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Should Anonymous Comments be Allowed?

Posted by auroracitizen on May 19, 2009

There has been feedback on whether anonymous comments should be allowed. Ironically, many of these have come from Anonymous.

A suggestion was that people select a user name — which would still protect the anonymity of the commenter, but would allow for people to see who is commenting by virtue of their online persona. Some folks have chosen to do this, but not many.

One option would be for the moderator to manually post only those with an anonymous user name. Remember — this would still allow for anonymity.

What do you think. In addition to reviewing the comments, we will post a poll for the next 2 weeks. Let us know your thoughts.

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4 Responses to “Should Anonymous Comments be Allowed?”

  1. Not Surprised said

    To anonymous of May 23rd at 10:23 this is and was my point when I said what I said in my previous post on another blog subject. The evil twins are gutless and it just becomes more evident as time goes by. And they think that they can hide!

  2. Anonymous said

    If they wern’t allowed, then how would the the co-mayors (phyllis and evelina) post comments?

  3. Heather said

    In order to keep the ‘flow’ going, I think everyone should either create an id that works for them – there are lots of options available, Google, LiveJournal, OpenID, etc, (below), or create a pseudonym and stick to it.

    The problem with creating a pseudonym and NOT registering it, is that anyone else can use the same one.

    Google is the one I’m most familiar with – to create a Google userid, follow this link. sure you fill in your REGULAR email address in the first box – so that your account is activated. You don’t need to sign up for Gmail or any of the other goodies – but it’s definitely worth checking out. Keep in mind you can pick whatever you’d like as your userid (as long as it’s not already in use).

  4. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    I commend the Aurora Citizen for allowing “Anonymous” for so long as people became comfortable with this online forum for opinions. I think, though, it is time for regular posters to move beyond “Anonyomous” and choose a new name, whether it is their own name or a pseudonym.

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