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Unsubstantiated Allegations Will Not Be Published

Posted by auroracitizen on June 2, 2009

Earlier today we received a post that made unsubstantiated allegations against a former member of Council. We have chosen not to publish them for a number of reasons.

  1. The allegations are unsubstantiated and unproven
  2. The allegations are not opinions about known activities
  3. These were not questions about known activities but put forward as fact
  4. The post was filed anonymously, which leaves the accused with no recourse

This blog does not and will not investigate allegations to determine if they are based on fact. This is simply a communications channel to facilitate community dialogue. It is not an investigative facility — we leave that to the news media.

If these allegations were documented (i.e. viewed on video, previously reported by the paper, documents supplied, etc.) and filed by a person willing to accept responsibility for making the allegations we would publish the comments. Until such time, similar allegations will also be rejected.

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11 Responses to “Unsubstantiated Allegations Will Not Be Published”

  1. Evelyn Buck said

    The Town did indeed retain the services of an Integrity Commissioner.

    Around October 2008. The Town's website outlines the process for filing a complaint under the "Code of Ethics".

    The process is confidential. The commissioner will decide whether or not a complaint is valid, frivoluous or vexatious.

    He has stated publicly he will not act as a "policeman" and he will not arbitrate political matters.

    As yet, no contract has been signed.

  2. Not Surprised said

    This is just a post script to the anonymous who was disappointed that Len Weins made a comment to support St. Kitts, why wouldn't he? He too is a King Township resident. Makes one wonder why people from King seem to volunteer in Aurora what is the matter with King?

  3. Anonymous said


  4. A concerned resident said

    I sincerely hope Ms. St. Kitts looks to the person (or persons) who gave her the advice to make those allegations before council during a televised public forum. It seemed to me to be a major error in judgement.

    If there even was a valid complaint, so be it – but there's a proper process to determine that; the manner in which this was done seemed to have the councillor all but guilty (until proven innocent).

    Re. the post "Memo to Sher St. Kitts" – people are entitled to support Ms. St. Kitts and speak to her character – that's what freedom of speech is all about.

  5. Anonymous said

    I am disappointed that the past president of the Legion, Len Wise, has entered into defending St. Kitts.This has nothing to do with the Legion and if Len Wise wants to write the paper he should not include the Legion title.The Legion is for veterans and their families and should not be in the political affairs of Aurora

  6. Anonymous said

    Memo to Sher ST. Kitts:

    Your 'have all my friends write nice things about me in the newspapers' campaign is off to a flying start. At your next group meeting though you might suggest that you really can't walk on water so a few less superlatives might be more believable.

    Thinking of having a few friends over to the house for a get together myself. Any chance your husband's band would play for less than $5,000?

  7. A concerned resident said

    I like Heather wonder what has happened. Scare tactics by posting threats of legal action cannot and must not stop the freedom of speech and the sharing of opinions. I hope we are kept posted on what is happening as far as the CAO's message goes. In the meantime, keep those comments coming!

  8. Heather said

    Hey…there haven't been any comments since yesterday. What's up?

  9. Anonymous said

    Will you contact the "former member of Council" and let them know that there are potential allegations against them?

  10. Anonymous said

    Are you applying this policy to all comments on this blog?

  11. Anonymous said


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