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We are going to try a new feature on the site. One of our contributors suggested some local restaurants they thought were worth trying.

Please offer feedback on restaurants you have tried.

Agree or disagree. Better for families or couples. Casual or romantic. Lunch, dinner or just drinks. Share your stories.

68 Responses to “Restaurants”

  1. sbfoodie said

    Hello Everyone,
    OK I don’t want to get too excited by I see a Mi-Ne Sushi at the plaza on Pederson at Bayview(where Starbucks is).

    I adore Mi-Ne Sushi in Richmond Hill and if they are affiliated, this would a great addition to the Aurora area. Anyone know? Has it even opened yet? Has anyone been there yet? Can you tell I’m excited?!

    • VENGABUS said

      Have you tried Sushi Kui? It’s the best sushi in town and it’s TripAdvisor’s #1 restaurant in Aurora.

      On a side note… Driving along Wellington by the YRDSB I noticed that Oriental Diner is now closed. It will surely be missed. They’re prices were rediculously low, and I predicted it would be a matter of time before it goes 😦

    • Anonymous said

      The MiNe Sushi in Aurora is just as great as the one in Richmond Hill, very nice. Been there twice !

  2. Kelli said

    With all of the appetites here on the Aurora Citizen Blog, I am wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a “Supper Club”? Maybe we meet at a local restaurant once every couple months, and review it – that way we get several reviews of the same place “real-time” and we have a bit of social time as well?

    I know there may be bloggers out there that would like to see some of our mouths fulland not talking!!!! 🙂

    If anyone is let me know and I would be happy to organize ……

    • veritas said

      Sounds like a splendid idea to me. I don’t need much persuading to go out and eat.

    • No Thanks said

      While I am sure most here are nice people, I wonder if I want to sit down and break bread with them. No offence but….

  3. Kelli said

    Awesome Lunch today!

    Went to Gabriels on Young Street and had an incredible quiche (made from scratch by the owner), a beautiful house salad, but it was anything but your typical lettuce, carrots and cucumbers. The salad was fresh with baby tomatoes, various greens, sprouts, peppers and a gorgeous homemade dressing …. amazing!!!!

    My boyfriend had the same but with the French Onion soup (homemade again!!!!!) and he said it was one of the best he has had!

    You could not ask for more from a meal, and we both ate and drank for under $25. The price of one horrible lunch I had at Edward Street Market.

    And the service you ask???? Sweet, charming, loves her job and her customers is the best was to describe the wonderful server we had!

    The owner has his own adorable charm and makes you want to come back just to see him again ….. and eat his incredible food!!!!

    Next stop for me ….. Dinner at Gabriels, the menu looks excellent, and if he can do what he did with a salad and quiche, I cannot wait to see what he can do with a steak, or fish!

    A must stop for anyone looking for a great meal!

    • Christopher Watts said

      I had a similar experience at Gabriels.

      The food, ambiance and service were great.

      I haven’t been back but I often stopped to get a breakfast sandwich from him Saturday Mornings at the Farmers Market, they were great.

      From what I hear of the Edward Street Market I think I will give it a pass.

    • Grace Marsh said

      I have enjoyed many nice dinners at Gabe’s. The Rotary Club meets there every Monday night for dinner and our meeting.

    • Maybe I'm Amazed said

      Christopher is taking a pass on a local restaurant? He is always a keener. From what I’ve heard, ESM is a good place. A tad over priced but CW has deep pockets.

    • Christopher Watts said

      Um, I’m a keener for respectable businesses that offer good value. From what I’ve heard ESM is an over priced Yupster dive. Not a tad overpriced but unreasonably so.

      I’ll let you know when I have time to explore, its just not on the top of my list.

      I have checked out the Mercury Diner and as both a family establishment and a breakfast spot it can’t be beat. Service and food is fantastic. Terrific value.

      As for the depth of my pockets all I can say is I’m amazed that you claim to know, or care.

  4. Joanne said

    Does anyone know what happened to Mimi B’s on Yonge Street? It was our favourite breakfast spot and we really miss it.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      Mimi B’s has been gone for a while, not sure where it moved to. It’s been replaced with a sushi restaurant. However, if you like a good “diner” breakfast, we tried Mercury Diner on Wellington last Sat, and had a couple of great meals; eggs benedict for one and a western omlette for the other – both very good. Prices were good, as was the service, even though it was pretty busy.

    • Joanne said

      Thanks Matt. We’ve been to Mercury as well. Daybreak is good too. Not very fancy but good breakfast and good prices. I sure miss those raspberry pancakes from Mimi B’s though.

    • Kelli said

      Unfortunately they did not move to a new location, they just could’nt stay open any longer – 😦 Jonathans has a nice breakfast as well …..

    • Fred said

      Eggs 4 Life restaurant over by Walmart does a good breakfast. Real homefries! Good cup of coffee and fast (free) refills.

  5. Eats out way too much said

    I found a little hidden treasure in Aurora. Play Pizzeria on Bayview right next to the scotia bank in the zellers/cineplex complex. 1/2 price pasta and beer bottles on Monday nites and $5 one topping personal pizzas on Tuesdays! Food is fresh and delicious. Great chefs who know what they are cooking and how to and the service is fantastic. Very friendly and kid friendly as well! The Sunday brunch buffet is a real treat too. Only $13 for all you can eat breakfast and lunch! Check it out you won’t regret it. Have recommended this place to lots of people and no one has been disappointed.

  6. Kelli said

    Another fantastic meal at Aqua!!!! This place NEVER dissapoints. Their menu is really unique, and always delivers on taste and quality! Well worth the $$$$, and for this food lover reasonably priced!

    On the other hand still not thrilled with Edward Street Market – inconsistent with the food both restaurant and the takeout counter. – still trying but not sure for how much longer!

  7. Winter's comin said

    … Aurora can be proud of its eateries. At the top of our list (never disappointed):

    Lunch/dinner: Aqua (Yonge St, westside across from the library), Chinook (Wellington E next to Tim Hortons), Orchid Tai (Yonge St west side/north of Petro Can), King Henry’s Arms (Yonge St west side/north of Petro Can), Shan (newly open, asian food – Wellington E north side/next to Longo’s).

    For coffee/tea/light breakfast/lunch/snack (always fresh): On the Bean (Orchard Hts northside at back of plaza/east of Foodland – Frank and his staff actually greet you individually and call you by name!).

    For Pizza Takeout: Pizzaville (Aurora Hts – west side of Yonge across from Petro Can).

    Happy eating!! … wc

  8. evelyn.buck said

    From a corporation perspective, the business that built quality restaurant trade in Aurora was the Board of Education Administrative Building on Wellington Street.
    Employees are well paid and can afford to patronise quality restaurants.It’s the daytime trade that keeps them going.
    Frequent conferences held at the building.
    The Police Headquarters proposed out at Leslie Street would have and will do the same thing.
    The argument against selling town-owned land for the purpose was the lack of assessment revenue. We had a person on the payroll, paid to stimulate economic development, who gave Council that advice. But to no avail.
    I mention it so that everybody can make the connection between an improved life style to economic development.
    Greystones and the late Anita Weiderman took a chance that fine quality dining would be well-received in Aurora .Anita blazed the trail

    • Spirit Walker said

      My family and I attended The Aurora Spirit Walk on the weekend.It was a pleasure to go on a stroll into the downtown core.
      Mr.Heard created awareness to many things in that area including parking and business.He mentioned a couple of restaurants on our tour and we felt connected to our community.
      Mr.Heard cares about our core and it was crystal clear he wanted more people walking that area.
      We never knew there was a bakery and restaurant down there.
      Mr.Heard helped us stop and smell the roses.Funny because that was kind of one of the stories.
      David,you should be proud of your efforts and keep it up.I hope the new changes in our Town will support you now.

  9. Anonymous Indeed said

    Anybody been to the Edward Street Market Grill, yet?

    • Truth in Advertising said

      You mean the place that’s NOT on Edward Street but is on Yonge St?

      No, no I haven’t.

    • Anonymous said

      Just had lunch at Edward Street Market and was very dissapointed! – My freind had a Grouper stew that was outstanding!!!! …. I had an Omlette that could have been worse than eating card board but realy add some salt and they would have tasted the same – my side salad was all spring greens (throw some avacado and sunflower seeds on for god sakes) with a bit of vinegar dressing (it was like they had nothing left in the fridge), and that was 20 dollars, the grouper 23 dollars and worth every cent – service was OK …… but frankly we should have stayed on the market side and had one of their pre-made ham sandwiches as they are 10 times better then what I had – call me crazy but throw a nice piece of fish together, with some yummy veggies, potatoes, corn and clams and the result should be a no brainer…… make an awesome omlette, should be even more of a no brainer!!!!! even I could have done better, and I am famous for my pop tarts!!!!!

      I would go back and try it again but maybe for dinner ….. but it would be a last chance visit, as Aqua, Joia, King Henry Arms all have amazing food for the same if not a lower price point!

      Now can anyone tell me where to get a good Omlette? 🙂

  10. foodiejunkie said

    Great to read all the wonderful suggestions here. I have been to many of these places and would agree with your comments. I am looking for really good (and I do mean really good) sushi, but have to come across it. Mi-Ne Sushi at Yonge and Elgin Mills in Richmond Hill is fantastic but sadly, not close enough to visit on a regular basis. Any suggestions?

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said

      We like

      Sushi Huang
      265 Edward St

      Good all you can eat sushi.

    • JOHN H SARGENT said

      To Anonymous looking for a good Omlette ,check out Bakers Dozen on Wellington East,they make a darn good eggs up breakfast too..You will like the price, also lots of parking

  11. someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

    It’s surprising that there isn’t a post regarding Aurora’s #1 event of the year : RIBFEST. It’s started. If you can make it past all the tacky election signs then get yourself over to the park and grab some meat.

    The animals they’re cooking up this year taste great!


  12. VENGABUS said

    Oriental Diner on Wellington west is amazing for take-out. They have a dinner for two that always feeds my family of four and still plenty of leftovers. All for only 20 bucks. It’s great food from a great family run business. I don’t know how long they can keep it up. I can’t even buy the ingredients, groceries or even prepared frozen for that much. They have a discount for pickup that I find unnecessary for what you are getting, so I always tip them generously.

  13. Auroran Since 1969 said

    For Chinese Food, just wanted to let you know that the former Moon Gardens owner operates as Mr. Moon in Oak Ridges. Their food is always fresh and just as good as it always was. And, they’ll deliver to Aurora!

    My favourite restaurant in Aurora though is Aqua on Yonge Street across from the library. Not cheap, not overly priced but the food is always great and the service is good too. If you don’t see something on the menu, ask – they’ll usually make it for you since everything is made fresh.

    Anyone remember going to Cousins Dairy Restaurant in Aurora? It used to be a big treat for me as a kid – my mom would give me money to go for lunch during school!

    • Fred said

      I didn’t think the Ing family owns Mr. Moon anymore? I thought they sold it up soon after opening it?

    • Auroran Since 1969 said

      They sold Moon Gardens, then they opened up Mr. Moon in Oak Ridges and still own it, I believe.

    • David Heard said

      Back in the 1960s and 70s I remember being invited to a classmates home(I thought)for lunch.

      It actually turned out to be Go Roma Pizza.

      The Wooder family owned the establishment located across from Church Street on the east side of Yonge.

      The pizza was amazing.

      During the 1980s I recall Gabellas on Wellington near Walton Dr.

      Terrific hand made pasta and pizza.

      In present day at The Aurora Farmers Market we have what I think is the best pizza I have had in my life.

      FRESH FRESH FRESH ……and a crust that is not heavy and compliments the ingredients.

      Please support them and you will find them right near the bandshell.

    • Auroran Since 1969 said

      Oh yeah, I remember Go Roma and the Wooders (they were neighbours). They had a catering company too and catered my first wedding! I’d forgotten about Gabella’s – they had great pizza too. Right now, I think the best pizza in town is a new place called Play Pizzeria in the Zeller’s plaza. Baked in a wood oven, nice and crispy crust – mmmmmm!

    • Linda said

      We used to love the food at Mr. Moon’s in Oak Ridges but after a 2-hour fiasco one Mother’s Day several years ago, we called it quits with them. We called to place an order and they told us it would be at least an hour before it was ready for pick-up, then they let my husband wait another hour and then told him they lost our order. They didn’t even offer to discount our food!

      We have since been buying our Chinese food from Peng’s Garden at the corner of Wellington & Mary Streets. They are courteous and very eager to please. Their food is of very high quality and quite reasonable.

  14. Fred said

    I just noticed Henry’s Fish & Chips in the Aurora Plaza has gone out of business. There had been a fish and chip shop in that location since the early days of that plaza.
    I haven’t been there in years, and I’m supposing I’m not the only one who moved on to other fish and chip places in town. George’s behind the TD Bank downtown seems to do a great trade.

  15. someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

    Our family tried out the new(ish) Sunset Grill over in the Longos Plaza this past weekend.

    I was expecting a passable chain like feel, but it was surprisingly good.

    They made an amazing corned beef hash which was a special, not on the menu that I could see, and it was amazing. Portions all around were very large.

    The service was great, even when it was extremely busy.

    It has high ceilings and is very noisy, but the food and service make up for it.

    I’ll definitely return.

    • Anonymous said

      On this recommendation I went to Sunset on Saturday (16th). I was really disappointed. The place was packed – a good sign – and we waiting about 5 minutes – not a problem.

      We placed our order and the waitress switched the omelettes that daughter and I ordered – we did not realize it until she covered hers in ketchup though yuuck(not their fault).

      A larger group came in (including two small kids in baby seats) and they moved some tables around. When they did, the mess under one of the tables was awful and it included broken glass from an accident I guess. Rather than sweep it up, the manager on duty sort of used his foot to move it under the table he moved.

      The food was no better than the other “all-day” breakfast places – cheaper than Coras though.

      I will not be hurrying back.

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said

      Give Tonia’s Breakfast Grill a try. It is on First Commerce Drive by Walmart.

      Small place but the food is pretty good.

      Corn beef hash is available….

    • from October Lane said

      I agree with Something fishy, Tonia’s breakfast grill is an excellent place and much better than Sunset.

  16. someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

    My family tried Jonathans for the first time in several years.
    I was happy to see that they had done some renovations.

    The service was good, we found it to be busy for a Friday afternoon.

    The food was above average. Their greek salad was creamy. I had a spinach pie and liked the way they had worked the pastry in a spiral, it looked like a danish more than a pie, but is was very tasty. The gyros was also acceptable, the pita was thin and didn’t take away from the taste of the meat.

    Their prices were acceptable, I was expecting them to be higher.

    All in all a great Greek restaurant with what looked to be a somewhat poorly conceived bar area for entertaining, but if you’re looking for food and not atmosphere it is worth checking out.

    My pic for best Greek fare in Aurora is still T.C.’s on Yonge.
    You can’t beat their souvlaki, and their tzatziki is amazing.
    Have yet to find a match anywhere in York Region.

  17. Something Fishy in Aurora said

    I used to enjoy the chicken wings from the new Wild Wings on Mcclellan Way. Until recently.

    Watched the cook separating our wings out of the bowl with his bare hands. No gloves, no tongs.

    Left me wondering if he put the raw wings in the fryer with the same hand. I was told his hands are clean,


    Not very hygienic in my mind.

    I think we will go to the other locations from now on.

    • Kim said

      Wearing gloves does not automatically mean its more hygenic – your hands never “feel” dirty so you don’t necessarily think the change the gloves. Using bare hands means you are conscious of how your hands feel and wash them frequently. It is VERY common for cooks to use their bare hands.

      Also the wings are not cooked from raw – Raw wings are cooked ahead of time so the wings that were put into the fryer when you were there would have already been cooked.

      I know at Wild Wing they wear the gloves when they are handling raw wings but not cooked.

    • JOHN H SARGENT said


  18. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Just read about Bijoy ( ) on here and took the family for breakfast today after the Christmas Bazaar at the Anglican Church.

    Bijoy is an excellent spot for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. The service and food were both top-notch, and very reasonably priced. We had the eggs Benedict, asparagus omelet and the french toast (which has jam inside). All served with fresh fruit.
    You can buy tea by the pot and the selection is extensive.

    The decor is fantastic, and the back room lets in a lot of light, the windows also allow for bird watching.
    There is a small amount of parking located in behind the restaurant.

    All in all a great find, and a great place for Aurora to be proud of.

  19. Pontius Palate said

    Anonymous For A Reason said

    November 16, 2009 at 8:03 pm
    “Bijoy is a nice place for lunch. And their breakfast is very good too. Proper cups of tea!”

    I have yet to eat there myself, but I have heard good reviews for Bijoy.

    I’ll give my judgement once I’ve been there.

  20. Epicurious said

    If you’re looking for Chinese, try Citi Wok. It’s a take-out/delivery place at Bayview & Hollandview (near a Shopper’s and a Blockbuster).


  21. Anonymous for a reason said

    Bijoy is a nice place for lunch. And their breakfast is very good too. Proper cups of tea!

  22. Something Fishy in Aurora said

    I’m looking forward to when the Mucho Burrito opens in the Longo’s plaza.

    I’ll be happy to post a review once my stomach is full. 🙂

  23. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    The Longos plaza at Bayview and Wellington has a few new places… any reviews?

  24. Nigel Kean said

    Another great place especially if you like Mediterranean food is a Taste of Mediterranean on the west side of Yonge Street across from the Liquour Store. This place has excellent take out food with a few tables to eat in.It is pretty small, but next to the Wine making store so it can be missed if you don’t look. It is also very well priced.

  25. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Forgot to add…

    The Mercury Diner at Wellington and Industrial is a great place for breakfast. I get together with some girlfriends about once a month.

    Sometimes it’s about the friends, and sometimes it’s about the food. When it works both ways, it’s heaven!

  26. Nigel Kean said

    I forgot about the Fish and Chips shops. I always go to Henry’s in the Aurora Shopping Centre when I need my fill of great tasting fish and chips. The service is great and the halibut and chips are also the best in Aurora. I have tried all of the others but I always come back to Henry’s.

  27. White Knight said

    Personally I think the best place for fish & chips is Stanley’s. I like them because I am English and they are the closest to over ‘ome here in Aurora. Their mushy peas are good too and for me fish and chips just does not cut it unless accompanied by mushy peas.
    If you don’t mind travelling though Danny’s fish & chips in Unionville are even better (if they are still there.)

  28. Anonymous said

    We tried Oakland Hall for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The other lady and I tried the taster’s menu. Her husband had bison which he said was excellent and my husband had a steak. All in all it was a very good meal and the surroundings were comfortable and elegant.
    After dinner we spent about an hour in the piano bar. The pianist was a good player but we didn’t think much of his voice. He should stick to playing!

  29. Epicurean Auroran said

    Heather Sisman said:

    “I still like Moon Garden in Aurora for Chinese food. I remember going there with my parents when I was really young. I don’t think the food quality has ever changed – it’s excellent. The decor hasn’t changed either, but that just makes it more nostalgic.”

    I agree, Heather, Moon Garden does dish up heaping helpings of nostalgia. However, I have found the quality to be inconsistent in the years since the Ings sold it. Our go-to choice for Chinese has been Mei Ling and we can recommend it.

  30. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Tried Big Bone BBQ last night as a family outing and it was fantastic. It’s like having Ribfest year round.

    I tried the beef brisket, our table also tried the pulled beef, 3 bone dinner, chicken sandwich & wings. The food and service are fantastic.

    You know its good when a firetruck pulls in so the guys can pick up their grub!

    Yes I realize that it is in Newmarket, but because it once was the famous “purple pig” a landmark in Aurora I thought it was worth mention on this site. It was a shame that it closed (business retention? whatever) , but it has been reborn and we couldn’t be happier, even if it is a little further drive.

    I can’t believe I left out Greystones in my earlier post, their schnitzel is better than most you find down in Waterloo, no lie. And their service is top notch, a lot of other restaurants could learn a lot by just spending 5 minutes in there.

    We had lunch at King Henry’s Arms on Saturday and the staff were fantastic. It’s so nice to have special places like this so close to home

    • Linda said

      The original owners of the Purple Pig in Aurora sold the business and the subsequent owners didn’t do quite as well. Perhaps they are the ones who reopened in Newmarket under a different name? The original Purple Pig owners have opened another restaurant called Memphis BBQ & Wicked Wings on Islington Ave in Woodbridge. I haven’t tried them yet but I hear they’re great!

  31. KB said

    Aurora is actually very fortunate to have several excellent eateries. It would be difficult to say which one I like the best, but in the running are Joia, Graystones and Oakland Hall.
    They all have excellent food, nice ambiance and I’ve never had trouble with any of their wait staff.

    On the more casual side I’d have to put Chinook and East Side Mario’s on my list.

    Crabby Joe’s has nice food, but I prefer the restaurants I’ve listed above.

    Eating out at restaurants can be quite expensive, but even McDonalds isn’t cheap anymore- so go for the gusto! Support our local eateries. You don’t need to drive to Hog Town for a good meal and pleasant experince!

  32. Tim the Enchanter said

    Aurora has at least one high-end dining spot – Joia – Marco and Eugenio have done an incredible job there. Longtime staff know how to provide great knowledgeable service.
    There have been a few pretenders in the fine dining segment but charging first class prices and providing third class service doesn’t work for long. Count Oakland Hall, Baldwin’s and Aw Shucks in that group.
    For a pub you can’t beat King Henry’s Arms – previous pubs in that location died quickly but the KHA has great food and staff -no wonder it’s always busy.

  33. David Heard said

    If you enjoy Hand Cut fresh fish (Halibut) with Grade A potato Fries and the Tastiest coleslaw you should try the best kept secret for this fare.
    This building has a long history in Aurora as a residence, real Estate office, Deli, Pubs etc.
    The antique brick and wood work on the interior give it a real feel that you are in someones home.
    A cozy fireplace centers the atmosphere as relaxed and not rushed and it used to be owned by a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals, Mike Palmateer.
    It is also of historical note Mr.Palmateer set an N.H.L record for assists by a Goaltender.
    With that many assists maybe Mike could come out of retirement and play for the present Leaf Team, but this is a column about food and that topic causes a loss of my appetite.
    Joe Badali and family are a sound foundation in this community and “Jerseys ” on Yonge Street near Kennedy is the place for fish and chips on Friday.

  34. Nigel Kean said

    There are many great restaurants in Aurora.
    For a great dinner with good friends and family I always enjoy Greystones for special occassions. The service and the food are excellent.

    For a fun time evening, King Henry Arms gives great food at a very reasonable cost and the service is always good. Great food, great service and a friendly atmosphere.

    Joia also has great food but I found last time I went with a group the service was not good. The waiter seemed to talk down to us but as I said the food was good.

    The best patio to me is Jersey Joes and the food is also good as is the service.

  35. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Stanley’s Fish and Chips is my favourite for a take out meal. Komachi on Bayview (in the plaza between Zellers and Sobey’s) is a nice place to meet friends for lunch or for a quick dinner before a movie.

    Our three kids seem to prefer the chain restaurants (Swiss Chalet, East Side Marios, Sgt Pepper’s) around the perimeter of town. I’m happy as long as they eat some kind of vegetable.

    It’s a bit out of town, but my all-time favourite lunch spot is Pine Farms Orchards in King Township. For people with strong legs, it’s a great destination by bicycle!

  36. Heather Sisman said

    I see the Oakland Hall “Tasting Menu” on their sign every time I drive by. I’d love to try it at some point. SomeoneWhoLoves… said the same thing. Has anyone tried it? I don’t even know what they offer.

    Elizabeth, my son is a big fan of East Side Mario’s too. I have a hard time paying upwards of $15 for a plate of pasta though. King Henry’s Arms is great for a night out…especially when there’s live music.

    I have tried the reincarnation of the Purple Pig in Newmarket. Big Bones is its name. It’s a small place, only 6-7 tables, but we’ve done takeout a couple of times. They’re in the plaza on Eagle Street East, across from the Newmarket Health Centre (formerly Greenacres Nursing home).

  37. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Joia can’t be beat for upscale dining.

    A close second is Chinook. they both put Baldwins to shame.

    Right next door is King Henry’s Arms, a pub but their fare is amazing! Not a typical pub by any stretch, a true gem.

    Really miss “the purple pig” but understand that they re-opened in Newmarket, look forward to checking them out.

    I also really want to check out Oakland Hall, anyone have any feelings on it?

  38. Heather Sisman said

    Does anyone know of a good dim sum restaurant in the area? It doesn’t need to be right in Aurora. I love dim sum and would love to find a local restaurant.

    One of my favourite places to go lately for a ‘lighter’ dinner is Moxxie’s in Newmarket. It’s a nice place for appetizers and beverages. I haven’t had an entree there though – last time we went there were three of us and we just picked 5 or six appetizers to share. I really enjoyed it.

    I still like Moon Garden in Aurora for Chinese food. I remember going there with my parents when I was really young. I don’t think the food quality has ever changed – it’s excellent. The decor hasn’t changed either, but that just makes it more nostalgic. 🙂

  39. Richard Johnson said

    I’ve heard about Joia for years, however I only recently checked it out for myself. What great restaurant ! The food, atmosphere and service were all excellent. It’s great for a night out.

    We also recently discovered a Japanese restaurant that has just relocated from Yonge Street to the old location of the Purple Pig at 155 Wellington Street, just east of the tracks. It’s called Honba and the food is incredible. Definitely worth checking out ! LINK:

    The third recommendation is The (Portuguese) Chicken Place, located just east of Honba at Wellington and Industrial Parkway. The spices are awesome. We generally pick up to eat at home, but small groups can eat there as well.

    You can’t go wrong with any of the above, trust me !

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