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World Peace, or perhaps a more local version

Posted by elizabethbishenden on December 22, 2009

This is the Holiday Edition of the Aurora Citizen. 

What do you love about this town? 

Please, just comment on the things you love… for the things you hate, we have the other 51 weeks.

10 Responses to “World Peace, or perhaps a more local version”

  1. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Au revoir from a guest moderator!

    I’ve had a blast. I encourage everyone who loves Aurora to become involved in the Aurora Citizen.

  2. christine woodley said

    Why I love Aurora:

    Small enough that you usually run into someone you know when you go out. Big enough that everybody isn’t in each other’s business.

    One hour door-to-door with one of the best big cities in the world!

    Beautiful old homes.

    A volunteer network second to none! So many unsung heros in this town. Get out and volunteer, and you’ll meet a few of them!

    Doing all your errands without leaving town .. saves gas!

    Outdoor hockey rinks that masquerade as baseball diamonds in the summer. 😉

    Kids’ sports teams .. take a walk around town on a summer’s evening and you’ll be sure to catch a game.

    The trail system. What a pleasure to have your world go from suburban typical to rural retreat. They’re cool in the summer, cozy in the winter, full of gorgeous streams, trees, plants, wildlife. Dogs revel, kids romp, hikers stride purposefully and the rest of us simply enjoy. This is my boast to visitors – an absolute treasure.

  3. said

    One sunny summer morning I walked down the hill to down town Aurora pushing my pram. A starry-eeyed infant lying at one end ,a toddler seated at the other and two walking on either side.

    An elderly gentleman coming towards me up the hill,stepped aside,bowed,raised his hat and wished me good-day.

    Some years later, Walt Davis a fellow-councillor made a comment. We were talking about Hillary House being plaqued

    Walt said;; “You know, Evelyn.those people (The Hillarys) would walk past you on the sidewalk without seeing you”

    I immediately understood his point. It was not the norm in Aurora to pass someone on the street without acknowledging their presence and wish them well.

    I spent my first eighteen years in a small town in Scotland. The next twelve in London, England and the first two yeasr in Canada in Toronto. I enjoyed all those places.

    For close to half a century,I have lived in Aurora. Here is where I chose to put down roots and give my children the security of knowing they belong.

    This is home.

  4. KB said

    Four generations of my family have lived and grown up in Aurora. To us, Aurora is “home”. It’s always been a family tradition to volunteer within the community, thereby helping to make Aurora a great place to live and to raise a family.

    To me Aurora means family,friends,home and security.

  5. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    We moved here in 1989… and prices were boooming all over! We’ve been here for 20 years and feel old among the families.

    This is a great place to raise a family, to volunteer,and, as I just recently discovered, to work.

  6. David Heard said

    It is easy for myself to reply to this question .
    The best thing about Aurora is the People .
    I owe so much to the amazing citizens from this community who helped me feel better about myself and my role in the community .
    For those of you who know me or do not , I was born with only partial hearing in one ear and I had terrible time communicating in large groups and sometimes even smaller ones if there was alot of specific background noise .
    I was not taught the coping skills and tools to deal with this however getting involved in community allowed me to meet the right people and achieve these .
    I am blessed to know and have friendships with several citizens who I owe my life to .
    Also there is a Police Officer ,Teacher ,Social Worker ,and a couple of local Political figures who made things brighter for me .
    If I was to say one word about Aurora and its amazing people it would be “Spirit “.
    Aurora has Spirit and people with alot of it and my heart goes out to you and yours .
    Thanks ,and that is my Christmas gift to you to let you know I will never forget .
    This is why I wish to give the community so much of my time .
    Its all about the Peace you have helped me find inside and the love to feel part of a community .
    You are heroes in your own ways because you helped save a life .

    Peace In

  7. Geoffrey Dawe said

    My wife and I moved to Aurora in 1977 because it was the only place we could afford to buy a house. We were going to get our start and then move back to the Big City.

    Now, 30 plus years, 3 houses, 3 children, many friends and fond memories too numerous to remember, what I love about Aurora is that we went from looking for a house to having a home!

    Peace and Prosperity to all for 2010.

    • Grace Marsh said

      Geoff – our experience was identical to yours only it was 1979, 2 years later. We were living in an apartment in Scarborough and wanted to buy a house. The bank had prequalified what we could afford as a mortgage and we started driving north on Yonge Street until the new home signs showed our price range. It was Aurora. 30 years later, same house, a beautiful daughter, life long deep friendships, many ups and downs, but truly a “home”.

  8. Nigel Kean said

    There are many things to love about Aurora. You really never have to leave town to enjoy yourself. Great restaurants,great stores,great parks with lots of open space.There are facilities for most any sport or event.
    The main part of Aurora that I like are the number of volunteers who seem to be able to everything done for those less fortunate than we are. Whether it be the food bank,Heart and Stroke, the Cancer Society,Big Brothers/Big Sisters,the Salvation Army,the Legion or the Seniors there always is someone there to help.I know that there are many other groups who also help and I apologize for missing you.
    Aurora is still small enough to be able to go almost anywhere and still run into someone you know.
    I believe that Aurorans are fortunate to be in a Town that can offer so much.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2010

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