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Newmarket vs. Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on June 12, 2009

A reader sent in the following comment. It is published unchanged.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the AURORA CITIZEN.

I had the opportunity the other day to meet up with a friend who works at Newmarket’s town hall on Mulock. I was invited in for a little tour. Needless to say, what a contrast with Aurora’s hall upon entering. Pretty much the first thing you see is, oddly, people at work. Voices. Activity. People saying hello to each other, people pretty much around, period.

And then you have, for those of you who have never graced the halls of the palace on John West Way, er,1 Municipal Drive (that schmozzle is a whole post in itself, ain’t it) entry into the front entrance where you are, hopefully, greeted by a lovely lady from Info Aurora – who doesn’t even work for the town, bless their hearts they’re volunteers – and the sound of your own footsteps as you walk over to the cashier’s wicket where eventually, somebody might pay attention to you.

Now is this just a example of a poorly architectured building making the services of the Town cold and impersonal, or is this an accurate reflection of the Way Things Go Around Here?

I think you probably know where I might stand on this, given my slant, but I’d be interested in what others truly think.

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23 Responses to “Newmarket vs. Aurora”

  1. Grace Marsh said

    Dear MKT:


  2. My Kinda Town said

    Dear Grace:

    Yes, well, unfortunately the Young Appointee has melded into the collective. Too bad because he seems like not a bad guy.

    But the dude never talks, and doesn't know whether it's weather or whether it's whether.

    If it was my council, I'd be singing this song (and if I could I'd be doing the moves from 1:20-1:40.) But it's not, and I can't.

    But turn it up!


  3. Grace Marsh said


    Got it I think. GOS = Gang of Six? Guess I was so used to the
    GO5 I forgot it grew by one!

    Your post is clever, I like the video links.

  4. Anonymous said

    When anyone writes a comment expressing even mild disagreement with the relentless dogma spewed on this blog, it is uncanny how the pavlovian attack dogs marshal their forces. It is as if no one could possibly know more than Host Hogg and his merry band of insiders; no rational person could possibly possess more facts or hold a reasonable, if divergent, point of view.

    If someone disagrees with the Aurora Citizen mainstream, they obviously are part of “the ministry of propaganda.”

    Ministry of propaganda? That is exactly what the parallel universe of the Aurora Citizen seems to represent: any fact, no matter how small or benign, can be twisted and spun into an anti-Morris screed. It is the reason for the Aurora Citizen’s existence.

    And yet Boss Hogg himself recently wrote that all points of view are welcome, paying lip service, at least, to the importance of rational discourse. If that is so, why do certain comments inspire such fits of rage?

    Perhaps many of those who contribute to the Aurora Citizen feel more comfortable singing in unison from the same hymnal. Perhaps their particular democratic code neither encourages nor tolerates dissent.

    What a comfort it must be to always know you are right and everyone else is riff-raff.

  5. Anonymous said

    PArkview 7, you wrote
    "Well, at least we know her Ministry of Propaganda is working overtime.
    June 20, 2009 2:06 PM"
    I don't know what that means.

    I know what someone who is a town staff said.
    Isn't there room for that point of view?
    Different people, different points of view.
    All need to be respected without dismissing an idea that you obviously have a need to subvert.

    I'll take my impressions from the people who work for the town and I have good reason to believe.

  6. Anonymous said

    Well Anonymous, June 20, 2009 9:21 AM, the proof is in the pudding. Let's see where it all stands one year from now.

  7. PArkview 7 said

    Anonymous spun the following…
    "Some on the Town Staff claim things are working better since the sweeping attributed to Mayor Morris.
    I've heard that a LOT of $$$ is now being used more appropriately with greater accountability.
    Fresh people, fresh eyes, to run departments more efficiently.
    They are eager to prove themselves, aware that they are accountable."

    Well, at least we know her Ministry of Propaganda is working overtime.

  8. Anonymous said

    I heard what Anonymous June 20, 2009 9:21 AM wrote from a friend who says his friend now understands how his department works.
    Before the change he didn't have a clue.
    He thinks the change was a good one.
    I think the mayor did a good job.

  9. Anonymous said

    To Anonymous june 20 9.21

    "I've heard that a LOT of $$$ is now being used more appropriately with greater accountability."

    You mean Tax and Crime Fighter Al Wilson didn't provide any oversight until now. Also, rumblings from staff that a "yes sir three bags full" culture exists lest they be next.

  10. Anonymous said

    Some on the Town Staff claim things are working better since the sweeping attributed to Mayor Morris.
    I've heard that a LOT of $$$ is now being used more appropriately with greater accountability.
    Fresh people, fresh eyes, to run departments more efficiently.
    They are eager to prove themselves, aware that they are accountable.

  11. Anonymous said

    The issue with qualifications is that when you preach about a Code of Ethics, you should be careful what your own resume claims.

    People who live in glass houses (or Mayors offices), should be careful about throwing stones.

  12. Grace Marsh said


    "GOS" ??

  13. Anonymous said

    Why not dissect the qualifications of everyone on council?

  14. Anonymous said

    If you examine these claims a little deeper, you may discover that her experience was actually doing work for her husband — hardly the type of experience she claims/implies.

    Her website states; Phyllis holds a Law Enforcement Diploma (High Honours) From Seneca College, King City, and was Valedictorian in 1995, receiving the Tony Fuelling Memorial Award. She graduated in August 2003 from Seneca College as a Court and Tribunal Agent (Paralegal).

    With this kind of legal qualifications, it's a wonder she even needs legal advice.

    Also, I know someone who worked in an international food services company during a new plant start-up.

    They were a clean-up person at a new McDonalds. Does that qualify them for Mayor as well?

    I guess it's just how you chose to spin it.

  15. Anonymous said


    The mayor who has " worked in the Human Resources field for more than 10 years recruiting and coordinating staffing for new plant start-ups, in the automotive & food retail industries, in both North America & Europe." has been singing "this song" quite a bit in the last year. She helped get rid of almost all except one senior staff not to mention her role in Grace Marsh's decision to qyuit council. BTW with bobbing heads like Gaertner/Wilson/Granger on the side of the Mayor I can understand Ms. Marsh's frustration and decision.

  16. My Kinda Town said

    Bless there, little hearts! Wait, bless where?

    Last year, Aurora Town Hall hosted a mini rock OPERA!

    A respected councillor was feeling blue. She started feeling like AC wasn't her thing.

    But when said councillor resigned, GOS was not blue. In fact, somebody said GOS blasted this song from their car in the Town Hall parking lot.

    Oh, and before they got in the car, they did the dance that Freddie does from 1:00-1:15. In particular, they did the move at 1:05.

    Sorry, Freddie!


  17. Anonymous said

    The Aurora Town Hall staff are wonderful and make everyone feel good when you walk in. The volunteers are great as are the remaining staff from this term of council.

  18. Robert the Bruce said

    The last time that I was in Aurora Town Hall it was to pay for a dog license. I too thought that the place was deserted. It was the middle of the afternoon and except for the person behind the counter, I did not see anyone else.

    I have not had an opportunity to be in Newmarket town hall so I cannot compare the two.

    How do Aurora and Newmarket compare to the Region office?


  19. Anonymous said

    Whenever I'm in the Aurora Town Hall, I feel like I'm in a home for the convalescing. It is very quiet, peaceful and serene. Maybe it is the architecture or maybe it's just nap time for the staff – bless there little hearts.

  20. Anonymous said

    Aurora's Town Hall

    I love that a volunteer is at the desk.
    I love the serenity.
    I always feel welcomed by the staff I need to engage.

    I LOVE the artistic exhibitions. I feel like I'm in a warm community art gallery, at no cost.

    I love how the building is close to the seniors' centre, and the arboretum.

    I love the Aurora Town Hall!

  21. Anonymous said

    Then you really have nothing to compare it to, Go to Newmarket, you'll find you're treated as a respected taxpayer!

  22. Goodie two shoes said

    I have been in both and I agree with you. Newmarket's is more people friendly. You are most certainly welcomed to come in and ask the everyday people any questions you want in Newmarket. In Aurora I am not sure where they are hiding, but they are not there for you to see them. I remember when the Town Hall was on Yonge St. in Aurora and on Wellington St. You could find friendly faces anywhere in those two buildings. Where have they all gone in Aurora?

  23. Anonymous said

    I've never been to Newmarket's office but I feel right regal when I walk into Aurora's.
    I love the feeling of calm dignity.
    I always pay my taxes in person because it gives me a community feeling to do so.

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