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News Flash: Sher St. Kitts Resigns from Farmers Market

Posted by auroracitizen on April 20, 2010

We heard the following a few days ago — but didn’t publish until we were able to confirm through a number of sources. Full details are still pending so send in what you know.

Sher St. Kitts has resigned from the Farmers Market because demands for payment were not approved by the larger committee.

Much has been made about the reasons for St. Kitts devotion to fund-raising here in Aurora (as a resident of Snowball) and her strong personal relationship with Mayor Phyllis Morris. Questions have been posed about the perceived conflict of interest of her running events which her family has received benefit versus allowing other residents of Aurora to share equally.

 The issue of financial compensation for what is historically volunteer work seems to raise the question about any previous “volunteer” work by St Kitts and what the Mayor approved?

This incestuous relationship has been troublesome from the beginning. Potentially we will start to better understand the basis for this unusual relationship as this situation unfolds.

4 Responses to “News Flash: Sher St. Kitts Resigns from Farmers Market”

  1. evelyn.buck said

    In the budget discussion, I believe 7 thousand dollars was included for a market manager. It was added after a presentation by a market representative indicated fees would be increased three-fold to pay for the manager.

    Permit fees are the town’s responsibility. No resolution of Council was presented to increase the fees. No Bylaw was passed. Therefore, none of what was discussed ever took place. Even the Town budget document cites new intitatives at the market. Which have obviously not taken place and nobody is much concerned about.

    I think mistrels and pedlars and enticing smells can all be part and parcel of a market or a legendary fair. Look what happened to Jack when he took his widowed mother’s cow to a market and exchanged it for beans.

    Simple Simon met a pieman going to the Fair. But Simple Simon could not taste the Pieman’s wares because a penny he did not have any.

    There is a ballad about Scarborough Fair.

    And Johnny who spent so long at the fair buying ribbons to tie up his beau’s bonny brown hair.

    As long as everyone pays their permit fee and cleans up after them, a market can have all kinds of exciting events.

    Is someone going to sell funnel cake…please?

  2. Something Fishy in Aurora.... said

    Just a thought.

    There was talk about hiring a Marketing Manager for the market at around $5000.

    Could she be stepping down as a “volunteer” (and I use that term very loosely with her) and stepping into a paid position?

    • Anonymous said

      I understand this got ugly with very angry emails from her as she made demands.

      Just a repeat of what was reported in The Auroran about emails flying around and mean spirited things being said.

    • David Heard said

      I did not know where to post but maybe the Aurora Citizen can help.

      The Aurora Farmers Market starts May 8 from 8 am to 1 pm.

      With the recent changes at the last minute(sort of) we are short of advertising and promotion so could you please email and tell all you friends and citizens that we are going to have a very positive year and PLEASE join us.

      It will be great to see you all there.

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