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Traffic Calming in Northeast Quadrant

Posted by auroracitizen on November 2, 2008

So what the verdict? Was there not supposed to a study on this initiative and a final decision made?

We are entering the second winter with these measures in place and there has been no report published that reviews the feelings of residents — both those inside and outside the affected area. It would be interesting to hear what the neighbourhood as whole has to say about these measures.

Plus, what about the safety issues — particularly in the snow. What was the impact of the calming measures?

Is it working? Is it safe? Was this initiative a success? Is there consensus by the residents that this was good idea, or did it just serve a few?

What are your thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Traffic Calming in Northeast Quadrant”

  1. Anonymous said

    Many cars come through the wrong way on the one way block on Centre St. Some accelerate as fast as possible (so they won’t be seen?) Others vacantly drive through ignoring oncoming traffic completely all the while gabbing with their cell phones stuck to their ear. Some defiantly BACK UP all the way from Spruce St to Wells St, swerving all over the place to avoid oncoming traffic.
    I was all in favour of traffic calming, but this plan has only increased traffic aggression, as well as confusion. People get lost in this mess! According to the consultants who created this plan, these measures were supposed to be “self enforcing”, but I do believe they seriously underestimated the drivers in this area.

    Is it working? Not on Centre St.
    Is it safe? NO
    Was this a success? NO
    Residents on Centre St that I have talked to think it was a ridiculous idea to make one block one way, and it was only done to serve other parts of the area.

  2. Anonymous said

    I cannot tell you how many times we’ve met cars Centre Street barrelling through the ‘DO NOT ENTER’ part just east of Spruce Street. Who is actually ‘policing’ this? We’ve never seen a cop or a bylaw officer.
    And I pity the poor people on Fleury Street. I know my family has driven that street more times in the last year than we ever did in the last 20 years. They must be fed-up with the increase in traffic on their street.

  3. Anonymous said

    well it just so happens that this item in the council’s agenda

    i haven’t seen the report but it’s probably a “feel good” story…

    I doubt they actually talked to anyone about it…

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