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What is the process that the Town of Aurora uses for road work?

Posted by auroracitizen on June 17, 2009

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I remember a couple of years ago that Henderson Dr. was repaved but they only put a base layer down and the final layer months and months later. During that time, access covers and curbs were an inch above the level of pavement. I also recall that at some point they had to patch up areas of Henderson because it broke up.

Now, Edward Street and Allaura Blvd were repaved but again they remain incomplete. The final layer of pavement has not been laid, there is at lease an inch gap from the roadway to the edge of curbing. it seems like forever when this work started.

It seems like the town starts these projects but never get around to completing them. Why is this? Does the time between the layers contribute to the premature patching that was required on Henderson?

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5 Responses to “What is the process that the Town of Aurora uses for road work?”

  1. Anonymous said

    I see that Allaura is once again showing signs of construction as they are working on the curbs around catch basins.

    There are comments that the street is paved two years after the first layer….. why is it that other municipalities do it all in one shot? People have been risking damage to their rims and tires for a long time – because the road level is way below the curb.

    The suggestion to talk to the town staff would be valid if they replied to voicemails…… but they don't – I guess they are waiting for the Mayor to tell them what to say.

  2. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    Anonymous June 20 7:55AM

    I thought the same thing, what the heck has Evelyn's politics got to do with road reconstruction! Some people (likely a current Councillor) just want to slam others at every opportunity, rather than engage in discussion on a issue.

    In terms of the road construction process, I understand it the same as the first post, there has to be a "settling time", and also time to ensure the underground infrasture is sound before final paving. I would suggest that the person wondering call the Director of Public Works, Ilmar. He's a pretty nice fellow who I'm sure would take the time to explain the process to a taxpayer.

  3. Anonymous said

    I am wondering what the anonymous post of June 19, 8:32 has to do with how road work is done.

  4. Anonymous said

    Speaking of roads, and where they lead, Ev Buck on her June 15 Blog wrote:

    "I was always ready to use the opportunity provided to do the possible best and devil take the consequences.

    I didn't run for public office …and win …so that other people could tell me what to think and how to vote.

    No sirree…that was never my objective. I never made any bones about it. Never saw much point in having a leadership role and not doing the job accordingly. Still don't.

    I'm just wondering why Ev criticizes Mayor Morris when she deems her to be behaving just that way?

    Could it be a knee-jerk response to envy?
    Is Ev going green?

  5. Anonymous said

    My experience with the completion of a new road surface is that the second surface of a road is completed two years after the works is done to allow for settling and repair before the contract is completed.

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