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St Kitts Provides Answers

Posted by auroracitizen on May 19, 2009

You can see Sher St Kitts response to some of the questions raised about the Dream Team and the Canada Day Parade Committee in a Letter to the Editor on page 4 of this weeks The Auroran.

You can also see Councillor Buck’s comments on the meeting on page 6.

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5 Responses to “St Kitts Provides Answers”

  1. Anonymous said

    After finding the Aurora Chamber of Commerce Announcement of the party at the legion I now have a better understanding of the Ms.Buck vs St Kitts vs Ms Morris
    fight vis a vis the Dream Team. Per the link you will see the event at the Legion does not directly say its to raise funds for the July Parade. Forms and info will be given out but nowhere do we see anything that links the two nor do we see any claim that proceeds will go to the parade.We do see blatant advertising for the services of St. Kitts husband in the notice and especially at the bottom.Looks to me to be an excuse for a party and a chance for Mr. Kitts to earn some money. That aurora Councillors bought tickets to this event is more troubling.Since the money was returned I can now understand why. Also can see why the Mayor has gone on record as calling the Dream Team not a town initiative. As for the monies given for the parade, my only concern is the veracity of Ms. Buck saying that St. Kitts insisted that no money for bands no parade. This is troublesome in that potentially one of the benficiaries would be Sher St. Kitts husband a clear conflict that would be a no-no Regionally, Provincially and especially Federally.
    This is the link. Judge for yourself.,2d37b050

  2. Anonymous said

    Are there any answers yet? I think not. Still waiting……………………………………………..

  3. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    The second that Ms. St. Kitts said that she was making allegations against Buck, she should have been stopped in her tracks AND she should have been told to bring her concerns through proper channels, which would be from the subcommittee through to LSAC and then to Council. She stands up there demanding Evelyn follow procedure but Ms. St. Kitts is permitted by the Chair to circumvent proper process. Does Phyllis really believe that we don’t see these games. You can bet if Ms. St. Kitts had said her alligations were against Morris, McEachern, Granger, Gallo or Wilson she would have been stopped. They prattle on about respect of the elected office however they allow one of their own to be treated with the most disrespected I have ever seen, in a completely inappropriate manner. Evelyn’s granddaughter was in the audience for goodness sake, that alone should have given the Chair pause if she had any shread of decency in her. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if that show wasn’t orchestrated by the evil twins, Phyllis and Evelina just to embarass Evelyn in front of her family.

    AND how about the flip flop on 2/3 of 8. It’s only five when it needs to be buts it six when it suits her. Hope someone reminds the voters about that at election time.

  4. Anonymous said

    Why would the mayor allow a person,not even from Aurora,to speak to a councillor as she did on Tuesday night.
    What a disgracefull showing of a mayor and council to allow this to happen with no one coming to Councillor Bucks defence.
    This is the lowest point in Aurora’s history and it all starts at the top.
    The mayor promised respect during her acceptance speech.Where did that go? What about the promise of a working and transparent council?
    What a joke.

  5. johnny come lately said

    with all due respect, Ms. St. Kitts provided more questions than answers

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