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Discussion Topics

We’d like to start some discussion threads focused on “What we want and what we believe?”

The premise is that there are some topics we should discuss as citizens of the Town of Aurora.  These are questions about how we want our town to grow and how we want our tax dollars spent.  How should the budget reflect what we want?

It’s one thing to say we want lower taxes, or value for our taxes, or even that we are willing to see our taxes increase if it benefits the community.

It’s another thing to say we want support for the most vulnerable in our society, or that we want wonderful infrastructure for community programming, or that we want to recognize our Aurora heritage.  We might want to support youth programs or seniors programs because they help families in our Town live better lives.

On the other hand, who pays?  How deep are the taxpayers’ pockets?

There are things we “want” and there are things we “believe”.  If we discuss them, we can find the things we know will benefit our community.  Then we can tell Council.

Let’s try an use this online channel to start a genuine debate and conversation.

So look below for subject headings for discussions already started — and some not yet been started.  The highlighted topics already have discussions started and can be accessed simply by clicking on the link.

So click on a link and join the conversation. And please send in suggestions of other topics you don’t see here.

Discussion Topics

15 Responses to “Discussion Topics”

  1. JOHN H SARGENT said

    Trees…I read a lot about ones wanting to save Trees–Your told you can not remove a tree from your own property without a due process even if you want to plant new one elsewhere,, if its over a certain size., i hear people chirping about developers who want to take out a few trees.. So can anyone explain how every mature tree ,and there was lots of them ,has being remove from the south-east corner of Bayview and St Johns,re Old Vic Priestly home .This was once a beautiful mature forested lot in the town mist,now a Naked Site for one to see and not a chip i have heard ??? There was a time you had to really open your eyes to see the home on this property ,with all the mature trees surrounding it,, one day their there standing proud, next day all trees gone..Any comments out there

  2. Tim the Enchanter said

    Promenade Study

    Haven’t heard anything about it since the election last October.
    Is it hibernating?
    Is it dead?
    If memory serves we spent a tidy sum on this study.
    Perhaps those in the know can help us out here.

    Just curious.

  3. Guy Poppe said

    To Anon Anon

    Geez, and you didn’t ask me for a dance!!!

    I really feel slighted now.

    Maybe next time. I’ll wear kilt for the occasion.

    • Anonymous said

      I’m sure Robert The Bruce will lend you his as you most likely share the same tartan : Red & Black plaid, better known as Keswickian Dinner Jacket.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Actually the Bruce Tartan is quite attractive!


  4. Guy Poppe said

    To me, my best moments are when I lay down to sleep and reflect on our town.

    Frankly, we are not a tourist attraction, nor the pinnacle of attraction.

    Yet, sometimes a little spark of brilliance by someone,happens.

    For me, I was thrilled by the Jazz Festival last year. I danced and enjoyed. (Thanks to the lovely lady who forgave my two left feet). A wonderful experience.

    So I ponder. When I was a young boy in Belgium, I remember the yearly procession of the giants.

    These huge mannekins would come by and enthrall us little folks.

    What a thrill.

    I am sure Frank Stronach knows what I’m talking about.

    So what about Aurora? Let’s hear your ideas.

    There are many gifted folks in this town. Tell us what you would like to see that can make us special.

    • Anon Anon said

      My, my, Guy,
      I remember seeing you dancing at the Jazz. Was that a two-step, or a little shuffle you like to call the Belgian Waffle?

    • Christopher Watts said

      Mr. Poppe.

      It is upsetting to hear that you do not believe our town to be an attraction for others.

      My best moments are when I enjoy the the many attractions our town has to offer and participate in them.

      Did you have a chance to take in the Aurora Borealis?
      That was an all inclusive event that was spearheaded by the town’s own Shelly Ware.
      It put the town park on for all to see, without erecting fences and charging admission.

      Did you check out our Farmers’ Market? You know the one that was shut out so you could impress everyone with your dance moves at the last Jazz +/- festival.

      Have you gone on a historical walking tour of our town recently?

      Have you taken in a show at the Aurora Theatre?

      Mr. Stronach indeed knows about enthralling us, taking in last year’s Hoedown with it headlining act of Blue Rodeo was top notch. A community event that was not to be missed.

      There are indeed many gifted folks “in” this town and their sparks of brilliance will indeed happen now that the libel chill has been lifted.

      By all mean crawl into your bed and dream about your boyhood in Belgium.

      The rest of us can enjoy Our Town…..Aurora.

  5. Fred said

    The Farmers Market is back at the Cultural Centre at Church Street School on Saturday, Feb 19.
    Time to stock up on sausages!

    • Fred said

      Stocked up on sausages & coffee & honey & bread and all manner of good things. Great to see so many friends.
      I didn’t see Chris Watts. Mind you, I probably wouldn’t recognize him without his “not the mayor” jacket.

    • KA-NON said

      Chris was there.

    • Christopher Watts said

      Saturday’s Farmers Market was a complete success!

      Like Fred I was there stocking up on everything from coffee, beef, bacon, cookies and shortbread….oh and sausages in sausageroll form of course.

      From 10-noon I was able to catch up with the vendors and talk with several neighbors and friends. Everyone is looking forward to taking the market to the streets again in May where it truly belongs, and where there will be no snow.

      If anyone was looking for me there and, like Fred , couldn’t find me I apologize. I would consider wearing a “not the press” jacket but don’t wish to show up at the same event as the former mayor sporting the same outfit.

      Next time send me a heads up and I’ll stick around to chat with you. Or you can always join me for one of my meet & drink nights.

      It would be great fun to see some of you come out sporting “hello my name is KA-NON” or “Hello my name is Anonymoose” badges. Even if you aren’t, whose to say otherwise.

  6. JOHN H SARGENT said

    Hedi..In my view…very hard to have a civil discussion re your vague words, trust Aurora children.till peace and truth is recognized plus freedom for desire over whelms the oppressor… WOW ..what do you want to discuss ,, As for not being published this week,i to have had to wait for a spot or not got published and not felt like AURORAN was trying to be a oppressor to me as when they do publish me its free…Thank _you to all editors of local papers

    • Heidi said

      John, you’re right what I right is vague. It wasn’t meant to initiate civil discussion….I have actually asked the Aurora Citizen to TAKE THE BELOW POST OFF because it doesn’t make sense as it was in conjunction with another longer post I had on here but which was removed.

      No I am not saying the Auroran is oppressing me but the media is a tough nut to crack !! Tough I tell ya. I just don’t understand at times choices individuals make and I just have to wonder how much the press cares about the future of the children rather than perpetuating their own beliefs and I wonder if the media truly have a heart in promoting real peace….no more guns, no more bombs, mo more making of military arsenals.

      Yes John, I agreee thanks to the local papers for publishing our letters for free and considering us. If I were a rich woman I’d buy the Auroran and open it up to the community…make Dave Heard the editor and give Ron a much deserved retirement….yeah, that’s what I’d do. PEACE & TRUTH & JOY would be DAILY HEADLINES.
      Sorry for getting you started, John …..for I do try to express myself more clearly.

  7. Heidi G. A. Stoecklin said

    I forgot to say, Happy Winter Soltice readers ! Also, unforturnately the Auroran didn’t print my letter to the editor this week. Very sad for me. I have to sy the media has been very tough on Peace & truth. However, the “freedom for desire eventually overwhelms the oppressor”. Don’t know who said this but just trust Aurora’s children, I will never stop, till PEACE & TRUTH IS RECOGNIZED.
    Thanks for reading & look forward to this civil discussion.

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