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Community Corner: A Request from a Former Citizen

Posted by auroracitizen on April 22, 2010

Dear Aurorans,

In 1945, my father took a job with a company that was building a new plant or facility in Aurora, Ontario. I was 7 years old at the time when we moved from Hartford CT in the States,  to Vandorf Ontario. We did not stay very long there because my fathers work ended in about a year and we moved back to the States.

I would like to know where was the building located in Aurora and is it still in use?  I understand there might have been news articles in the “Aurora Banner” at the occasion of the opening of the factory in 1945/46.

I would love to hear from anyone who could tell me about this company and its history in Aurora. The only thing that I have are some hazy memories and several photos of the “new plant” under construction c. 1945. My E-mail is below for anyone who might have memory or could suggest where I might look. 

Thank you very much.

Bob Hodgson

Councillor Buck, any chance this was the Sterling Drug building at the south end of Town?

If anyone has any information for the reader and decide to respond directly, please include a wee note in the reply section. Other readers may find the information of interest.

8 Responses to “Community Corner: A Request from a Former Citizen”

  1. evelyn.buck said

    Oak Hart started operation in December 1947, Doug Richardson was its Chief and only engineer at the time.
    It was constructed by John “Jack” Bowser who was superintendent of construction for the Empire State Building in New York City.
    Which I think was the tallest building in the world and one of the Seven Wonders of The World when I was in school.
    There are a number of houses in Aurora that were built by Mr. Bowser.He is buried in Aurora Cemetry and I heard his monument is shaped like the Empire State Building.

  2. David Heard said

    Everything seems to point at Hart Manufacturing at this point due to the Date and the shorter Tenure of the comapany.

    I have not found anything that points to another comapny….Yet.

  3. Been Here Yonks said

    1947 Newmarket Era article (below the photo) re: the construction of the new Hart Manufacturing Co. (of Hartford) building:

    Click to access NEx19470403001.pdf

    I believe the company became known as Hart-Oak. However, the land to the north of the factory, on Edward St., had a soccer pitch which was called Oak-Hart Park. We lost the football ground when Insulec/Unipac built new facilities on part of the land.

    Mr Hodgson’s recollection predates this building by a year or two, but this is my best guess.

  4. Jacqueline Stuart said

    Sounds like Hart Manufacturing (later Oak-Hart) which started operations in Aurora in December of 1947 (if I am reading my scribble correctly). Sterling began production in October of 1958.

  5. Been Here Yonks said

    p.s. If that’s the building, you can see it (with its subsequent additions) on Google Maps Street View.

  6. Been Here Yonks said

    I believe it was Oak-Hart Industries, at the eastern end of Cousins Drive, on the corner of Edward Street.

    Sterling wasn’t built until the late ’50s.

    • Anonymous said

      I called the town office to see if there were archives that might show. it But it sounds like Oak Hart though doesn’t it. I had placed it in the vicinity of the railroad tracks.If I get anything more definite I will report.

  7. evelyn buck said

    Sterling Drug was here when I got here but I don’t think it was more than a couple of years old. If I think of anyone who might know I will get back to you

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