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Is the Media Unbiased?

Posted by auroracitizen on April 17, 2009

Some of the more recent posts have commented about the biased nature of this site relative to other news.

Most people recognize that all news is biased — to think otherwise is a bit naive. Just read the Star, Sun, Globe and Post and you will quickly see their leanings or spin on things. More/less environmental, pro/anti gun control, supporting one political party over another — they are all skewed to varying degrees. That is the very nature of people and Editorial Policies. That is also the beauty of social media.

No matter what the potential skew of the vehicle/blog — any and all points can be raised and presented by the reader through their comments. That is how unbiased discussion takes place. It is the responsibility of the reader, not the vehicle.

The fact that people feel this site is negative says something. People who are engaged and interested in town are angry. They are commenting. Does it represent the general feelings of the community — we don’t know, but it makes one wonder.

The opposite point of view doesn’t seem to be as interested in making their case. Maybe they aren’t interested enough. We don’t know. Both sides of any issue are published. All comments published are without editing (Blogger does not allow editing of comments). Comments which are purely lashing out at other contributors are simply rejected.

For those readers who’s commentary thus far has been to criticise the criticizers — we encourage your continued participation. Clearly we don’t vet the comments — otherwise yours would not have been published. We love to hear your point of view.

The real value of social media is the ability for everyone to take the opportunity to communicate their views — as many have done. Could we do better? Could this site offer a more balanced point of view? That’s up to the readers — it’s not up to the site.

The opportunity in always there for you to take. Will your take it?

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10 Responses to “Is the Media Unbiased?”

  1. Evelyn Buck said

    The average citizen doesn’t like to argue. It doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions.It just means they don’tthink it’s useful to disagree with neighbours and associates.

    Who’s to say they’re wrong.
    Anonymity of bloggimg provides an outlet without risking friction.

    It’s a positive aspect of blogging. Gossip is natural social interaction. Busy modern lives don’t allow for much of anything besides work, family responsibilities and sleep.

    It seems to me more people are joining the chat. An element of calm and impartiality is creeping in.

    That’s a good thing.

    When something new is started a course has to be charted.I think that’s happenin’ man.

  2. Heather said

    Hi Nigel… “There are good reasons not to use your name and that is one of them.”

    That’s a valid point.. but it is certainly easier to keep the conversation going when you can address someone – even Aurora Joe – that works.

  3. Nigel Kean said

    I agree with anon who has a family business in Aurora and does want the backlash from writing to the blog and using your name.
    There are good reasons not to use your name and that is one of them.

  4. Nigel Kean said

    Anonymous April 17, 11:56.
    This is the perfect example of what I am speaking about. You, hidden by anonymous can state what you want but you are not willing to use your name. I am offended that you can call Bill Hogg or myself old style politicians and you would put us with Mrs Buck. It shows that you really have never watched council meetings when I served on council with Bill or you could just be a friend of the current mayor or loyal followers or perhaps one of them.
    Please use your name and be counted.

  5. Heather said

    “My family has business interests in this town, and fear a backlash if I were to identify myself other than Anon.”

    Did you know you can also click the Name/URL radio box below and enter either a nickname, initials, whatever?

    Anonymous 12:24 – What makes you think I’m angry?

  6. Anonymous said

    Media? What Media? The Auroran has no journalistic credentials whatsoever. Many reports don’t even have a by-line to know who wrote them. Issues of importance go unreported. Ron has a good gig by fence-sitting.
    And The Banner is just drip-fed stories from Phyllis, or one of her appointees.

  7. Anonymous said

    I agree with Nigel, however, I’m a commenter who has felt the heat of no longer being supportive of the mayor and some councillors for whom I voted.
    My family has business interests in this town, and fear a backlash if I were to identify myself other than Anon.
    I like to think that I comment and don’t bash.
    Good for you Nigel for being so fearless.

  8. Anonymous said

    Only a small group of like-minded, angry people visit this site. Not all are in Aurora( Heather Sisman is a very active responder).
    Other regulars are old-style politicians: Buck, Kean, Hogg.
    Nuff said.

  9. Nigel Kean said

    I still wish that more people would use their real names when writing on this blog.There are many negative comments towards local politians and at times there are psoitive comments that I feel are probably written by the politians who are being bashed. It would be nice to know who says what.

  10. Heather said

    “People who are engaged and interested in town are angry. They are commenting.”

    You know the adage about customer service? ‘If you get good customer service, you may tell one or two other people. If you get bad customer service, you tell everybody?’ (or something like that).

    People are more motivated to speak out when the feeling is ‘Hey, I don’t like this!’ than they are when they’re content.

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