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Energy Conservation Week

Posted by auroracitizen on May 22, 2009

Aurora is recognizing Energy Conservation Week from May 17 to 23, 2009.

With conservation in mind, one of our readers was interested in knowing how others felt about plastic single use water bottles.

Recently there has been a considerable focus on the banning of single use water bottles at schools, sports facilities, sports clubs and municipal facilities. Our own Aurora Youth Soccer Club has banned them at games and practices.

Some folks are starting to use designer water bottles that reflect their personality.

What do you think? Should they be banned? Should they just be discouraged? Should we be free to chose?

What else are you doing to conserve? Share your thoughts and ideas.

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19 Responses to “Energy Conservation Week”

  1. Nigel Kean said

    I agree with Richard Johnson who fought so hard to get people to understand the issues of the hydro issue. He has spent many many hours in studying the issues and I wish that I knew half of what he does on these issues.If anyone does not understand the issues then they should try to contact Richard and get him to explain them.
    I know that he worked hard with many councillors last term including myself.I thank him for his input.

  2. Anonymous said

    What happened then when so many meetings were held about the power supply and there were many points of view presented?
    Sounds more like Richard johnson is saying it was his way or the wrong way.
    I don't agree with him.

  3. Anonymous said

    Anonymous said…
    I wish I could understand what Richard Johnson used so many words to say.

    June 2, 2009 7:03 PM

    There's no shame in asking for help. Admitting that you have a problem with reading comprehension is half the battle.

    Best of Luck!

  4. Anonymous said

    Richard Johnson is saying that Phylis and Sue have no clue about what they are doing and they don't want anyone to educate them or anyone else for that matter. It`s their way or no way! Richard is just giving you the full and accurate account of what has taken place as far as energy goes in this town.

  5. Anonymous said

    I wish I could understand what Richard Johnson used so many words to say.

  6. Richard Johnson said

    FYI… Sue Walmer is the same person that I tired to raise power supply and corresponding environmental issues with for over three and a half years however she demonstrated ZERO interest ! I asked Phyllis to get her close friend Sue and EAC involved in the power supply issue many times, to no avail. I mistakenly thought that EAC stood for Aurora's Environmental Advisory Committee, but the "Advisory" component clearly did not to pertain to one of the biggest environmental issues facing our community at the time from both an environmental as well as a socio-economic perspective. After years of denial and hand holding on the power supply issue, then guess what happens ? Phyllis gets elected Mayor in no small part because of the power supply issue which clearly demonstrated in the election pole results, at which point she washed her hands of the Markham Hydro Task Force that spent $750,000 in protecting Aurora's interests on this issue and she ignored Members of S.T.O.P. as well as ignoring the facts that so many other well informed and qualified people were trying to explain to her. She completely ignored the power supply issues that both Markham and I tried in vain to present to her for at least the first eighteen months she was in office. I bet your wondering what happened next, right ? Your Worship then turns to the new found MegaWHAT expert — Sue Walmer for advice on issue she clearly know next to NOTHING about and Sue become our local energy conservation expert despite the fact that she was an author of a MegaWHAT resolution that the OPA and many experts in the power planning field felt was a total joke. The fact is that neither Sue or Phyllis even understood the OPA's identified need or the viable alternatives, which interestingly seemed to escape everyone, including the media. Sue went on a Rogers Cable talk show and advised that the OPA should take actions that they had been already doing for years and once again she demonstrated no understanding of the history of this issue in York Region. It was sad and frustrating to watch, I can assure you. Sue had no apparent clue of the many programs that I tried to get both her and Phyllis to pay attention to and promote for the proceeding years. Phyllis then refused to let the OPA, APPrO or the power companies educate council before any related vote at Council was taken concerning the power supply issue. It appeared to me that Mayor Morris turned her back on anyone that did not say what she and her close band of friends wanted to hear. I love the quote from the Wizard of OZ provided above… "pay no attention to the person behind the curtain", because you know full well that all sorts of smoke and mirrors are being manipulated to suit the desires of a few people who quite frankly don't even care about the facts and they have demonstrated a fraction of the integrity that I was lead to believe they had. Looking back, the signs were all there that things would turn out the way they have, but I guess I too have made some mistakes. Phyllis and her crew try to paint themselves all in green and then she goes out and buys an SUV and gets herself and her friends in as many photos with the Conservatives as possible. I'm not anti-Conservative but I hope my point is clear as far as the disconnect is concerned. There are other examples along the same lines of course (don't get me started on the cloths line or phone log issues), but I've taken my share of space here. To put it simply, I can hardly wait for the next election.

  7. Junius said

    Tim the Enchanter:

    I love the “fish farts”. That pretty much explains why much of what Her Royal Highness does smells!

  8. aurora 5-by-5 said

    “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…”

    Come on folks, can’t you see you’re being played?

    This is a non-issue designed to draw your attention away from more serious matters.

    Yes, phyllis gave out yet another patronage appointment

    yes, the position should have been advertised and any citizen should have been given the opportunity to apply

    and yes, the person was not “Technically” appointed to the position of officer. Come on, are you surprised by yet another Phyllis sleight of hand?

    and Yes, it is embarrassing that the chair of that crazy MegaWHAT group is representing aurora on a committee for energy

    but no offence to those of you with your knickers in a twist – this is SMALL potatoes

    Focus on the real issue – the outrageous actions of MorrMac and their minions at the May 12th meeting

    Hang onto this latest patronage appointment issue for the election debates…

    Enough, okay?

  9. Anonymous said

    to “anonymous” May 23 10:38

    As you seem fond of selective spelling among other things:

    W = Working
    P = Program

    Clearly you must be a member of Council, as in addition to your lack of basic math skills, you apparently can’t read either!

  10. Anonymous said

    In response to Anonymous May 23, 2009…,

    You suggest there is a “big difference” between MECO and Municipal Energy Conservation Officer. Let me try it this way for you –

    M (Municipal) E (Energy) C (Conservation) O (officer) – put that together you get MECO.

    Now can you see why MECO is the abbreviation for Municipal Energy Conservation officer?


    As for Ms. Buck, well she speaks for herself when says, “she has no knowledge”.

    Enjoy the sunshine!

  11. Tim the Enchanter said

    It’s all about conservation. The OPA is getting “greenies” onside by promising cash and prizes to municipalities that amaze them with great ideas. Aurora has appointed Susan Walmer who’ll get the photo op and an embarassingly large stuffed toy if Aurora manages to come up with a solar-powered snowplow or a powerplant that runs on fish farts.

  12. Anonymous said

    How does someone that sits on MEGA WHAT which opposes the OPA, now sits on a committie for the OPA..


  13. Anonymous said

    I did check out the minutes and if you can and know how to read you will see that she was appointed to sit on the working group for MECO not to be Aurora’s new Municipal Energy Conservation Officer (big difference)

    I’m sure if it was the other way council would have had a issue with yet another one of the Mayor’s friends being hand picked for a position without it being advertised

    thanks for directing us citizens to where we can find the truth

  14. Long Time Resident said

    Susan Walmer was nominated by the Environmental Advisory Committee Oct 6, 2008 < >

    And subsequently appointed by Council at General Committee Oct 21 < > and formalized at Council Oct 28.

  15. Tim the Enchanter said

    It’s an OPA program
    look under MECO

  16. Evelyn Buck said

    I am not aware Aurora has a Municipal Energy Conservation Officer. Where did that come from?

  17. Anonymous said

    I had to look it up to see who the Municipal Energy Conservation Officer is…Susan Walmer. Is it a paid position – like, was she interviewed by Council, etc? Or is it a volunteer thing?

  18. Anonymous said

    I was surprised that another friend of the Mayors had received the job of Municipal Energy Officer.
    1st a non elected person gets to be a councillor,now this.

  19. Anonymous said

    why don’t you ask Aurora’s new Municipal Energy Conservation Officer?

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