00%
    Approved – April 22,2008 Present Cl

  17. Anonymous said

    If Evelyn’s comments regarding the meetings held by the Fearsome Five behind closed doors are true, we’re in trouble. But not for long. They will the one’s in trouble as the truth spreads throughout this community as the 2010 election looms. There is a huge groundswell of miscontent and it’s growing. The Fearsome Five don’t see it because they are caught up in their own world…hell, they think they’re doing a great job! Can you say dillusional?

  18. Anonymous said

    I worry about Ev pounding her keys at 2 AM.
    Take er easy, gal. Take care of your health. You’ve got to take time for yourself, put all those fears aside, all this fear can’t be good for you.

  19. Evelyn Buck said

    The budget is even more mangled this year than the last two. The Treasurer recommended a schedule of numerous meetings in September or thereabouts.His report was taken apart and put together for a different schedule by Councillor MacEachern and approved by Council.
    But that too was abandoned.
    The Chief Administrator’s Office was vacant.
    It seems new programs referred to budget by Council,added to needs based on maintenance of current levels of service ,master plans,strategic plan and capital forecast all previously adopted by Council, much of it required by Provincial regulation and all of it, the floor regularly used upon which to build a budget, the potential tax increase was close to 15%
    Rumour has it the Mayor went to the Treasurer’s Office,threw the budget on his desk, described it in unflattering terms and ordered him to start again. I have heard the Treasurer submitted his resignation that day without much further ado.
    Late night meetings lasting until the wee small hours between the Mayor and Councillor MacEachern have long been common knowledge. It seems something new may have been added.I had heard some Councillors were meeting after adjournment in the room behind the
    Council Chamber. After a meeting this week I observed several Councillors hanging around, apparently waiting. There may be substance to the rumours.
    Five Councillors meeting together,any place,anytime constitutes a meeting.
    Having a different perspective to a Council Cabal on a regular basis disturbs me not one whit. It is a different and more serious matter not to be able to trust.

  20. Anonymous said

    We have self professed tax fighter Al Wilson and expert at everything
    (at least in her own mind) Evalina McEachern on the job. Why worry?

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