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A Failure of Leadership and Responsibility

Posted by auroracitizen on August 24, 2010

The following is reprinted from the Aug 18 edition, Volume 13 no 33, of NovæResUrbis – Greater Toronto Area Edition ( this weekly magazine focuses on municipal politics and urban planning issues in Toronto and in the GTA).

Aurora appeals consolidated
In a prehearing decision issued August 12, board member Reid Rossi provided an update on an appeal by Aurora 2C West Landowners Group Inc. against failure of the Town of Aurora to approve an official plan amendment to establish a secondary plan for the Bayview Northeast Area 2C West lands, located on Concession 2, east of Yonge Street, bringing the lands into the designated future urban expansion area.

Rossi also provided an update on an appeal by Elhara Investments Limited and Aurora-Leslie Developments Limited (collectively known as Aurora-Leslie Developments Inc.) against the town’s failure to approve an official plan amendment for lands bounded by Leslie Street, Highway 404, Wellington Street and St. John’s Sideroad to permit development of a new community.

The board consolidated the appeal of Aurora-Leslie Developments Inc. with that of Aurora 2C West Landowners Group. The board set aside November 15 for a further prehearing conference, noting that at that time the town’s position would be known and the parties would be able to engage in more substantive discussions. A full hearing is expected to be scheduled for 2011.

So what’s an ordinary citizen to think?

How about Council has failed to do the job they were elected to do and look after the best interests of this community?

When the decision-making process is removed from their hands and turned over to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to make decisions on our behalf — then Council has failed in their elected duties.

The hoopla — just prior to the election — about things like the Promenade Study is just smoke and mirrors to divert our attention from the fact that they failed to deal with official plan amendments as required.

35 Responses to “A Failure of Leadership and Responsibility”

  1. noseeum said

    Such drivel. Do you think anne scott is a real name…. yes. I am read for ther paranormal. And that Canada has become the last bastion for free speech. Oh yeah, well what do you think of dropping the long form census, or the gun registry, or abortion rights. C’mon give it me straight from the neo con gut. The Tea Party elite. Unbelievable.

    • Anonymous said

      Huh? Can someone else please explain this post to me? This makes absolutely no sense. Is this Granger talking? Well Stephen you always do provide comic relief.

    • Anne Scott said

      You are correct, Anne Scott is my real name. I am a very ordinary citizen, not particularly politically savvy, however I do know right from wrong and what I have witnessed from the majority of council meetings over the past four years is more wrong than right. I am guessing that Noseeum is one of the Group of Six as they seem to know my name is not an alias because I have sent a couple emails to them in the past (which have never been answered). Maybe I am flattering myself and they could care less who I am. That’s probably more the case as it goes along with the arrogance I have witnessed. I have no idea why you have gone off on this Neo Con tangent – that is not me, nor do I have any idea how the gun registry, abortion rights, or the long form census have any relevance to the Town of Aurora.

      All I know is that I have the power of my vote and my voice and I will be sure to use these in the days leading up to October 25.

    • fed up said

      I am read for ther paranormal

      C’mon give it me straight from the neo con gut


    • Anonymous said

      It makes no grammatical sense to me at all. Smacks of the lone granger.

  2. machine said

    I have noticed with this post about planning going to the OMB, the on-going saga of the IC, and the recent court cases resulting from the G20 (what exactly is unlawful assembly??), it seems that the leadership is slipping into OR allowing itself to slide into a power control whereby the common person, and even Councillor, cannot go against the ‘establishment’. With all the nonsense over it, the 2C lands, through lack of leadership OR purposeful leadership, let the decision fall into the Provincial court of approval – the OMB. Don’t let this happen. Choose leaders, real leaders, not followers. The Provincial interests are not always aligned with local interests, so the only defence is strong leadership. Four years of damage can and will take a strong purposeful leader (mayor and council) to dig itself out of this one and others.

    After the Homeland Security Act in the US, Canada has become the last lighthouse of free speech, though, etc.

  3. Matt Maddocks said

    Slightly off topic here, but it’s my opinion that this recent “rash” of posts from the likes of “noseeum” and others are signs that the Morris camp have sent their first wave of flying monkeys in to attack. My suggestion again would be to activate the ignore button, much like with Poppe’s posts.

    Even reading them is somewhat painful; bad spelling, grammar, replies all over the map, etc. It’s almost as if the poster(s) are hissing and spitting when trying to type.

    I believe these posts are a “distraction” tactic on their part, but it only works if we allow it to. Don’t be fooled.

    • Anne Scott said

      I couldn’t agree more with Matt. This blog obviously has hit several nerves in the Morris camp and they are starting to panic. The next step on the integrity ladder would be for them to come out from behind their silly alias and use their real name.

    • Interested Observer said

      There was a nerve struck but it seems it was struck along time ago when a small few were de-elected and have since rallied a small rebel force to wage war on these pages. Many of the their entertaining conspiracy theories continue to fill these blog pages. The real sense of panic appears to be coming from these few and Clr Buck who has made her presence know with every 8-1 vote over the last 4 years. Not sure what that accomplished….

    • Anonymous said

      Is that the original “Interested Observer”? Or has someone new recently acquired your blog poster name?

    • Anonymous said

      An ‘Interested Observer’ said:

      “…the last 4 years. Not sure what that accomplished….”

      Change the punctuation, and you do have an interesting observation.

  4. noseeum said

    ridiculous comments here. but that’s ok coming from the semi-literate.

  5. noseeum said

    Tea party comments here. If you had channelled your skills into doing something for the town in the first place you wouldn’t have time to gripe so much. Unbelievable nonsense. Join a reading program, there are thousands and thousands of docs at the Library covering meeting minutes of council and various committess. If they did nothing prove it to me.

  6. Broderick epps said

    Ditto Aurora Citizen. Mr. Poppe has refused to list any accomplishments of the current Morris led Council. He has been nothing but a shill for Morris using lawyer speak to obfuscate the fact the real answer is nothing/nada/zero…take your pick.

  7. Guy Poppe said

    To Shees:

    I can tell you while there were different attitudes towards different immigrants after the war years, immigrants as a whole were not a welcomed lot, as they were perceived to be competing with the boys who had returned.

    British immigrants were not immune, but more readily accepted.

    I know. I was here in the fifties and my best friend, is British.

    I also wrote my thesis on ethnic prejudice.

    • Sheesh said

      Yes, all well and good, Mr Poppe. But it doesn’t alter the fact that British immigrants weren’t considered as “displaced persons,” and wouldn’t have been called the pejorative, “D.P.”.

      p.s. We already knew that your best friend is British.

  8. For a fistful of dollars said

    Dear Mr. Poppe:

    If it is possible, can we leave off the name-calling and insults for a moment.

    You appear to be a defender of the present municipal administration, which is your right.

    Can you please share with us half a dozen serious and substantive accomplishments by our municipal government over the past four years, apart from plans and studies.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To For A Fistful…

      I would anticipate that all those incumbents running will try to get votes by expounding on their perceived accomplishments.

      Some new candidates will likely suggest lack of accomplishments

      In fact, one is already pursuing such course. That’s his or her right.

      However, what to present and highlight is their choice, not mine.

      What I perceive to be successes is my business and I will share such views only with open-minded people.

    • Guy, your mask has slipped and true colours appear. You will “share such views only with open-minded people”. “What to present and highlight is their choice, not mine”

      Sounds like a double standard for your favoured candidates.

      Since you believe that everyone here is not open-minded, you won’t answer their questions about what Phyllis has done to justify your unwavering support. Yet you expect everyone else to answer any question you ask — even though we all feel you are simply working on behalf of Phyllis.

      I guess we aren’t as stupid as you take us for. You can appreciate why we might chose to ignore your efforts to deflect the conversation away from the current Council.

      So you won’t be surprised if we just ignore your comments going forward since they are simply campaigning masked as commentary. Seems similar to another person we know.

    • Matt Maddocks said


      Suggestion to all the blog posters; set Guy Poppe’s posts to “ignore”.

    • Fred said

      Right on, Aurora Citizen. Mr. Poppe’s comments offer nothing to the dialogue but deflection. His “participation” is tiresome and redundant. He can’t name one darn thing that Mayor Morris has accomplished this term despite many posters asking him that very question. I think the answer is what we all think it is – didddly-squat.

  9. fed up said

    your expectations are flawed by your love for Phyllis

  10. Guy Poppe said

    To Anonymous

    While I am not sure whether you are talking tongue in cheek, I thank you for your compliment.

    Don’t be embarassed for me. I have quite a bit of confidence in myself, and even at few times, been flattered by others (OK, sometimes undeservedly.

    We simply have a different set of experiences and views, and that’s what makes democracy valuable. I am no more in a position to challenge your experiences than you can mine.

    I don’t really know why such discordant perceptions and results. Perhaps it is the way we approach and deal with people. Perhaps it was how we grew up and our expectations.

    People, like Evelyn and I were called D.P.s, and it can teach one toughness in a hurry. Just look around the Council table. There are similar stories.


    • Sheesh said

      I doubt Mrs Buck was ever called a “D.P.”! She’s Scottish – British, if you like – not a “displaced person” from some Second World War-torn, Axis-occupied country in continental Europe, for gawd’s sake.

      Her people have spent centuries helping to build this country.

    • evelyn.buck said

      I was raised in Scotland .several generations removed from Irish antecedents.

      We were taught to revere the Irish, abhor the English and ignore the Scottish.

      We had no right to claim any nationality.

      I suspect though our Scottish environment had a greater hold tnan we realised.

      I have lived in Canada fifty-three years of my life and felt at home from the day I arrived.

  11. Guy Poppe said

    To Fed Up:

    Here’s just few of your recent choice words:”royal high-ass”,
    “Mare’s rug and foul mouth”, “sea of fools”, cronies, “she wasn’t bright then… and the list goes on.

    Very impressive vocabulary!!!

    • Anonymous said

      Mr. Poppe,

      You seem like a nice guy. Why can’t you see the truth of what is going on?

      I mean, really.

      I am embarassed for you.

    • fed up said

      too bad the truth hurts Poppe–get the impression that the electorate has had enough of this mayor–

  12. For a few dollars more said

    Ordinary citizens don’t think. They don’t even vote. It’s time that they did both!

    The Council ‘majority’ isn’t paid to perform duties. It performs the role of chief obfuscator (non-existent, like Poppe) , turning what should be simple into that which is oblique.

    As for hoopla, the Promenade Study is an example of madness squared. Possibly the Sign of the Six intend having the town buy itself, as it were, and redevelop the Golden Corridor, terminating to the south in a Peace Park. Then parades could be held weekly.

  13. fed up said

    This may not be related to this post–but I was disgusted at the letter from the Snowball Queen in this week’s Auroran–

    • Richard Johnson said

      Sound the horns for integrity !!!!

      I guess that the fact that three councillors have been attacked by their fellow councillors with one quitting, and the deputy Mayor is not running again because of the garbage means nothing to Ms Kitts.

      Did you see the story about Clr McRoberts in the Banner ? Here is a quote:

      “In the last election, Mr. McRoberts was elected to his first council term with more than 7,300 votes. He topped the poll, becoming deputy mayor.
      He declined to say if specific incidents motivated his decision to not run again.
      It’s been a pleasure and an honour to serve the people of Aurora, but the job had simply ceased being an enjoyable experience, he said, without elaborating further.
      Staff changes, a councillor’s resignation, a battle over a by-election, a controversial code of conduct, an integrity commissioner hired and fired and a legal battle among councillors were among the factors that led to a less than cordial atmosphere.
      On an often divisive council, Mr. McRoberts”

      Ya, sound the horns for integrity… indeed.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      I just read Ms. St. Kitts’ letter. It provides a few laughs, that’s all. The letter is both “typical” and dismissible. What else would anyone expect from her?

      If anyone deserves to be upset with this letter, I suspect it would be Heidi Stoecklin; it appears Ms. St. Kitts is challenging her for the “tin foil crown”…

    • fed up said

      dismissible is right–I had chance to come across he St. Kitts woman when her son attended Sr. Public school in Aurora –she wasn’t bright then and she sure as hell isn’t any smarter now.

    • Anonymous said

      What a crock! Ms. St Kitts should head back up the hill to the “higher ground” of Snowball.
      She really is an airhead!

    • Richard Johnson said

      Sorry… I lost count in my post above:

      One Councillor quit,
      One Councillor will not run again,
      One Councillor likely will not run again,
      One Councillor is suing the Mayor and her crew.

      How is that for a Mayor that promised to hear what everyone had to say and to create a more civil discourse at Council ?

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