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Nokiidaa Trail Link Through Mackenzie Marsh Debated

Posted by auroracitizen on April 18, 2009

Concerns are being raised about the proposed link to the Nokiidaa trail system through the Mackenzie March north of St John’s Sideroad.

A permanent link is being considered because current users must cut through a series of informal trails and paths near Yonge Street between the Aurora and Newmarket sections.

The concern raised is that by building this trail we will see increased garbage and impact on wildlife through this important area.

The Town claims people are uninformed. The citizens claim that the proposal is too far along before seeking citizen input.

What do you think?

For more information you can attend a public meeting April 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Holland Room of the Aurora Town Hall. You can also contact Jim Tree at 905-727-3123 ext. 3222 or

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