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Is She Really Serious?

Posted by auroracitizen on May 9, 2012

A reader writes … Once again I am baffled by Ms. Gaertner (I refuse to call her Councillor because of the manner in which she treated Mayor Dawe when he first took office – I am sure we all remember it took her a few weeks to stop calling him Mr. Dawe  – and quite frankly I do not believe she deserves that seat she sits in).

Case in point, last night’s council meeting. Now I think  most will agree that they watch those meetings solely for the comedic behaviour that Gaertner, Ballard and Gallo provide but I specifically think  Gaertner  takes the top prize of “class clown” (for many reasons actually).

However, I am not clear on the job descriptions, or the manner in which our councillors get paid so I am looking for someone to provide me clarification, and others opinions on the following point.

Last night there was a discussion regarding a meeting for council that some thought should be open to the public and some thought it should not be. Councillor Gaertner provided her input as to why she thought it should be open to the public but then stated if it were to be a closed session she would NOT be attending (good god this woman is ridiculous)!

Can someone please tell me why if she in employed by the town, to represent our community and its best interests, that she is “allowed” to not attend a work session?  Do the taxpayers not pay her salary?

I know I am not well versed in how our councillors are compensated, but if I told my boss that I was not going to attend a work meeting because I was being a pissy little brat and wasn’t getting my way, I would have my walking papers immediately!!!!  How does she, and where does she get the nerve to not participate in something that is part of her job???

Confusing…… but I am not surprised… Can someone please help me understand this?

7 Responses to “Is She Really Serious?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Isn’t it interesting that she voted for a so-called code of conduct (to apply only to others of course) and yet continues with her hissy, obstructive and infantile behaviour at just about every council meeting without consequence?
    If it were up to me I would certainly tell her to do her job or take a hike! What happened to the “you have to fall in line with majority decisions made by council” dictate from the previous council that she was a part of? Once again I guess the principle applies only to some and not to others.
    I wish someone would shut her down once and for all at these meetings… although, having said that, she is always reason for a good laugh.

  2. anonymous said

    I wish to commend Councillor Gaertner – for her consistency. I always know where she is coming from & where she is going. The trick is to pay no attention whatsoever to the means she employs to reach her destination. That way could lead to madness.

  3. Anonymous said

    “I refuse to call her Councillor because…”

    Are you also the one with the silly habit of deliberately calling the Cultural Centre the ‘Heritage Centre’? *chortles*

    • anonymous said

      ” Chortles ” Actually no one calls it the Cultural Centre, not even the Heritage Center. It is just referred to a ” The Center ‘ allowing the other individual to fill in the blank. Often with an expletive.

    • Kelli said

      not me – I’m the one who posts about the Lawn Bowling Club –

  4. Anonymous said

    Wendy Gaertner seems to have escaped from a Grimm Brothers tale or equivalent or possibly from “Through the Looking Glass.”

    Most of the time she makes no sense, even when she has a written script in front of her.

    Councillors are able to miss Council meetings due to reasons or health or a dramatic family crisis and this would be fully understood by one’s fellows.

    But Wendy is usually mentally absent even when she is physically present. This should not be tolerated. The annual councillor’s salary, divided by the number of meetings per year to arrive at a salary per meeting should be deducted from her whenever her mind goes walk-about. If this were done she might end up costing taxpayers very little.

    Her contribution to the town’s business is comparable.

    • Anonymous said

      Relocate her to the Farmers’ Market.

      She could be the jam lady’s executive assistant.

      Let her conduct be their burden.

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