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Update: Have You Heard the News?

Posted by auroracitizen on April 5, 2012

There is a special meeting tonight (April 5) at 6PM. Because it is a special meeting, it doesn’t require  notice. We have checked the Town website and currently there is nothing indicating a meeting is taking place. Of note, the announcements were updated this morning with a notice of service disruption. But nothing yet about a special meeting.

We found out through Councillor Buck’s blog post “Further Thoughts“. Pity we didn’t find out through the Town.

Councillor Buck indicated that the problems many readers/watchers anticipated are coming true. It will be interesting to see how Council works their way through the mess that has been created.

If you have time, drop by and see the proceedings.


Updated @ 11:41 am

The agenda is up, but still nothing on the home page. So if you don’t know there is a meeting — so we guess you will never know until it’s over and published.

According to the  agenda, the focus is to seek Council direction on “Council membership of the ad hoc negotiating working group and the provisions of the Terms of Reference relating thereto” which smells like a reconsideration.

Hopefully when they reconsider they will come up with a plan that makes sense and is not subject to the criticism we have heard thus far about inappropriate closed door and confidential meetings.

There is still time to get this situation back on track. Let’s hope it gets done tonight.

5 Responses to “Update: Have You Heard the News?”

  1. anonymous said

    Light blue, please. Medium to large. No yellow.

  2. Merlin said

    Why procrastinate ? Do the shirts now when the clock is ticking and it is costing Aurora money. Every negotiating session should include mention of the museum. The Centre is the supplicant here – Aurora owns the building and provides the funding. If you cannot win the pot when you hold all the cards, you should not sit at the table. Put the MUSEUM front and Centre where it belongs. The Church Street School was designated and financed as a Museum. The Centre are squatters and must comply.

  3. Anonymous said


    I can see the campaign shirts now.

    WHERE THE F…is our MUSEUM.

    I cannot take credit for this.I have to tip my hat to Mr.Heard.

  4. Anonymous said

    What is your definition of “back on track,” Mr Moderator?

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