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GO Train Now Runs on Weekends

Posted by auroracitizen on July 16, 2012

Spread the word! It hasn’t been well-advertised, but GO Transit has deployed a “pilot program” for Saturday, Sunday and Holiday trains travelling between Aurora and Union Station.

Finally, Aurorans can ride a weekend GO train into the city and back home again (up until September 3, that is). For an adult fare of $7.15 (or $14.30 round-trip), it’s a carefree, relaxing way to travel to see a baseball game, check out the museums or spend an afternoon wandering the streets of Toronto.

Weekend travellers can enjoy six southbound trips from Aurora to Union Station:

  •  11:06 (arriving at Union @ 11:58)
  •  13:29 (arriving at Union @ 14:21)
  •  16:21 (arriving at Union @ 17:13)
  •  17:46 (arriving at Union @ 18:38)
  •  20:09 (arriving at Union @ 21:01)
  •  23:04 (arriving at Union @ 23:56)

And six northbound trips from Union Station to Aurora:

  • 12:10 (arriving at Aurora @ 12:59)
  • 15:01 (arriving at Aurora @ 15:50)
  • 17:25 (arriving at Aurora @ 18:16)
  • 18:50 (arriving at Aurora @ 19:39)
  • 21:41 (arriving at Aurora @ 22:30)
  • 00:10 (arriving at Aurora @ 00:59)

For more information, check out and for the full schedule (showing all stops), check out

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Guest Post: Snowploughing

Posted by auroracitizen on January 10, 2011

Here’s a topic that I thought of while driving in the Town today (Sunday) in the mid-afternoon.

As we all know, there was a bit of a snow fall yesterday morning. I had to drive to Scarborough around 7:30am and it was quite bad on the 404. In fact the more south you went, the more snow there seemed to be. By the time I returned around 5:00pm, the highways were bare and wet and the side streets had been plowed. Most sidewalks were as well.

Driving around Aurora today, my street has not seen a plow yet. The sidewalks have not either. Henderson is bare where the traffic has been, but there is clear evidence that the plows have not been out.

What’s going on? Is this the new Aura? It is not normal.

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Discussion Topic: Winter Parking Ban Has Arrived

Posted by auroracitizen on December 21, 2010

Hi Aurora Citizens,

Isn’t it nice that now, past November 15th – with the overnight parking not allowed for the winter on municipal roads, we do not have to do the slalom between parked cars and trucks all over our neighbourhoods.

If the same people who permanently leave their cars on the road during the summer can, somehow, find parking for 6 months of the year,  they should be able to make it though the full 12 months. Think of what advantage would make if these cars wouldn’t be parked on Yonge and/or Wellington – we might be able to use 2 lanes at the same time! The buses would go faster.

Even in quiet neighbourhoods, at times it is difficult to get one’s car out of the driveway because trucks are parked all over the street.

What I suggest is to have a bylaw similar to Oakville and other Ontario municipalities,  a maximum of 3 hrs street parking any time of the year.   The roads will be clear,  there will be more revenue in the city coffers and our property taxes should be spared a little.

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Discussion Topic: Coffee Truck at the Aurora GO Train Station

Posted by auroracitizen on December 10, 2010

I wondered whether anyone else noticed the absence of the coffee truck at the Aurora GO Train station this morning (Wednesday December 8th)? Or perhaps he was parked somewhere else, but I could not find him.

To give a little background, I believe the truck has been coming to the GO station for several years. In my experience, the man who runs it is courteous, friendly and helpful — as was the lady who ran it previously.

I am not a coffee drinker myself, although I know many who find the coffee well worth it. But I do enjoy the tea, and the food I have eaten on occasion has been excellent as well. The truck has many loyal customers, and has been a great option for those who would like a coffee/tea/etc. but don’t have the time or motivation to prepare it in the morning, or don’t want to have to stop on the way to the station.

Yesterday, the man running the truck informed us that GO has asked him to no longer park on GO property. I thought he was going to park in a different spot, but we could not find him this morning, so I don’t know if he will come back at all, even off GO property.

I believe the reason for this is that a new Gateway stand has opened up inside the station, selling hot drinks, muffins, pastries, etc., so the truck is now competition.

I understand that GO is within their rights to do this, however, I can’t help but feel that it is a bit unfair of GO to attempt to corral all the former customers from the truck, leaving people with only the new option. I can see how the other side could be argued in this since it is well within GO’s rights. But I do feel a bit cheated.

Personally, I don’t plan to buy from the Gateway stand for the most part. I do not need the morning tea; I partly bought it to support the truck and for the pleasant morning exchange. I will also miss the option of hot breakfast sandwiches, which I don’t believe the new stand has.

I think that both could have co-existed. There would be people who would not have trekked over to the truck before, but may buy something now while waiting for the train in the climate-controlled house. And there are those like myself, loyal customers of the truck, who prefer the options there.

I am curious to hear other thoughts on this situation, especially from those who take the train (or buses).

Stephanie Allen

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Discussion Topic: Traffic

Posted by auroracitizen on November 23, 2010

Another key issue in the Aurora community is the traffic woes and increasing volume due to new development both in Aurora and Newmarket. This topic has been the focus of considerable discussion over the years — but the situation continues to get worse. Over the years we have seen initiatives that include;

  • traffic studies
  • traffic calming in 1 select neighbourhood
  • addition of stop signs and no left turn signs
  • speed limit changes
  • use of advance signals
  • road widening (Bathurst)
  • attempts to re-direct traffic
  • redevelopment of roads (i.e. St Johns)

Yet in spite of all these initiatives (and more we couldn’t remember) traffic problems continue to affect our community — although when compared to a 2+ hour commute from downtown, some might say we have it pretty good.

A readers shared this experience

Here is a pet peeve of mine that is starting to become a problem for me and others.

If you are driving south on Bathurst in the morning around 7:45am, as you approach Bloomington there are cars pulled over in the right turn lane (where there is a bus stop). Turns out that these cars are driven by parents of kids that are taking a bus. Rather than let the poor kids stand outside, they sit in the cars – idling – blocking the turn lane to turn right onto Bloomington. Not only are they blocking the turn lane, on more than one occasion I have seen a car trying to pull into the turn lane at a higher than normal speed and had to slam on the brakes to avoid running into a car stopped there.

Are we raising our kids to be such babies that they can’t stand at a bus stop? Surely it is against the HTA to stop there?

We would expect that at some point (incoming) Council will have this before them. So what suggestions do we have for them?

How will the downtown be best served by the traffic initiatives — including parking/no parking initiatives? What about safety concerns?

Who has the priority to the roads — pedestrians, vehicles, business owners (parking?). How do these issues impact traffic flow? Do we want it moving fast for convenience or slow for safety and shopping?

Lots of questions — and lots of answers.

We may not have all the answers, but when you have lots of ideas — you have a much better chance of coming up with a great idea.

Share your thoughts and let’s give Council some help 🙂

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Why No Evening or Weekends Trains for GO Transit

Posted by auroracitizen on July 21, 2010

Thank  you for hosting this blog to allow residents to voice their opinions and concerns.

Here’s something I can’t figure out: why does the GO train run all day long from east to west but not north to south? And why no north-south weekend service?

The north-south trains are certainly full during commuter hours and the GO buses are often packed on weekends. As an Aurora resident who enjoys dining downtown, theatre and sightseeing, I would LOVE to have the same service as the people in Pickering or Burlington. I don’t get it. The tracks are there. The trains exist. The demand is likely there. But the service is not.

Personally, I would eagerly take advantage of a mid-day train to Barrie or downtown. I often take the GO bus downtown on Saturdays when I go to see shows or shopping. The bus, however, is NOT the train. The ride is uncomfortable — stuffy air, bumpy roads, sometimes stop-and-go traffic. I recently took the train from Toronto to Niagara and wow, what a difference. It was a lovely ride — and there were hardly any people on the train in the middle of a summer Saturday.

Think about this: Our Saturday GO buses are quite full and the Toronto-to-Niagara train is nearly empty. But the Toronto-Niagara Saturday riders have a wide-open schedule and we have only a few, crowded buses. We are constantly told that people should take transit rather than drive, but if the service is not convenient, how can we do so?

I would love to read what others have to say about this. How can we get all-day and weekend GO train service to take us north and south — downtown and to Barrie — the same way that the east-west service runs?

Or am I the only one who feels this way?


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Guest Post: LED Streetlights on Murray Drive

Posted by auroracitizen on March 30, 2010

A reader writes:

I recently read that the town is looking for feedback on the pilot project of LED streetlights.  The lights are currently are on Murray Drive.

Please have a look, make a comment and do provide feedback to the Town even if it is to tell them to NOT do anything more until their time (this Mayor and Council) has run out!

Sadly there will be more stuff, so let us not leave anything to this current team to decide for us.


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What is the process that the Town of Aurora uses for road work?

Posted by auroracitizen on June 17, 2009

A reader sent in the following comment. It is published unchanged. The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the AURORA CITIZEN.

I remember a couple of years ago that Henderson Dr. was repaved but they only put a base layer down and the final layer months and months later. During that time, access covers and curbs were an inch above the level of pavement. I also recall that at some point they had to patch up areas of Henderson because it broke up.

Now, Edward Street and Allaura Blvd were repaved but again they remain incomplete. The final layer of pavement has not been laid, there is at lease an inch gap from the roadway to the edge of curbing. it seems like forever when this work started.

It seems like the town starts these projects but never get around to completing them. Why is this? Does the time between the layers contribute to the premature patching that was required on Henderson?

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Street Lights on Wellington

Posted by auroracitizen on March 3, 2009

Driving along Wellington from the 404, check out the street lamps. Initially all the street lamps were a “heritage” design. These were probably chosen because this stretch is referred to as the gateway to Aurora and they added to the overall look of this gateway.

However, now dotted through these “heritage” models are the modern version — so as one travels into Aurora they are treated to 2 different types of light standards.

What happened? This is probably a Regional road, but is there not some agreed design standard between the Town and the Region that provides for a consistent look? What is Council’s role to ensure that design standards are met?

Frankly, it looks awful. Not consistent with the “hip, upscale and well-educated” community Council promotes.

Next time you are driving through — check it out. Let your local Councillor or Mayor know if you agree.

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Yonge & Wellington

Posted by auroracitizen on February 25, 2009

This poor intersection has been the subject of much debate on how to relieve the congestion. Do you think it is congested? Should parking be removed close to the intersection (south of Wellington, east of Yonge)? Should the stop light patterns be changed? Should we test the diagonal cross walks being tested in Toronto? What suggestions do you have?

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