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Freedom Of Information and Aurora Coalition – Part 1

Posted by auroracitizen on December 30, 2009

The Aurora Coalition has run a number of ads in the past few months that included fairly dramatic revelations. Based on Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, it provided information that was not made public by Council. In fact, the financial disclosure by the Aurora Coalition about legal expenditures resulted in Mayor Morris having to “adjust” her previous statements to reflect the accurate numbers.

We understand that the Aurora Coalition recently submitted a list of requests to gather additional information about the activities by Council. We believe these facts should be broadly communicated and citizens should have the opportunity to comment and discuss the issues.

Resultant, we have agreed to work in collaboration with the Aurora Coalition to facilitate discussion through this blog.

We have created a new page — FOI Requests — that will track any FOI request we are made aware of. The first FOI is the one referenced in a recent post by Richard Johnson.

The Aurora Citizen will continue to provide accurate information as it becomes available. Confidentiality will always be respected.

Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “Freedom Of Information and Aurora Coalition – Part 1”

  1. Anonymous said

    From the Town’s Media Release dated November 24, 2009, the following: “Council and I are very pleased that Mr. Leach will be joining Town staff as our new Director of Customer and Legislative Services,” said Phyllis. “This is an exciting time for the Town, having recently completed an organizational review, the Town’s administration is now poised to realize some of the changes that will allow us to manage and meet the needs of our residents today and in the future.”

    And more recently in Evelyn Buck’s blog, we now have a Director of Infrastructure and Environmental Services.

    Phyllis’s excitement at the Town’s recent heads of departments titular Renaissance makes me wonder whether she isn’t on drugs, different ones for different times of different days. This little exercise is supposed to have cost the Town many tens of thousands of dollars – your money and mine. And, yet, I don’t know what either of these titles involves from a responsibility standpoint. What is an environmental service – garbage? Is a large pothole infrastructure?

    And how many trees have been sacrificed so that all the Town’s letterhead stationary and business cards can be reprinted, and how much space is the old paper going to occupy when it is disposed of? Is this sound environmental policy?

    This woman is deranged!

  2. Thanks will be Given come October said

    Ah, but remember, this can be the first day of the last year for this mayor and her gang of six to abuse the democratic process.

    The Olympics will run for two weeks in February in Vancouver.

    The political games will be played until October in Aurora. Just as long as citizens realize voting is a participation sport, not a spectator one, this lot won’t make the podium.

  3. fed up said

    I was almost sick this morning watching the Mayor’s New Years messsage on Rogers TV–what a load of BS–still defending herself in her self righteous manner–welcome 2010, the year of change in Aurora

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