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Aurora Market Going It Alone

Posted by auroracitizen on May 21, 2010

The Aurora Farmers Market & Artisan Fair have delegated to Council last Tuesday that they wish to separate operations from the town.

After being used as a political tool this last term it was only a matter of time before the folks who were simply interested in providing products and services to the community, would wish to distance themselves from those who sought to use the market for personal advantage.

Ex Councillor Kean initially championed the idea of the market to offer a service to the community and provide a draw for the downtown core on a Saturday morning. His good intentions were matched by selfless behaviour.

This last term we have seen a different approach.

Since the market  resisted the efforts by Sher St Kitts to leverage her “volunteer” role for personal gain — she has disappeared. Guess there was nothing in it for her any more.

Councillor Granger also backed away after his manipulative and dictatorial attitude were resisted by the executive.

Good for the executive at the market. If they stick to delivering on what the citizens of Aurora are looking for — and leave the politics out of the mix — they will probably be a success. The opportunity to purchase local produce without the political grandstanding every Sat will be a pleasant change. Well done!

Now let’s hope that Council can see their way clear to letting business do their thing without the ongoing political interference.

2 Responses to “Aurora Market Going It Alone”

  1. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    I applaud Andre and the executive on returning the market to be what it was once designed to be a “Farmers” market.

    I think it is a little early to declare that politics have exited completely, there is even discussion in other posts of Granger and clan walking through last weeks market pointing, measuring and scheming, so we’ll have to see exactly what is afoot.

    It is also way too early to claim that Sher has disappeared.

    It seems that she has just chosen a different venue to flaunt her plastic wares.noted recently that she has her face plastered up over at MollyMaid:

    I’m wondering if a job as mascot is proving to be lucrative and has encouraged her to approach bigger outfits like McDonalds after seeing this recent sighting of her at Walmart:

    Regardless it is nice to walk through the market without hearing screeaching through a megaphone or getting blasted with plastic smiles and handshakes from the Mayor, Granger, councilor Wilson and the rest of their phony gang.

    Has anyone tried the new booth offering breakfast Pizza? I know that’s where I’m stopping tomorrow morning, right after I get my fresh cup of coffee.

  2. Anna said

    …and I didn’t even know that there was political ingredient in all that. Thanks for sharing.

    Living in Aurora Blogger

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