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Discussion: Aurora Traffic Woes

Posted by auroracitizen on November 23, 2008

The northeast quadrant is proceeding with new speed humps along Mark Street. However, there doesn’t seem to any real consensus on whether the residents want these or whether they are having the intended impact.

What role will citizens have with the Traffic Advisory Committee on this issue?

What other traffic issues are we concerned about. Former Council Ron Wallace used to complain bitterly about Yonge and Wellington — is this still an issue. The new Dundas and Yonge traffic signals may have some learning we can benefit from.

What about the speed zone on St John’s where it drops for approx 300 yards from 60 to 50 kms. Most regular travellers along that stretch are well aware of the situation.

What is Wellington and Leslie starting to look like now that the stores are starting to open. Will it end up like in Newmarket leading to/from the big box area?

Traffic flows like water — to the path of least resistance. Whenever changes are made to one area to lower traffic just moves the traffic elsewhere and becomes someone else’s problem.

Until we reduce the cars on the road, the problems will not disappear — just become someone else’s.

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Traffic Calming in Northeast Quadrant

Posted by auroracitizen on November 2, 2008

So what the verdict? Was there not supposed to a study on this initiative and a final decision made?

We are entering the second winter with these measures in place and there has been no report published that reviews the feelings of residents — both those inside and outside the affected area. It would be interesting to hear what the neighbourhood as whole has to say about these measures.

Plus, what about the safety issues — particularly in the snow. What was the impact of the calming measures?

Is it working? Is it safe? Was this initiative a success? Is there consensus by the residents that this was good idea, or did it just serve a few?

What are your thoughts?

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How much growth is too much?

Posted by auroracitizen on September 20, 2008

Every municipal election, candidates make promises about the rate of growth here in Aurora. The favoured buzzword is usually managed growth, but what does that really mean?

Everyone recognizes that it is impossible to stop growth, but what can the politicians and staff really do to manage growth.

A recent article in the Era Banner prompted this question.

If historically, we have issued approx 400 building permits each year, is the new pace of 600 permits the new level of managed growth?

If so, are you happy with this rate of growth? If not, do we want more, or less?

What can we as citizens of Aurora do to let our political leaders know we are unhappy.

A second article indicated that a developer had been granted a turning lane that had previously been denied. What does this apparent reversal signal?

When the Mayor stated that the reversal was the result of careful consideration it begs the questions “what was the orginal decision based on?”

Was their a detailed traffic study conducted to support this careful consideration? What will the impact be on the already congested Wellington traffic patterns? Does this decision signal a more welcoming reception to growth and developers?

Share your thoughts!

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Traffic & Safety Issues in Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on August 31, 2008

As the children head back to school this week, it is always a good idea to be reminded to be extra watchful. Summer traffic patterns will change, school buses are around and the overall volume of traffic increases when everyone returns from summer vacations.

Like many communities, one of the downsides of growth are that traffic issues will also continue to increase. Some of the issues already identified include;

  • the congestion at Yonge & Wellington,
  • the speed trap across St. John’s Sideroad at Mackenzie Marsh where it drops to 50 kms for no reason
  • traffic calming measures in the north east corner of Yonge & Wellington
  • stop signs at virtually every corner
  • lack of parking in the downtown core

So be sure to keep a sharp eye out for the little ones and let us know your thoughts on these and other traffic & safety issues in town.

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