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Council Watch: Dawe Wins Sign War Survey Number One

Posted by auroracitizen on September 20, 2010

Council Watch #15 – by Richard Johnson

The kids and I piled into the van for a Sunday drive in Aurora and what a drive it was ! The weather is incredible and we had a chance to drive into all corners of this great little town of ours.

The purpose of our outing was to count signs on the lawns of homeowners. We plan to do the same again in a few weeks in order to see if we can determine any trends.

This was a random survey of eight areas in town. Dawe won four areas, Morris won three areas and Kean won one area.

It should be noted that Kean won one area with only two signs while Phyllis won one another area with three signs. Phyllis won a second area because we drove by her home and there were six signs there. Given that we did not drive by the homes of the other candidates as far as we are aware, this should be noted in order to be fair.

If we assume that 12,500 people will cast a vote for Mayor  (which is a safe estimate given the last election numbers)  then we can extrapolate from the more than 100 signs counted that the following results would play out if the election was held today:

  • Dawe        6,146 votes
  • Morris       4,479 votes
  • Kean         1,563 votes
  • Clowater       313 votes

Have a nice day.


10 Responses to “Council Watch: Dawe Wins Sign War Survey Number One”

  1. Richard Johnson said

    You will note on the Auroran newspaper website they have pole results that are in line with the sign survey noted above.

    Obviously these are early days and the population that we are extracting the numbers from is small, but it does appear to indicate a trend. Dawe scored 49% support in both surveys and the sample populations were both just over 100 people / homes. In the Auroran survey Nigel has 33% support and Phyllis has 17%. The only main difference between the two sets of results was that the support of Phyllis and Nigel were inverted on the two surveys.

    I am inclined to think that the more reliable results would come from the sign count as far as the mayoral race is concerned given that anyone can call ten people and get them to vote on-line. The amazing thing is how close the results were in both instances.

    The real test will be when these surveys are done shortly after the second all candidates meeting but clearly there could well be a trend forming.

    My estimation is that there is a lot more growth potential for new candidates that have not had a history on council (such as Dawe) because once more people get to know them they could well see a larger than average growth in their support. Established candidates likely have their signs already up on the lawns of their established supporters while more people will tend to support the new candidates once they have done their homework and once there is a clear front runner for the vote for change.

    • For a few dollars more said

      There is in some people, unfortunately and tragically, a misguided hunger for power in its most naked form, for power not to improve the lives of others, but to manipulate and dominate them.

      Such power can be so fierce and all consuming that no consideration of morality or ethics can stand before it.

      Why has Aurora been thus cursed?

  2. Stephanie said

    Last week, as I turned off of Murray Drive into the Winners / Scotiabank plaza, my car was nearly bashed in by the swinging back doors of the truck stopped in the middle of a entry lane. I had to swerve to the left and hit the brakes to avoid having my car dented as the truck’s back doors swung out freely.

    As I inched past the vehicle, I noticed a stack of wooden signs in the back of the truck and a sign on the side that said: “Phyllis Morris for Mayor” — the truck belonged to the person erecting the campaign signs.

    You can imagine what went through my mind.

    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      I’m guessing “No MORRIS of the same”.

      It’s easy to say, and even easier to vote.

      Apparently this isn’t the only wreckless driving the Mayor and her team was involved with during ribfest. I understand the Mayor herself chased down a citizen in their car. She chased them for 6 blocks – several traffic violations so that she could pull alongside the car and hurl insults. How classy is that?

      The fact that she hauls a trailer around plastered with signs, and sports a jacket emblazoned with “Mayor” just wreaks of desperation.

      I don’t believe she is mentally balanced and am now scared for the public’s safety with her on our roads, let alone another 30 some odd days in office.

    • fed up said

      the true behaviour of a bully–why not publish the name of the person who was chased–I think the town would find it interesting to know who it really was–I am digusted with this behaviour–we have rules in our scholl yards re: bullying why do these rules not apply to our mayor (ex mayor)

    • fed up said

      sounds like road rage to me–why were the police not called and charges pressed?

    • Anonymous said

      If this is true I hope the victim has filed a police report.

      Did anybody read Geoff Dawe’s letter in the Auroran? Read about the BS at the Library board meeting? We’ve got another 34 days to go and already things are spinning out of control. I’m old enough that I don’t wish for time to pass all that quickly anymore, but honestly, Oct. 25 can’t come soon enough. I’d like to think that they can sink no lower but I guess that would be naive. I’m truly disgusted, this is the kind of antics you’d expect to see on one of those Real Housewives shows. Danielle Staub ain’t got nothing on our Phyllis.


  3. anonymous said

    …and Clowater’s entire campaign strategy is sign, sign everywhere a sign. What has he said lately? If anything at all…check out his website and blog and you will see no updates since May on the blog and July on the website.

  4. Anonymous said

    Ah, but if you look more closely you’ll see that the PM signs are on the lawns of known friends!
    I really enjoyed a sign on Lanewood Drive – Vote for any one but the current Mayor.

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