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Traffic & Safety Issues in Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on August 31, 2008

As the children head back to school this week, it is always a good idea to be reminded to be extra watchful. Summer traffic patterns will change, school buses are around and the overall volume of traffic increases when everyone returns from summer vacations.

Like many communities, one of the downsides of growth are that traffic issues will also continue to increase. Some of the issues already identified include;

  • the congestion at Yonge & Wellington,
  • the speed trap across St. John’s Sideroad at Mackenzie Marsh where it drops to 50 kms for no reason
  • traffic calming measures in the north east corner of Yonge & Wellington
  • stop signs at virtually every corner
  • lack of parking in the downtown core

So be sure to keep a sharp eye out for the little ones and let us know your thoughts on these and other traffic & safety issues in town.

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5 Responses to “Traffic & Safety Issues in Aurora”

  1. Anonymous said

    The traffic calming which has been implemented in the area northeast of Yonge and Wellington is nightmare! I have never seen anything like it in any other municipality. At one point we considered moving to that area of town; now we wouldn’t dream of it. Can you imagine trying to give directions to delivery people or friends? If you lived in the area you would have to strategically plan your drive every time you wanted to enter/exit the area. Council might as well have created a gated community. Is that what the residents of the area wanted?

  2. Razie said

    to anonymous: …Granted – but at the same time, we can't all leave the cars in the driveway…and thus be super-safe.

    i am certain that there are ways to evolve, using more technology for instance, such as manual traffic lights: want-to-cross => press-button and redlight-stops-cars. sensors can detect pedestrians and automatically raise barriers and stop any idiot driver..

    i'm not kidding. I think that's what our paid-for ministry of transportation should be doing and it is not! in the last few years, the only improvement i see in the area is borrowing the roundabout from europe!

  3. Anonymous said

    To razie: Drivers know that they are supposed to stop at stop signs now, but they tend to forget especially when distracted (cell phones, kids, hair styling etc) So what would happen if they knew they didn’t have to stop.. Worst case scenario COULD BE A DEAD KID! Maybe you think that is an acceptable risk to save you a little time/gas/nerves, I don’t!

  4. Anonymous said

    speaking of traffic – I thought that there was supposed to be some kind of review from the Town about the traffic “calming” nightmare that Council decided to impose on the community at large.

    wasn’t there supposed to be a “year in review” kind of thing?? where they look at the impact of that mess on the traffic flow in the neighbourhood and more important the impact on traffic around it – say on walton or wellington.

    what’s happening with that…

  5. Razie said

    How about the “yellow stop sign”, where you basically would not have to stop, but to slow down below say 20 kmh.

    IF there are other cars approaching the intersection, say 5-10m, then it would behave like the normal stop sign.

    simply paint 10m each way with “SLOW” or something…

    it would save a lot of gas/gases/nerves/time…since most of the time and most of the stop signs there is no point stopping…and most people don’t do it anyways…

    Worse case scenario – fender bender at 20 kmh…how bad would it be and how often would that hapen?

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