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Common Sense Returns

Posted by auroracitizen on April 5, 2012

Tonight Council revisited the decisions made in the Aurora Cultural Centre debate and brought some long overdue common sense to the table.

Tonight Council amended their earlier motion to remove politicians from the discussion and now staff will work with the Cultural Centre towards a new agreement — which will then be brought forward to Council for discussion and a decision.

This removes much of the politics from the debate and staff can now look to the Mar report for direction.

Kudos to Councillor Pirri for bringing this motion forward and to most of Council for supporting this motion. Only Councillor Gallo was not in attendance. Of interest was the silliness perpetuated by Councillor Gaertner. See next post for details.

Now let’s look forward to some productive staff-led discussion and a new agreement in place for the start of 2013.

2 Responses to “Common Sense Returns”

  1. Anonymous said

    SUPER JOB EVELYN JOHN ABEL AND PAUL the rest of you need to work on it

  2. Anonymous said

    The ACC were never deserving of all the attention they generated. Now they have been dropped closer to where they belong, much lower on the totem pool. Let staff deal with them, with the proviso that Mr. Garbe has been involved and should be replaced. Either Mr. Mar or Mr Downey would be fine although I would not wish dealing with these people on anyone I respected. Not an enviable task.

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