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Comparision Often Highlights Differences

Posted by auroracitizen on October 4, 2009

In many aspects of life, comparison provides a good foil for seeing the strengths and weaknesses in a particular product or service. The same applies to leadership. In politics, various leaders are often compared to make a point.

Here’s an interesting article from Royson James in The Star that serves to provide an illuminating comparison.

Mississauga Council has recently had to deal with a conflict of interest declaration by Mayor McCallion. The interesting  point of comparison is the handling of the assertion by Carolyn Parrish that the minutes had been potentially ” doctored”. You may recall it was a similar comment by Councillor Buck that led to the entire Integrity Commission complaint and subsequent firing of the Commissioner the day after returning his opinion on the matter.

In Mississauga’s case, when faced with the assertion by Councillor Parrish — they reviewed the videotaped evidence and acted on it. City council voted 6-4 to order a judicial inquiry into the Mayor’s role in the proposed land deal. Councillor Parrish, regardless of her motives, was not accused of inappropriate comments. The facts were clear — the minutes did not reflect what happened in the meeting. She merely brought the discrepancy to light.

In Aurora, Councillor Buck, put forward a similar – and in many respects far more neutral comment – and when faced with the video evidence — 5 members of Council voted to have her charged under the Code of Conduct.

Even when faced with the hard facts that the public record did NOT match what the video clearly showed to have happened (i.e. a recorded vote was taken and did not appear in the Minutes), Aurora Council blustered and continued to pretend it didn’t happen. And went on the offensive when held to account by one of their own members.

Well folks, minutes are supposed to capture what did happen — not what should have happened. Just because you acted badly, doesn’t mean we should just pretend it didn’t happen. Responsible adults accept responsibility for their actions. Even David Letterman understood that. Trusted leaders are held to an even higher standard.

It is interesting to see the disparity. Once again our “leaders” have shown their true colours — and this has only been more clearly illustrated by comparison with another municipality.

James sums up his article “No Mayor should expect a free ride after such a contravention of the rule. Not even in Mississauga.” Well he should make a visit to our fair city. The rules are being re-written for the benefit of Mayor Phyllis Morris and her faithful side-kicks.

3 Responses to “Comparision Often Highlights Differences”

  1. Council Cop said

    The council minutes and the tape are both on the public record and past postings on this website have suggested that Councillor Buck was in fact correct in suggesting that the Council’s minutes did not reflect what was said at the meeting in question, which is most likely why the Mayor has made every possible effort to deflect the issue and twist the facts. How many examples do we need in order establish a pattern here ?

    As has been suggested before, a movie night with the offending council tape and minutes in hand could be a great fund raiser. We could have popcorn and maybe even a dunk tank and all proceeds could go towards the town’s legal bills. Who’s in ?

    If the Mayor and the G6 kill the movie night idea then maybe when the next Integrity Commissioner gets hired someone should request a report on the whole issue of the “doctored” minutes fiasco. The report should be ready just in time for the next election and we can only hope that the next Integrity Commissioner builds in a few termination rights into their contract, if per chance the Mayor does not like what the report has to say.

  2. Anonymous said

    How do we get a judicial review of the minutes of our council meeting?

  3. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    Although another unfortunate event in terms of municipal government, the Mississauga issue could not have come at a better time for the residents of Aurora. It puts a very bright light on the way Aurora Council behaves.

    The GOS immediately take the route of ATTACK the person pointing out the problem. Attack – when Buck indicates Aurora’s minutes were doctored. St. Kitts was coached to attack as well when concerns were raised. Even when you can’t attack someone on the basis of a “town” issue, cowardly try it through their employer. Anyone who has been around life for any length of time knows that usually the attack comes out of guilt and the need to deflect that guilt elsewhere.

    Wake up you 4 minions, you have a self professed leader and her evil sidekick taking you downhill faster than an olympic skier on a perfect run. However, for me it’s too late for you to wake up, I will not vote for any of you next time. All the photo ops in Town won’t save you. 2010 can’t come soon enough.

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