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Councillor Throws Wet Blanket Over the Barn

Posted by auroracitizen on May 29, 2012

A Reader writes … I read, with delight, in the Banner that Council moved us a step closer to welcoming a major corporation to Aurora.  I would like to offer a warm welcome to Bulk Barn Foods Limited.

This company will add 400 new jobs to Aurora.  It also puts much needed cash into the Town’s hands by purchasing 25 acres of land directly from the Town and by paying commercial property taxes for land that was not generating any revenue as long as the Town owned it and sat on it.

Deputy Mayor Abel is quoted as saying “with all the jobs they bring, I am looking forward with great optimism that we will see several other corporations follow their lead.”  The Town’s Planning Director said the move is “significant”.  This development meets a standard for employment lands, established by the Province, of 50 jobs per hectare.

However, on the flip side, Councillor Gaertner once again shows her complete ignorance in terms of understanding business by making statements such as “Frankly, I didn’t think it was the best use of these lands” – “We are trying to bring in many well-paying jobs”.

This is a corporate head office that supports over 190 retail outlets.  Anyone with any business acumen at all knows that it takes lawyers, accountants, payroll management, professional sales people and marketing professionals, just to name a few positions, in order to successfully run a corporation like Bulk Barn.  They will employ over 300 people in the offices alone.  A quick review of Bulk Barn’s website indicates they are currently looking to hire an Executive Assistant to the CFO, an Accountant, and a Payroll Administrator, among other positions.

Councillor Gaertner, I have news for you – these are professional well-paid positions.   Additionally there will be over 100 positions in the distribution centre.

This is a win, win, win for our Town and the last thing we need is a bitter, out of touch Councillor throwing a wet blanket on it.

23 Responses to “Councillor Throws Wet Blanket Over the Barn”

  1. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    The editorial in the Banner yesterday appears to also agree with this post.

  2. Anonymous said

    What, Evelyn Buck apologises!?! About as often as Halley’s Comet comes ’round. It seems to be one of the tenets she lives by to not offer apologies.

    • Anonymous said

      Evelyn never apologized because in her mind she is never wrong…..

    • Anonymous said

      Simply not true.

    • Anonymous said

      Evelyn has no problem with an apology. And I won’t waste everyone’s time listing those who do.

    • Anonymous said

      Every morning this character gets up & goes through the blogs trying to undercut Evelyn. Do you suppose it once made a pass at her & was rebuffed? Such fury makes no sense. None of us are impressed with all the superficial erudition – lots of wasted arts degrees out there.

  3. Anon said

    In my opinion, Ms. Gaertner is the definitive little snot in this snooty little town who looks down on “ordinary” folk and jobs. There are plenty of people hurting out there who would kill for a job these days. Wake up, Windy!

  4. Thanks be Given said

    Don’t worry, Windy will be the first to brag about bringing new business to town on her watch come election time.

  5. Tim the Enchanter said

    I cringed when I heard WG make that comment on the Howdy Doody Show last Tuesday.
    To make matters worse – I didn’t see anyone else on council take her to task either.
    Aside from the obvious point that we a have a new business in Aurora I would have asked Staff a couple of questions such as:
    How long has this town-owned land sat vacant?
    How many competing bids were there for this land – or was Bulk Barn the only one?
    I would have asked WG which other company she had in mind to locate on that land.
    When WG heard that Bulk Barn was a possibility did she inform staff that we would should wait for something better?
    Why didn’t someone ask WG exactly what type of business she would consider “suitable” for Aurora’s oh-so-refined economic palate?

    I completely understand that politicians are humans (for the most part) just like anybody else, and make mistakes or mis-speak, but in my opinion WG takes the proverbial cake in this regard.
    Unlike Mayor Dawe’s quip, upon which only Councillor Ballard (and someone named Nigel) mistakenly thought they could score some cheap political points; WG’s comment was a direct an unequivocal insult to not only Bulk Barn but to town staff as well.
    This deal wasn’t written on a napkin just prior to the council meeting – WG has had plenty of opportunity to discreetly express her personal misgivings, whatever they are.
    If there was ever a time when someone on council needs to be apologizing this would be it.

    This isn’t the first time either – it wasn’t long ago that she decided that the residents would benefit from her amateur Judge Judy “opinion” on closed-door legal issues she knew damn well cannot be discussed at open council.
    For someone with her council experience there was absolutely no excuse.
    Luckily on that occasion Councillor Buck was on the ball and put a stop to it.

    People voted for this person?
    You do know that you’re supposed to think about your choice and not just pick alphabetically, right?

    • Anonymous said

      Windy & her script writers will never credit anything positive from this Council. She does not do any thinking of her own. We simply have to work around her. Really very sad, sadder still that she has time to run before her expiry date.

  6. Anonymous said

    “A Reader writes … ”

    Thank you, Mr Moderator, for making the authorship clear.

    • Knowledgeable in Aurora said

      How does “A Reader writes … ” make the authorship clear? Just asking.

    • Anonymous said

      Why do you attach importance to the poster rather then the post? There have been plenty of people who judged by external appearances before you. Their track record speaks for itself.

    • Anonymous said


      The distinction was made between a Guest Post and one composed by the moderator.

    • Anonymous said

      And you know who the moderator might be at any time on any given day? Not likely.

    • Anonymous said

      Your determination to put people into convenient little boxes will cause you grief. The truly interesting defy pigeon-holing.

    • Anonymous said

      Very likely – haven’t you been reading the papers since October, 2010?

    • Anonymous said

      7:12 PM Yes, some of us have been reading the papers rather than just skimming through them. Moderators can come and go – perhaps you should do likewise ?

    • Anonymous said

      Nice attitude, 9:25. Very welcoming and inclusive.

    • Anonymous said

      12:14 PM You have to earn that. So far, you have only shown an appetite to attack Councillor Buck. Nothing to indicate you can handle being on the receiving end of malice.

    • Anonymous said

      No worries, 4:21. You bring the water, and I’ll provide the duck’s back.

  7. Fred Pyziak said

    It’s painfully obvious that this councillor is totally
    out of touch with reality. The councillor owes Bulk Barn and the citizens of Aurora an apology
    and furthermore she owes it to herself a commitment not to run in the next election. Like most politicians their best comments are the ones they don’t make!

    • Same old, Same old said

      Have you not noticed? No one except for Evelyn or Mayor Dawe ever sees fit to offer an apology? There is a growing pile of them due to the town. But, please, do not attempt to hold your breath.

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