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Another Mayoralty Candidate on the Horizon

Posted by auroracitizen on May 21, 2010

We have confirmed through a number of sources — including the person in question — that another Mayoralty candidate is contemplating standing for election as Mayor in October 2010.

They were initially approached by numerous community and business leaders citing ongoing concerns with the conduct of the current Mayor and Council, and the lack of a viable alternative with the 2 declared candidates

Although they were not planned on running for Mayor, they decided to consider this increased level of community involvement because of the wide-ranging encouragement by community and business leaders.

No official date has been set for a final decision.

It will be interesting to see what response an additional candidate will bring from the 2 declared candidates and the current Mayor.

58 Responses to “Another Mayoralty Candidate on the Horizon”

  1. Robert the Bruce said

    The only thing that previous experience on council gives someone is a leg-up because their name has been in the press or Town publications. For the 75% of the voters that have no clue, they look at the list of candidates and select names that they recognize.

    It’s a sad reality that voter apathy is huge in this country. I know people in my neighbourhood that have no clue who the mayor is let alone councillors.

    This is why Nigel’s attempt to topple the great PM (Phyliss Morris) will not be successful – even if his business experience includes running a Fortune 500 company (which I doubt he’s done). PM’s name is more recognizable. If someone else is going to jump into the ring, they need to have brand recognition and have a team that can convince the great unwashed who to vote for.

    Nigel gets upset at me – and doesn’t handle it very well I might add. I don’t dislike Nigel, I have met him a number of times. His daughter went to elementary and high school with my son. I personally think he is out of his element and his will end up splitting the vote and we will have the same problem that we’ve had for nearly 4 years.

    Steve Hinder – I never met him, he has a god reputation in Town. Can someone that does what he does handle the Mayor’s chair? I am not sure to be honest.

    Damir Vrancic – I am sure he’s a great lawyer. I was not too impressed with his work on council in the past. I sometimes felt his decisions were all over the map.

    Bill Hogg – Seems like a nice guy. Does he have the time to devote to this sort of position?

    Tim Jones – He’s looking for a gig. He never a met a camera he did not like! I don’t think it would be good for him to come back at this point in his career.

    We need a candidate that understands that Aurora today is not the same as Aurora 15, 20 or 50 years ago. It’s not a small town anymore. We have big town issues. We need a candidate that understand that local municipal politics means that the town must make sure that snow is removed, garbage is picked up, there are recreational facilities available to all that need/want them. They have to understand what their baliwick is.


    • evelyn.buck said

      So…Robert the Bruce is confident he knows what we need in a candidate and what we don’t ..

      Sounds like a platform to me. What about it Robert. What’s holding you Back?

    • Robert the Bruce said

      evelyn.buck said
      June 1, 2010 at 5:06 pm
      So…Robert the Bruce is confident he knows what we need in a candidate and what we don’t ..

      Sounds like a platform to me. What about it Robert. What’s holding you Back?

      I guess the only thing holding me back Evelyn is your endorsement – and Nigel’s.


    • evelyn.buck said

      I guess the only thing holding me back Evelyn is your endorsement – and Nigel’s.


      You misread me Robert

  2. White Knight said

    To Anonymous
    It seems I am in your good company with respect to “useless comments as usual.” I guess it takes a “useless commenter to know one. Oh, and for your information, I have no “good candidate.” I am still waiting and hoping for one to emerge if I am to even bother casting my mayoralty vote.

  3. evelyn.buck said

    “Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!”

    I read the comments to this post and the word that came spontaneously to mind was “jabberwocky”.

    I wasn’t sure where it came from or what it meant. But I knew Goodglewould have it.

    Sure enough ,there is is, from Through the Looking Glass…what Alice saw.

    At least we have the comfort of knowing, we are not less wise than the people Louis Carrol knew in 1908, in whatever circumstance he found them.

    • Anonymous said

      So no fan of Messrs Hinder, Hogg and Vrancic, Councillor Buck?

    • Buck Shot rocks said

      To Anonymous 12:51

      Yes, Yes, Yes, and for the first time ever, Yes. Morris and Co. will continue to deliver more votes to Councillor Buck. She rocks.

    • Anonymous said

      Interesting way to get votes…. oppose every motion, complain, make no positive contribution,and Councillor Buck get’s reelected. Congratulations Councillor Buck, looking forward to your contribution for the next four years.

      My vote will go not to those that complain the loudest but to those with a solid plan for having an impact. Yet to see much of that.

    • evelyn.buck said

      Don’t jump to conclusions please.

      When I have something to say about anything you will be in no doubt as to what it was I said.

      Since none of the gentlemen — Hinder, Hogg or Vrancic — have indicated any interest in being a candidate there is no reason for their names to be in the public debate and every reason to respect their privacy.

  4. White Knight said

    I have read all the comments and by the time I got to the end it was beginning to sound like a kindergarten class… especially Mr Kean’s comments. He sounds like a pouting little boy who can’t have his own way. If this is the calibre that is shaping up for this year’s mayoralty election, I may just pass completely. As for mentioning how wonderfully his campaign is coming along, if a 3″X 3″ add in the Auroran that just mentions council and business experience, constitutes a wonderful campaign, God help us.

    • Anonymous said

      White Knight
      You sound more like a black knight missing a sword and perhaps other key parts.
      Your comments as usual are useless as usual.
      I take it that you are a supporter of another candidate other than Kean. You actually sound kind of bitter that he is running.
      I, as well as others, will vote for him partially due to the fact that you and others on this blog might not like him or what he might do as far as good for this town.
      Your motives are suspect at the best. Run down someone rather than building up your so called good candidate whoever he may be.
      Pathetic campaign that you and your buddies are running.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      “I, as well as others, will vote for him partially due to the fact that you and others on this blog might not like him…”

      Well there’s a excellent reason to vote for someone. Very well thought out plan! I guess he won’t have to explain his business experience or talk about his platform. As long as other people don’t like him, he’s a shoe in!


    • A Nigel Naysayer (For Mayor Only) said

      Okay, so that’s still only the one vote for Nigel. Right, Older Than Dirt? (Oops! I mean “Anonymous”…sorry ’bout that…)

  5. Suggest an Alternative to this Mayor said

    The word on the street is Geoffrey Dawe, but who the heck knows who he is? Sure he’s recently positioned himself at the Chamber of Commerce, and written a few letters to the editor, but what of it? What makes him think he can take Phyllis out of the chair?

    And Roger Clowater? Come on, get real.

    And Nigel? Well, Nigel keeps bashing his head against the wall and expecting a different result. Time for a helmet. There was a time I would have voted for Nigel if he went for council again. Given his ramblings on this blog, I’m thinking that time has now passed. Sorry, Nigel, your feet are spending too much time in your mouth.

    Steve Hinder sounds like a plan for Mayor.

    Damir Vrancic would be great back on council.

    Bill Hogg? Hmmm, I’d vote for him for council.

    Who else would be good candidates for council? Now is the time to suggest.

    • Here's an alternative... said

      How about Belinda Stronach ? She would win by a landslide and then she could quit to join Newmarket as the CAO. That way we could keep the party going and at least Aurora would stay on the map !

    • Suggest an Alternative to this Mayor said

      I guess the only alternative is Geoffery Dawe. I despair for this town.

    • someone who loves this town more than politics said

      to “Suggest..”

      From the street festival it sure looks that way.

      Neither Nigel or Roger were outlining their platforms, they seem more interested in establishing some name recognition, which obviously Nigel has an edge and all Roger’s efforts in planting election signs isn’t going to compensate for this.

      We need a candidate that is not just endorsed by great people, but is a great person.

      It has been said over and over again that we need values, honesty, integrity, but I also believe the candidate that will stand above the rest will do so through exuding passion and charisma, traits that our mayor falls flat on and cannot “buy” or compete with come the election.

      Geoffery Duh does not provide an “alternative”, just Morris of the same.

      Anyone who thinks otherwise is just blindly handing the mayor her seat come the election.

    • Anon Anon said

      I agree, Chris. Geoffrey Dawe is not an alternative. He doesn’t really have that much name recognition, so it will be interesting to see his platform and his supporters.
      Morris could definitely go racing up the middle of the pack and win again unless a truly viable candidate comes forward.

  6. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    I’ll go nudge Steve this week, he’s the best candidate suggestion I’ve heard outside Bill Hogg, but I guess he prefers hiding behind the intrigue of being involved or not being involved with this blog.

    • Anonymous said

      A few of us in Aurora knew that the former mayor would want Hinder or Hogg for mayor and we were waiting for the announcement. Why not with all that Magna money and the support of the former mayor?
      They were both strong supporters and friends of the mayor.Could this be another Phyliss and friends?

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Anonymous:

      Say again. I’m having trouble understanding your point.
      The wife says it’s Alzheimer.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Anyone who attended Steve’s testimonial dinner at Carrying Place recently, and stayed longer than five minutes to hear the list of activities he’s involved with (oops let me move my tongue out of my cheek Phyllis and Al), knows that Steve is doing far more good for Aurora through Neighbourhood Network and other endeavours than he could playing politics they way this Council has for the last four years.

    • Guy Poppe said

      Thank you for response. I have a simple question.
      The FOI request referred to by Mr Johnson in an earlier blog in which he refers and appends a lawyer’s letter, but with
      identity blackened, is that the same law firm or lawyer that represents Councilor Buck in her suit against the mayor and some councilors?


  7. One who Knows said

    There he goes again Robert , you throw a little heat under his butt and he wants to buy you a coffee and attack you for posting anonymous, perhaps the poor pathetic lad would focus on what he would do to change the world rather than worry and sweat about the lack of a name, lets face it, Blogs get written by people , What could possibly be gained by knowing the indentity of the writer , just goes to show the shallow mindedness of this poor little fellow, What say you Nigel?

    • Guy Poppe said

      Very sad.

      Did someone grant you your title, or is it self bestowed?

      That “poor pathetic lad” you refer to, now has my serious consideration, and others that I know.

      Is he an irritant to your agenda, or a threat?

    • Guy Poppe said

      Could I please have a response whether this site is supported, directly or indirectly by developers?

    • No financial or service in kind support, directly or indirectly, is provided by any company or special interest group. The only support is from the people who contribute their time via posts and comments. This is entirely a volunteer citizen run venture.

      Thanks for asking.

  8. Anonymous Indeed said

    How about Steve Hinder for Mayor?

    • Awaiting the Aurora Artillery said

      When I read this tease I assumed it referred to Steve Hinder. The Aurora Citizen’s own Council Cop has been rather conspicuous by his absence for a while now. I hope it is him (or someone of a similar calibre – Luckywife’s husband Damir Vrancic, for instance).

      If it is Steve Hinder, that will really get up Morris’ nose. We all know how much she despises the Magna Mob, and their pet projects.

      It’s time to bring in the big guns!

      (artillery, calibre, guns – see what I did there?)

    • Guy Poppe said

      I don’t know Steve Hinder but the conversation seems much improved.

      Remember, we are friends and neighbours. We may disagree but let’s not insult each other.

      Mea culpa

    • someone who loves this town more than politics said

      I have only met Steve Hinder once, but I can tell from that single meeting that he wouldn’t need to campaign, he just needs to do what he does every day, and that is smile.

      He exudes what our Mayor severly lacks : charisma.

      He seems exceptionally happy with his life and shows it in his efforts to strengthen our community.

      His resume is so impressive that any attempt to discredit him or stray from a focused and logical debate would put any opponent (especially our Mayor) at a huge disadvantage, which is the leverage she usually relies upon.

      Steve’s connected, experienced, focused, and has a strong sense of what the Mayor’s chair has missed this term : integrity.

      I have no idea if Steve even want’s the job, but I know he want’s what is best for Aurora.

      Maybe if there were enough of us that approached him and convinced him that we would support him he would listen.

      He seems like someone who would listen, and I mean to others, not just to hear the sound of his own voice like the other candidates that have declared

  9. Chase said


    I respect and appreciate your courage and good intentions for entering the mayoral race; but, I cannot stand by without voicing my concern about your candidacy.

    With all due respect to the experience you cite, I do not believe that you have the intellectual horsepower that is required to either beat a candidate like Phyllis Morris or to be a good mayor. This is not only evident from your poorly written letters to the newspapers and blogs, but also from your previous unsuccessful campaigns to become mayor.

    You are the Ralph Nader of Aurora. It is very plain to see that Phyllis Morris has become such a polarizing figure that voters will either be voting “for” or “against” her; therefore, it only makes sense to have ONE candidate oppose her. That candidate should represent the values of the community AND should have a very good chance of beating her. Please accept that you are not that candidate. If your name is on that ballot again, you will be splitting the votes “against” Ms. Morris. This is precisely what happened in the last election, which allowed Ms. Morris to become mayor in the first place.

    I have been appalled by the conduct of this council under the leadership of Ms. Morris; however, if forced to pick my poison between you and Ms. Morris, I would vote for Phyllis.

    Nigel, you are a good man, but you are not a mayor. If your objective is truly to put an end to Ms. Morris’ reign as mayor, then I implore you to PLEASE step aside, remove your name from the ballot, and increase the other candidate’s odds of winning.

    Thank you.

    “The definition of insanity… Doing something the same exact way and expecting a different result.”

    • Nigel Kean said

      With all due respect I will be a candidate for Mayor on October 25th but thank you for your comments

    • Chase said

      I respect your tenacity — but how do you plan to address the concerns that many citizens have, once again, about vote splitting — especially if you add another worthy opponent into the mix? You must realize that there is a lot at stake here to a lot of people. Given that the likelihood of your becoming mayor is so low (given your campaign history and the unprofessional manner in which you have been presenting yourself in letters and blogs thus far), it would seem to me that your candidacy is an unnecessary gamble — with consequences for the entire community. At the very least, a vote for Kean will end up being a vote for Morris — surely, you must realize this.

      Would you, at least, consider that a run for councillor might be a better way to serve the community?

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      You are not forced to “pick your poison”.
      If you don’t like any of the mayoralty candidates then don’t vote for mayor.
      You don’t have to pick eight councillors either.

      Using the “lesser of the two evils” approach is,in my view, misguided and won’t help improve the political climate of our funny little town.

    • Nigel Kean said

      Chase, May 25th

      I do realize the importance of the election and the vote spliting and it does surprise me that after your comments,another person would want to split the vote. I will be there on the 25th and I intend to win. My campaign is well on the way and I do have a lot of backers both to help and financially. This will be a tight race but I know that I can beat the current mayor. I also admire Mr Clowater for trying and it is his decision only to run for mayor and I would not try to convince to change.
      I do read the blog and I take with a grain of salt the nay sayers who have their ideas on my campaign.

    • Chase said

      Very true, Tim. Thanks.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      There’s been a bit of chatter in various posts about Mayor Morris getting elected with a minority share of the vote or Mr. Kean setting himself up to be a vote-splitting spoiler.

      If these are valid concerns then why not address them?
      Presumably our current council, having now been dismissed as People’s Kommissar of the Directorate for State Control of Free Range Carrots and Organic Knick Knacks, have the time to apply their cumulative governing skills to amend our electoral system. Assuming it’s OK with Uncle Dalton why not look into alternative voting?

      The Alternative Vote System

      Rather than marking an ‘X’ against their preferred candidate, each voter would rank their candidates in an order of preference, putting ‘1’ next to their favourite, a ‘2’ by their second choice and so on.
      If a candidate receives a majority of first place votes, he or she would be elected just as under the present system.
      However if no single candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, the second choices for the last place candidate are redistributed to the remaining candidates.
      The process is repeated until one candidate gets a clear majority.

      It’s not complicated or expensive and there would be no need for secondary run-off elections and we’d get a clear winner with no complaints about vote-splitting. While they’re at it they can add a NOTA option as well; None of The Above, so the truly disenchanted in our funny little town can also be counted.

  10. Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

    Nigel, Nigel, Nigel, you’re not acting like someone I’d want as Mayor for the next four years. Surely you know from your past experiene on Council that not everyone agrees with you all the time, you certainly didn’t show much respect for Tim Jones back then.

    A little maturity please, and while you’re at it, a review of your ‘business’ experience too. As others have noted, millions of tax dollars are involved, and we the voters are not prepared to have another Mayor like Phyllis controlling the purse strings.

    • Nigel Kean said

      To Thanks,
      Tim and I disagreed at times but after some meetings we would go for a beer. It is right to disagree but I think that we always worked it out.I did show respect for Tim but that did not mean that we could not disagree.
      Thank you for the comments.
      I also campaigned for Tim when he ran as the Liberal MP candidate and I think that shows respect.

  11. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Experience IS a huge asset and an integral component of the position of mayor.

    Just because all of Phylis experience was grossly overshadowed by both her H.R. incompetence and disregard for listening to the public as well as her micro managing, control freak ego experience cannot be simply shooed away as being part of an “old boys club”, without experience there is no application for any skills acquired from any position held outside council.

    There is absolutely no reason for any citizen to clamor for this position without first proving themselves on council, and obtaining that experience.

    As the race is shaping up Nigel is the only candidate, aside from the mayor that has council experience. This should be viewed in high regards.

    Whoever this “new candidate is”, and it is no surprise, they better have served on council first, otherwise their intention to run for the mayoral seat should be heavily questioned as a purely egotistical and power move, which is exactly what we are trying to replace.

    I agree with fed-up that the town needs to be run with honesty and integrity, however there’s no point fighting fire with fire, or replacing one turd with another.

    Where are Aurora’s ex-councilors hiding these days?

    If you know call them up and convince them its time to apply themselves and their experience.

    Aurora needs them, as this race isn’t heating up at all, it’s only creating a massive vote split that will only assure the return of “her worship”.

    • fed up said

      You are so far off base it deserves nothing but laughter–experience may be an asset but experinece as a politician?–I’ve had it with so-called politicians who are only in this for themselves–I want someone who has experience running a business, someone who can run this town effifiently with integrity and honesty–that does not mean than only a politician can do this–keep my taxes at 0% increase–i don’t know where these experienced politicians think that I am getting a 5% increase in my pension every year to help pay for their silly increases–that’s the problem here–people who think that only experienced politicians can be efficient elected servants of the people–there are all kinds of people in business with business experience who can run the corporation of the Town of Aurora

  12. fed up said

    last comment should read “sitting on Council is not and should never be

  13. Guy Poppe said

    You refer to another person, and then refer to “their” in the second paragraph.

    Is it one or more candidates?

  14. Nigel Kean said

    I am glad to see that there is interest in the Mayor’s race.I also know that there will be another candidate running and I also am pretty sure who this person is.
    I will be there on the ballot on October 25th for Mayor regradless of who elso is there.
    The response so far has been fantastic and as I said in a previous blog statement I am ready to release my platform to the Auroran,soon.
    I have a strong team in place and I will run a strong race and I do intend to win.

    • Older than dirt said

      You are the person that I will vote for and it is really funny that the nay sayers will not use real names.I wonder who they are.Perhaps a mayor from the past or his followers trying to place their candidate in the mayor’s chair.I wonder why?????????

    • A Nigel Naysayer (For Mayor Only) said

      Older Than Dirt said

      “…and it is really funny that the nay sayers will not use real names”

      Pot. Kettle. Black.

  15. David Heard said

    If they have not sat on council I hope they will respectfully run for council first.

    • Anonymous said

      I’m not sure Council experience is an asset. Look at what we’ve got now. Morris has more than enough “experience” on Council. I think we need someone with the credentials that speak about leadership and trust and someone who can actually beat Morris. and Nigel, sorry, that is not you.

    • fed up said

      sorry David–sitting on Council is and should never be a prerequisite for the mayor’s chair–that’s the problem we have in this town–the old boy’s network needs to be smashed and a mayor elected who will run this town like a profitable business with honesty and integrity

    • Nigel Kean said

      To Anonymous May 22 at 8:50

      I am that person and I can and will beat Morris.I speak not only of council experience but business experience.

      I will bring leadership and trust and I am sure that this will be clear to the voters of Aurora. I might not be able to convince anonymous from this blog but I will work with the Aurora residents who want to be make Aurora a better and friendlier place.
      Trust me!

    • Knowledgeable in Aurora said

      David: I also used to believe that you had to have a least one term on Council in order to be seriously considered for the Mayor’s job, however, I have changed that thinking.

      As long as the person has some working knowledge of the Region and Local Council structure and procedures, perhaps by serving on committees etc. they should be considered. AMO offers great courses early in the term to help with some of the basic principles such as the seperation of Council and Staff etc.

      What is more important is the ability to lead a Council effectively and to go to the Region with an attitude that you don’t know it all and look to the experience of Regional Councillors that have served previously to assist with the transition into that important aspect of the job.

      The upside is no baggage/bad history coming to the table. Something to consider.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I too agree that sitting on councils past is no free-pass to the Mayor’s Chain. I get a laugh how Nigel tells us about his experience (both politically and in business) but never goes into detail about his platform, unless you pony up a buck and half to meet with him at Tim Hortons. IN this thread he say “… I can and will beat Morris….” . Nigel, what have you done the last 4 years – outside of the sour grapes letters to the Auroran after coming in third in a three horse race? What makes you a better candidate now than four years ago?

      Your last sentence frightens me…… “Trust Me!”


    • Nigel Kean said

      Robert the Bruce
      Nothing should freighten the great Robert the Bruce other than the fact that you are the joke by not using your right name.
      What a great background you have by trying to be someone who is famous and honourable, you are neither as you continue to trash me. I think that who ever you are you are a farce and a joke, but mostly a coward.
      Now what else do you want to say about me.I know what I can do and I know what I will do when I get elected.

      I guess I can’t count on your vote! Too bad because I am going to win without it.

    • Anonymous said

      Nigel, you may want to speed read the following:


    • Broderick Epps said

      It seems this unamed high profile candidate is mulling over his options. The word out there in conversations with town workers is this high profile individual is already involved in the political realm. Read between the lines.BTW Nigel Kean would be a lightweight against this person!

    • Anonymous for a Reason said

      Nigel, You keep harping on your “business experience”. Just exactly what do you do that makes you think you’re more qualified than the next person?
      I’ve met you quite a number of times, and you’re a nice enough fellow, but I don’t believe that you are qualifed to run the multi-million dollar corporation of the Town of Aurora.
      You don’t know what you don’t know, and that makes you as dangerous as Mayor Morris who thinks she knows everything.

      No-one has to mark their ballot to vote for a Mayor, but a Mayor will be elected, so it is in our best interest to support a candidate that is best qualified.

      I’d vote for Steve Hinder. He has council experience and REAL business experience in a major corporate environment. Can someone please give Steve a nudge forward?

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