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Aurora Workers on Verge of Strike

Posted by auroracitizen on May 20, 2010

Lying in bed this morning, listening to 680 News for the weather, was stunned to hear an ad indicating that Aurora outside workers were on the verge of striking. As they say “when you hear it — it’s news”. Well this was news.

Came across an old Press Release from CUPE on this issue from May 2004. They summarized their position as follows;

The key issue is wages. “We found out at the bargaining table that the town has a discriminatory policy against outside workers,” says Charlie Goodwin, a municipal worker and chairperson of the Aurora Unit of CUPE Local 905. “It really offends us that Aurora seems to have no problem giving hefty increases to city managers and inside workers and councilors, but seems determined to pay unfair wages for hard physical labour. Aurora is practicing clear discrimination with this policy.”

It appears the issues haven’t changed. We understand that during this last bargaining process there was a commitment made to work towards wage equity with similar work in other municipalities. The current contention by CUPE is that Aurora has not lived up to these commitments.

Clearly, we are not privy to all the facts, and equally importantly are not taking sides on this labour issue.

But what is obviously true is that Aurora is on the verge of a strike AGAIN and the community will be caught completely unaware. That we do have an issue with.

These are the outside workers that maintain the parks, pools, and arenas, repair infrastructure such as roads, water mains and sewers. Kind of a critical service at this time of year.

Where has our much-lauded new Communication team been hiding this little gem. We are looking down the barrel of strike action here in Aurora and no one knew. Nothing in the Banner, nothing in The Auroran. No communication from our Council in the paid advertising. Just an ad on 680 News by CUPE 905.

For our faithful readers at Town office — please fill in the details.

And  Councillor MacEachern — you have indicated you read these blogs and criticized our unbalanced reporting — so in the interest of providing a balanced report, we invite you (again) to provide the “other side”.

How about it? Post in your name and provide some information? We’d all love to hear your position.

11 Responses to “Aurora Workers on Verge of Strike”

  1. Barb Macleod said

    How true
    Mayor Morris continues to spend good money after bad, with no hope of success. One just needs to look at all the problems at the mayor’s level this last term. Our town needs to repair not build more. We need new ideas and a new Mayor. We need the interest of the people to be acknowledged not pasified.
    We need to end the needless destructive spending of our current Mayor.

  2. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    How long is it before we start hearing about similar abuses of power towards Aurora’s staff like the ones that have come to light in Mississauga :–mississauga-employees-duct-taped-abused?bn=1

    • Mr Pot, Meet Mr Kettle. said

      No, no, you’re right, Christopher, you never go “over the top.”

      My bad.

  3. Aurora Fair? said

  4. Richard Johnson said

    Negotiation techniques usually work best when there is some foundation of truth behind them so we will just have to wait and see who has their facts straight this time around, now won’t we…

    The truth should not be too hard to figure out, so why not take a look at CUPE’s logic and test it for accuracy ?

    Council does not appear to be too concerned with what appears to be an above average turnover rate of senior staff, so why should we think that they would care about those that report to them ? They can always just hire a few new people (as they have done) or go to the tried and true money tree if absolutely necessary in order to maintain appearances or take care of themselves.

    Let’s face it, maintaining appearances in an election year is what it is all about, so don’t expect a straight answer on this issue, let alone any others.

  5. Broderick Epps said

    To Anonymous 7:13

    How do you know I am not privy to the feelings of town staff?
    BTW somewhere out there is a Ms. Morris campaign worker who was told prior to Ms. Morris ‘election as Mayor that town staff were petrified that there was a possibility Ms. Morris could win the election and a mass exodus would occur.I kinda think the facts speak for themselves.Our whole block told her.

  6. walt said

    I think it is still another failure of local journalists here that we had to find out about this by a paid ad on the radio by the union. Where were the Banner and the Auroran on this?

    Neither of them is worth a bucket of warm spit.

    I can also tell you that it caught some of the rank and file inside workers off guard too – they didn’t know about the issue either until the ad aired too.

    I hope everyone likes 3 foot high weeds this summer.

    Oh, wait. Our mayor’s an HR expert, right? I’m sure this will all be tidied up soon.

    Not holding my breath.

  7. Broderick Epps said

    Not surprised the possible CUPE action has not been mentioned by Mayor Control Freak and her loyal consorts.Why advertise that CUPE is pissed that the Town has lots of money for new senior jobs with ridiculous chic names but no money for the grunts. The largesse is not lost on CUPE.Ms. Morris is a master of spin. That is one trait she is superior at.
    Heres hoping CUPE go on strike.I know there will be inconvenience but what other way to illustrate the mismanagement of Morris and crew. It certainly swayed public opinion against Miller in Toronto. It will here too.

  8. Anonymous said

    Hahaha!! I thought I had seen it all here. Now you’re using standard union negotiation pressure tactics to try to discredit town staff and council? Good one! Very creative!

    Uh, maybe there’s been nothing from the town because this is no more than typical union posturing? You’re accepting at face value the union’s claim it’s on the “verge” of a strike.

    But hey, don’t let an opportunity to slam the town pass you by even if you “are not privy to all the facts…”

    • Matt Maddocks said

      Another “anonymous” poster.

      As Coucillor Buck once commented, “well done, good and faithful servant”.

    • Anne Scott said

      I agree with Matt – Council does indeed read and care about this blog…they just don’t have the guts to post their names.

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