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Councillor Steve Granger Demonstrates His Leadershp Skills

Posted by auroracitizen on March 3, 2010

The town is positively a twitter with news about Councillor Granger’s latest demonstration of his leadership skills. He must be in full election mode.

After Council was finished last night, Councillor Granger accosted Brock Weir, the new staff writer at The Auroran, about the accuracy of the article in this week’s edition.

It seems Mr Granger took offense to the fact that a writer was reporting the truth — that members of the Farmer’s Market found him “typical self- indulgence of trying to be a leader”. 

There was also excerpts from an email from one of the committee members that described Councillor Granger as late arriving, disorganized, unprepared and “such poor leadership as witnessed by Councillor Granger this afternoon when challenged with effective and direct questions on organization…”

Another email counter these claims stating Councillor Granger “has been working very hard … and he did most or all of this work unilaterally.” However, this writer was Sher St Kitts, friend of Mayor Morris and benefactor of this Council, and hence with limited credibility.

However, even Sher St Kitts indicated that he had developed the constitution “unilaterally” — which our dictionary defines as “decided or acted on by only one involved party or nation irrespective of what the others do”. Interesting, even his supporter admits he wrote a constitution for the Farmers Market without input.

Unilateral decision-making is not the type of leadership usually associated with a community leader anywhere outside of Aurora. However, it now sees to the be the only method of leadership since Mayor Phyllis Morris came to power.

Oh, and then Councillor Grander resigned form the Farmer’s Market committee — or as we used to say in the playground “picked up his ball and went home”.

Well we are glad that The Auroran is reporting the facts for Aurora to make informed decisions and look forward to reading more of the same in the future.

Of special note, Mr Brian Morris (Husband of Mayor Phyllis Morris), joined the fray and accused The Auroran of being a “rag” desperate to “..bring down this council”.

Fortunately Mayor Morris was available to quell the angry twosome and peace was restored.

Congratulations Brock — you have now been officially welcomed to Aurora politics. We look forward to reading another fact based report of the events in next weeks

Oh and the good news for Councillor Granger? There is no such thing as bad publicity 🙂

44 Responses to “Councillor Steve Granger Demonstrates His Leadershp Skills”

  1. noseeum said

    Unfortunately the Auroran is nothing more than paper for my hamster cage. The empirical eveidence presented is worthy of a kangaroo court for every move council or Granger or Morris has made. Sad reflection of those who want to be in the lime light but can’t because they can’t read town documents thoroughly or sit down for more than five minutes with out being distracted by their toys. The lack of visionary comments here saddens me, its all vindictive.

  2. noseeum said

    Anonymous for a reason; I don’t think you really have enough air in your tires. If you knew how to read council minutes and committe meeting minutes you’d see that this was a very productive term. But I digress, it’s obvious you are using the same primer as Mrs. Buck. The Philosophy of “Better to strike a target with out knowing what you are striking” is dangerous. Be cautious it might strike you back. And I can give you a thousand real world life examples.

    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      Could you provide a thousand examples to back up your claim : “a very productive term”

      Aside from Gartner, and maybe Wilson, Granger is the one councilor that has achieved absolutely nothing this term.

      Minutes from council or comitte don’t show anything different from the results, which is deferrals and lost opportunities. The town’s business has been bungled.

      The only air to spare when it comes to tires is in the one around Mr. Granger’s middle…and or course the sucking sound that comes from the space between his ears.

      I am eagerly awaiting Mr. Granger’s announcement that he will be seeking re-election because he is one target that one doesn’t have to even aim at.

      He’d be lucky to pull even half of Wilson’s numbers from last election.

  3. Anon Anon said

    Chris Watts makes some great points on his blog about the “marketing” of the Aurora Farmer’s Market (and Artisan Fair…).

    If the vendors accept an event co-ordinator (manager, director, whatever) instead of what they really need to become self-sustaining, then they will lose the support of many people in the commuunity.

    Can you imagine the possibility of Sher St. Kitts’ involvement doing anything like this:

    There are countless examples on-line of exciting and evolving farmers markets that are attracting more business and awareness for their market and their community. Aurora isn’t one of them.

    Mrs. St. Kitts has one method for her madness. Exposure for her family business – George and his music. I think the point of saturation and over-exposure has arrived.

    I’m heading to Newmarket’s market this year instead. More actual producers of local product that are giving to the community, not taking from it. And I don’t have to make my way around glad-handing politicians blocking the aisles.

    Aurora Farmers Market vendors – take back the market and lose the politicians and their cronies.

    • fed up said

      The Aurora Farmer’s Market is a joke–a platform for the political hopefuls and political hacks to run around and feel important. I atteneded the farmer’s market in Creemore On last spring and had a wonderful experience talking to real people and buying some locally grown,baked goods. Anytime I have been to our farmer’s market I have been disappointed with the fare offered and the atmosphere. The farmers need to make it unique and leave the political wannabees out.

  4. Anonymous said

    Tonight I met Stephen Granger’s political cousin. His name is Jim Abram and he is a “candidate for Aurora Council”. He made this announcement at the beginning of a seminar that was in no way associated with any community action or issue. The other participants of the seminar soon tired of his inane questions, and speaking for the sake of hearing himself speak. Even the seminar leader was doing his best to not show his irritation. I assume that this is Jim’s way of electioneering. Shades of Stephen Granger.
    Remember, you don’t have to select eight candidates for council. I will not be marking my ballot for Mr. Abram.

  5. Something Fishy in Aurora... said

    Curious to see if the new market constitution as written by the councilor as well as its mandate would be made available to the public. The councilor had a hard enough time wording his motion to get a question placed on the ballot. The Mayor basically told him the proper wording and he still almost screwed it up.

    Also, who are the members of the farmer’s market executive committee?

    • Just Curious said

      How many of the vendors actually live in Aurora? I wouldn’t expect the “farmers” do, but what of the “artisans”?

      (We already know the majority of the “entertainment” is from out-of-town)

    • Anonymous said

      You can pick up a copy of the constitution at the Town Offices.

      There are some very interesting points in it that do not make any sense to the stepping down of the Clr.

      I think the Aurora Citizen should pick up a copy also .

    • Anonymous said

      To “Just Curious ”

      A list of the Vendors from last year is posted on the Town Web site .

      I think the Farmers are an amazing bunch and have personality and class .

      I believe they can go it on their own and be better off .

      The Market is the people ,not music and special events .

      There are Farmers etc. at that Market that are knowledgeable and caring to our community and they do not live here .

      I know Mr.Heard was supported well by many Farmers with the support to the Food Pantry .

      The Farmers did so much and did not ask for glory in return .

      That glory was asked for by The Special Events side .

      2010 will be the year of the Farmer in Aurora .

      Do not need a song for that one .

      Just a chorus of “Na Na ,Hey Hey ,Goodbye ” to the political sideshow that was “Special Events “

    • Something Fishy in Aurora... said

      The 2008 constitution is on the town’s website. Hopefully the new one will be uploaded soon. I am interested to compare what has been changed in the new version.

      Anyone have a list of the executive committee?

  6. evelyn buck said

    To Tim the Enchanter

    “Office Wallah” was a familiar term during the war when service men and women were in Britain from all parts of “The Empire”. Radio comedy was a great part of our lives.aWe had a language particular to those dark days. It lingers still in my lexicon.

    The Office Wallah was distinguished from those who did the actual fighting….and dying.

  7. evelyn buck said

    It’s not hard to believe funds provided by the twon do not go directly to vendors. Why should they?

    The market budget has grown the same way and at the same time the July 1st parade budget grew during this term of this council.

    Vendors were paying $3.50 a week and selling out everything they brought to the market on Temperance Street. Why did they need public money?

    If the fee covered the cost of set-up service provided by the town, why did it need to be increased?

    If sufficient people enjoy shopping at the market for fresh produce and crafts, why were promotional events necessary?

    Why did vendors allow themselves to be used this way?

    Michael Evans, proprietor of True Value Hardware on Yonge Street came to Council on Tuesday evening with a sorry account about all the retailers closing up shop on Yonge Street and pictures of blighted sites which have had development proposals which have been turned down.

    He asked when Council was going to do something about the problem..

    The Mayor said we are spending more money than ever before on consultants. And that’s true. But Michael already knew that.

    We have a person on the payroll whose job it is to retain business and encourage new business to come to town.

    Shoppers Drugs has three beautiful stores in Aurora.

    We took hundreds of dollars from Shoppers for a variance to the sign bylaw. For an additional sign for a blank wall.

    Staff recommended it.

    Council refused it.

    How is that encouraging business to come to Aurora.

    What does an office wall at the town hall say to a business person worrying about how to pay next month’s rent, to convince them to
    keep their doors open?

    It’s not a trick question. I really want to know what I’m getting for my money.

    • Anonymous said

      $3.50 a week for a spot? Crikey. One organic cauliflower sold would cover that cost. What are staff costs for setting up and taking down. I hardly think the booth rentals cover that.

    • Anonymous said

      There needs to be a public inquiry as to the Market and where the money went .

      I understand several of the executive in the last two years resigned .

      Maybe one could come forward and share some light .

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      “What does an office wall at the town hall say to a business person worrying about how to pay next month’s rent, to convince them to
      keep their doors open?”

      Sorry – You made some good points in your post but I didn’t understand the meaning of this statement.

  8. fed up said

    check out this weeks Auroran–the people have sure come out in droves to support the Lone Granger–

    • Anonymous said

      I hope you jest .

      One letter is from someome who is not part of The Executive ,Farmers Market ,or were they at the A.G.M.

      They are a friend and supporter of St.Kitts and The Mayor .

      The Pack runs together .

    • anonymous said

      Just when will the Farmers Market become self-sustaining? I don’t want a red cent of my taxes going to prop up this venture any longer. If isn’t viable by now, then how and when will it be?

    • Anonymous said

      If you feel you do not want anymore money going to the market ,well dont blame the Market .

      The money Clr.Buck spoke of did not go to the Market .

      The majority was directed without executive approval to support “Special Events only ”

      The large majority went to start a “New Business Venture “as quoted in the Aurora which was the jazz festival .

      I think that the move to the new location was to benefit music promotion because all the special events included that type of entertainment and the band shell was needed to facilitate this venture .

      The Market (produce etc )played second fiddle .

      Go to council and speak up or write a letter .

      If you dont this will continue .

    • Older than dirt said

      The market can be self-sustaining and they do not need a market manager at any price.
      Let the vendors form a committee without the help of any councillor or their friends.

    • evelyn buck said

      One of the letters taking The Auroran to task for the news story on Councillor Granger’s retirement from the farmer’s Market was from Catherine Marshall, a loyal follower of the Mormac regime.

      One of two e-mails council received urging continuation of a four-time failed legal argument which were not from neighbours of the Westhill development proposal, was from Catherine.

      Catherine was or is still a member of the Town’s Environmental Citizens Advisory Committee.

      Early in the life of the committee Ms Marshall designed a leaflet for the committee. And promptly took to a printer and placed an order for sveral thousand copies.

      There was neither a budget nor authority for the expenditure. The town has a procurement policy for purchasing.

      The bill was paid anyway from the town treasury.

      After all, Ms Marshall was a volunteer who had made her skills available at no cost to design the leaflet. Council had to show a proper appreciation. .

    • Anonymous for a Reason said

      As always, Ev, you bring more information to the table.

      Ms. Marshall’s credibility is indeed questionable.

  9. evelyn buck said

    Until this term,the market was not a complicated endeavour.

    The town authorised Temperance Street parking lot to be used on a Saturday until 2 o’clock from May until October.

    A vendors permit fee of $75. per season was charged.

    Town staff provided support in setting.

    Councillor Kean gave his time.

    However sometimes when the Bylaw Officer came by to check everyone had a permit. The Councillor sent him on his way empty-handed.

    The Councillor’s intent was to grow the numbers at the Market, whatever that took.

    I think, although I took no part, if it were not for Councillor Kean, there would be no Farmer’s Market. He used personal resources with the support of then Councillor Wallace to make it happen.

    When Councillor Kean was defeated in the election, he indicated he would no longer be available on Saturdays to operate the market.

    It apparently occurred to no-one the vendors might manage their own business venture.

    Mayor Morris placed Councillor Granger in charge. Financial resources flowed from the town treasury. Cheques were issued from the Mayor’s office.

    The Market was moved to the Park. Hydro facilities were provided. Park furniture was provided and the band shell were permitted at no cost. The budget climbed towards $10ks without waived fees factored in.

    This year, the budget is again $10ks with $7ks included to pay a Market Manager and Promoter.

    There’s a pretext that tripled permit fees will pay for the Manager. It means weekly fees will be $10 instead of $3.50. Vendors were not consulted.

    Vendors do not sign a contract. They pay an annual fee. They regularly express delight with service and support provided by the Town. They sell out everything they bring.

    I believe Newmarket permits are close to $75 a week. I noticed in a news story, annual market fees in Toronto are in the thousands.

    So, this year permit fees will contribute nothing to service provided by the town.

    The pretext is they will pay the manager’s remuneration and for other promotions.

    The manager will be hired prior to fees being collected. Fees will be contingent on vendors taking out permits. Either way the town pays.

    Councillor Granger, in the fashion of councillors and citizens appointed by the Mayor received lavish plaudits for success in “growing” the Market.

    It’s not hard when the town lavishly doles out public money to market vendors private profit.

    There are citizens who think the municipality should collect taxes to pay for such a valuable service.

    At the beginning of the term a list of personna non grata names was compiled of people who were not welcome to volunteer at the Market. Councillor Granger was in charge .

    The market Manager will be appointed by the weirdly elected vendors’ executive under a Constitution written by Councillor Granger.

    Remuneration will be paid with a Town cheque.

    • Nigel Kean said

      To Councillor Buck.
      I thank you for your information on the original farmer’s market. All of the information that you gave was true with the exception that I sent the Bylaw officer away empty handed. I actually collected cheques from everyone and brought them to the Town Hall. I did, as was advertised gave charitable organizations free space but all other vendors did pay.

  10. One who Knows said

    What, now he’s resigned from the St Kitts Market , first the optimists club now the market, good god how will they both survive , Ah cut the poor bobble head some slack , he’s really to be pittied , with a mind as shallow as his, surely he can do no harm and the comic relief is nothing less than stellar in this current cast of performers, Dont forget folks you got what you asked for.

  11. KB said

    The truly sad part about all of this NONSENSE is that The lone Granger truly believes that he is important/knowledgable/a leader/ and respected. Really!
    He honestly doesn’t perceive himself the way anyone with any sense at all does. Over the past 3 years he has time after time shown us his true self. This latest escapade is just one of a long list of incredibly moronic actions.
    I learned a very long time ago that there are some people in this world who “just don’t get it”. No insight, no common sense, very misguided opinions, and totally egotistical. I used to feel sorry for these folks- after all, imagine living your whole life like that! Now I’ve come to the conclusion that ignorance must be bliss. How else could you possibly believe that all your actions are justified?
    Do yourself a favour over the next 8 months Steve. Keep out of situations that you’re ill prepared to handle, don’t speak ( thereby proving to all of us that you are as moronic as we believe you to be), just smile at Evilina and Phyllis when they tell you what to do and when to do it and most importantly- start looking for a new career

    • PArkview 7 said

      “Over the past 3 years he has time after time shown us his true self.”

      Never moreso than during his portrayal of a mindless zombie in the Thriller dance.

  12. Junius said

    Unfortunately, what is missing in the description of Granger’s tirade, is that is took place in the Council Chambers (albeit after the meeting), and that Granger was making liberal use of the profanity that seems to bother our Mayor so much when other’s allegedly use it. And, yes, we are talking the “F” bomb. Sad, but true.

    • Anonymous said

      Will The Auroran (or Mr Weir) be filing a formal Code of Conduct complaint against Granger? I’d love to see that ‘cat amongst the pigeons’!

    • fed up said

      What leadership skills? As I said before, the “Highview bully” strikes again. This man has no social skills and certainly no skills necessary to contribute to the quality of life in this town. Be gone you fool, don’t waste your money seeking re-election. It won’t happen.

    • Knowledgeable in Aurora said

      Please, please Mr.Weir file a complaint with the IC and as part of that request, insist that the details be put on the Town’s website and left there indefinately for all to see.

  13. White Knight said

    I think that Mr. Mayor should stay out of his wife’s job-related troubles as the rest of us stay out of our own spouse’s jobs… or perhaps it was the mayor who told him to do it in the same way that she tells everyone else what to do.

  14. White Knight said

    I think it is quite clear that the reporter was reporting the facts about the Lone Granger quitting the market because when I read the Granger’s direct quotes they made no sense so it absolutely HAD to reflect EXACTLY what he said because NOBODY talks as incoherently as our one and only Lone Granger!!

  15. Richard Johnson said

    The Lone Granger strikes again…”even Sher St Kitts indicated that he had developed the constitution “unilaterally”.

  16. Older than dirt said

    I am not at all surprised about Grainger. the man is has an ego almost as big as mormac. He forgets that what he says or does will be recorded since he is on council. He also should know that without Morris to tell him waht to say or what not to say he should say nothing as he does in council.
    Not surprised by Morris’ husband as he has said nasty things about the Auroran before. The mayor was given an opportunity to have a weekly column in the Auroran and wrote one or two and decided not to do anymore so how can Mr mayor say such a thing.
    The GOS is upset that the auroran is printing the truth unlike the Banner that wants to keep the mayor happy.
    The GOS is dangerous and should be voted out in this election year.

  17. fed up said

    This is so rich. The Snowbll Princess coming to the defence of the Highview Bully. Give me my ballot now. These two aren’t even smart enough to remember how to breathe.

  18. someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

    Overall I can’t figure out this most recent Farmers Market Fiasco.

    Who drafts a constitution unilaterally , presents it without informing the intent to step down and then 2 days later promptly walks away? If I were on the Market committee I would be right pissed about now.

    Talk about being sold a bag of goods.

    Councilor Granger’s legacy is well summed up as:
    “late arriving, disorganized, unprepared and poor leadership when challenged with effective and direct questions on organization…”

    I’m not surprised that the usual suspects are jumping up and down trying to defend the Lone Granger’s “typical self- indulgence of trying to be a leader”.

    Sher obviously opened her big plastic mouth as she is no doubt applying for the job. I would be more surprised if she didn’t get it. Nepotism? Clear conflicts of interest? Optics be dammed.

    But why the hell is Brian Morris involved? I thought the mayor enjoyed her opportunities to bully people, especially from her recent exchange with councilor Buck. I guess Mr. Morris is just a lackey on a leash.

    Something is fishy when all the guns are brought out and so quickly to construct spin, so what is the real story here.

    I could use some more info, can anyone help answer some basic questions:

    It the market a public or private venture?
    I’m confused. I thought it was private.

    If Public how do we see a copy of this almighty “constitution”?
    How do we see minutes from their meetings? There are meetings, so I assume there are agendas and minutes.

    If Private why is the town allowed to participate in the selection of the market manager position?

    What became of the loan from the town to the Farmers Market? What was the amount? What was it for and what are the terms of repayment?

    Where is the job description for this position?

    What process is adhered to for considering candidates for the position and how and who does one apply to?

    • Nigel Kean said

      I am disappointed that Market has become such a political football.
      I started the Market seven years ago when I was on council as a way of helping the downtown retailers to be busier on Saturday morning. I ran the Market witout a manager, other than myself, and any vendor who had the time to help.
      I am glad the Councillor Granger took it to another level with extra vendors. I am disappoited that it now seems that the Town has to pay a manager to run it. I thought that Mr Granger would do that, as it is only Saturday mornings.
      The vendors could run the market without a manager with the guidance of a councillor.
      Please do not let the politics ruin the market.

    • Anon Anon said

      I’m asking the same questions as Chris Watts. Is the market private or public? Who gets to decide who will be the manager? If it is all the vendors and they choose Mrs. St. Kitts, then god help them and the future of the market. If it is the town who is to choose a manager, then what is the process, and where is it detailed in writing?

      Evelyn, can you clarify, or do we have to ask the departing council liaison?

      Nigel, politics enters into any venture where a politician is involved!

      I’ve attended the market since it’s inception. I’ve been able to skirt round the politicians and their minions and still enjoy it. But this upcoming year feels different for me. Maybe because it is an election year and I fear the market will become one big electioneering event, or because the spectre of Mrs. St. Kitts becoming even more proprietory and obnoxious on a Saturday morning. She can really put one off their free-trade coffee and a back-bacon-on-a-bun…

    • anonymous said

      After a call to the Town of Aurora I found out the Farmers Market Applications and the Constitution are available through the

      Administrative Assistant To Council .

      This is at the second floor reception outside the Mayors office .

      Hope that helps .

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Nigel…. The farmers’ market should not have nor need ANY guidance of a councillor or any elected official. This is a commercial exercise that the Town neeed not be involved in. Does the new shopping centre at 404 and Wellington have a councillor for guidance?

      If the market is to use Town property or services, then they should deal with the Town staff to hear their needs. I understand that you spearheaded it initially, but I do not agree that it should be a portfolio of a councillor.

      This is another example of the Town elected officals getting outside their baliwick.


  19. Anonymous said

    Was Brock Weir trying to sell ice cream at the meeting, by any chance?

    Seriously, good on ya, Brock! Sometimes the truth hurts, and you were reporting the truth. Part of what infuriates the MorMac faction about Cllr Buck is that she’s holding up a mirror to them and their actions with her writings. And, as we all know, it ain’t a pretty picture!

  20. Anonymous for a Reason said

    Mayor Morris and her husband have never been shy in publcily slagging “Ron’s Newsletter” at every opportunity, so more pot calling kettle black. Good for Ron for giving Brock Weir a long lead. Long may it continue.

    I would encourage people to check out Councillor Buck’s blog and Mayor Morris’ pathetic attempt to harrass Councillor Buck. I’ve seen similar episodes with Morris bullying her “opponents”.

    Phyllis Morris is frightening in her delusions. She needs psychiatric help because she is very obviously losing her grip on reality.

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