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Discussion Topic: Winter Parking Ban Has Arrived

Posted by auroracitizen on December 21, 2010

Hi Aurora Citizens,

Isn’t it nice that now, past November 15th – with the overnight parking not allowed for the winter on municipal roads, we do not have to do the slalom between parked cars and trucks all over our neighbourhoods.

If the same people who permanently leave their cars on the road during the summer can, somehow, find parking for 6 months of the year,  they should be able to make it though the full 12 months. Think of what advantage would make if these cars wouldn’t be parked on Yonge and/or Wellington – we might be able to use 2 lanes at the same time! The buses would go faster.

Even in quiet neighbourhoods, at times it is difficult to get one’s car out of the driveway because trucks are parked all over the street.

What I suggest is to have a bylaw similar to Oakville and other Ontario municipalities,  a maximum of 3 hrs street parking any time of the year.   The roads will be clear,  there will be more revenue in the city coffers and our property taxes should be spared a little.

25 Responses to “Discussion Topic: Winter Parking Ban Has Arrived”

  1. Darryl Moore said

    “high level of arrogance”

    Ouch. That is a strong statement. If the majority of Aurorans agree with this statement, then I would say you are correct Mr. Watts, and it is a good thing I wasn’t elected. It is my sincere hope however, that while my views on street side parking may well be a minority perspective, few others who disagree with me would use such strong words. It is amazing how you can get one person praising your words with “Amen” and another person condemning them with “high level of arrogance”. Well, that’s politics for ya. 😉

    I know there are many who consider streets to be exclusively transportation corridors. I think I could safely consider Mr. Watts one of them. I have a very different concept of what a street is. For me, I like to sit on my porch, while the kids ride their bikes, play with sidewalk chalk, or play basketball in the driveway; and greet my neighbours as they pass. Streets for me are a community living space in the same regard as neighbourhood parks are. Perhaps that is where I perceive my “authority” to come from. Well… that and the little sign on the street which says you are allowed to park there, or course.

    The same holds true for the downtown section of Yonge Street. Sure you could prohibit parking all the time as this article suggests, but that would make the core that much more pedestrian unfriendly and that much more difficult for downtown merchants to make a living. It would cause significant damage to the neighbourhood.

    Ideally, I’d like to see no restrictions on Yonge street parking at all, for the same reason that I like having cars parked in front of my house. It makes it more pedestrian friendly, not to mention convenient for those motorists who want to park and stay for a while. I do acknowledge the rush hour parking restrictions as a necessary compromise, but could never support a total ban on parking.

    • Robert the Bruce said


      Don’t let Watts get under your skin. His philosophy of life is that he is right and all others are pre-historic pond-scum.


    • Anonymous said

      I agree RTB.

      For someone who goes on and on about the great democratizing effect of social media, Watts is highly intolerant of views that oppose his own and resorts to personal attacks when someone criticizes him.

      It might explain his obsession with Phyllis — maybe he sees a little too much of himself when he looks at her.

    • Christopher Watts said


      Don’t let Robert the Bruce get under your skin, he is not even alive and his philosophy of life is that he is right and all others make him so Fumius.


    • Matt Maddocks said

      Speaking of skin Robert, it would seem Chris has gotten under yours.

      But no mind, it’s Christmas. I’m asking Santa to bring you a lump of coal AND a bottle of scotch, and let you decide which one you deserve…

  2. The problem is that people don’t want to park cars inside the garage, it is just easier to park on the road. Or a family of 5 and 4 of them have cars. Even after the winter parking ban arrives, people still don’t want to park inside the garage, so guess what, they park one car on the driveway before the sidewalk, and the other on the other side of the side walk. The nose partially covers the sidewalk, and the back end sticks out on the road. Now this is bad for the snow plower. If they come at night the go around them. When the car moves, on the next round the snow plower comes and pushes the extra snow into the neighbor – not fair.

    Your proposal is great, but the manipulated parking should be also revisited.

    I remember once we parked the car on the side walk so we get the groceries out and we were going out again. Within seconds someone came to the door and told us that it is really hard to pass by with children and the stroller. We listened, and we never did again, even though we were not going to park there anyway, just we did not wanted to idle the car. Now I can see the man’s view, because I do a lot of walking, and I have to go on the street to get back to the side walk.

    Let’s all follow the rules … and if there are rules in place lets not complain because they are there for reason.

  3. Darryl Moore said

    RTB, I’m not too old and I completely agree with Kron, but I know I hold a minority position on this issue.

    I live on Victoria Street so I am no stranger to either parking or traffic. I like having the cars parking on the street because it slows the traffic down. In fact at times when there are no parked cars on my street and my kids are playing near it, I will often take my car out of the driveway and put it on the street for the explicit purpose of slowing the traffic down and putting a buffer between the kids and the traffic.

    On street parking is good. I would prefer to minimize the number of parking restrictions we have as much as possible, only implementing them where there is a demonstrated need for them. Why should we be going out of our way to make people’s lives more difficult?

    • One who Knows said

      Amen Darryl

    • Really? said

      Why are your kids playing near the street? There’s a park just around the corner from you. What about your backyard?

    • Anonymous said

      In my neighbourhood people ignore no parking and no stopping signs all the time. I have written at length before about the “accident waiting to happen” outside a public school because parents ignore signs and block both sides of the street, even into the traffic circle. Subsequently parents and children dart out from behind illegally parked cars and one day there will be a tragedy.

    • Daryl you have a good point, but on the end it isn’t your job to slow the traffic, and drivers should follow the speed limit and drive more carefully. May be the speed limit should be evaluated if you feel that cars are moving too fast. In general drivers should be really watching their driving especially around populated areas and kids. Drivers break too many rules. The classic is stop signs – with me right way to cross the road, drivers would caught me off. Just like that. That parking issues is uncovering more stuff, may be everything related to parking and driving, and traffic should be evaluated.

    • Christopher Watts said

      I have to agree with LivingInAurora, you do not have the authority, and it certainly is not your job to slow or buffer traffic.

      It is this high level of arrogance that denied you a seat on council, and learning about these actions it was obviously for good reason.

      If this is your attitude I don’t see why don’t you just go and jack-hammer up a chicane from the neighborhood north of you and place it on the street in front of you, no one there would miss it.

      And if you are concerned for your kids safety I would agree with “Really?” and suggest moving them to the backyard or even take them to one of the several parks in town.

      As a fellow parent I suggest you take ownership of your responsibility and not try and shove it on the town, that way you don’t have to go out of your way to make people’s lives more difficult.

    • Anne said

      I completely agree with you Darryl. I live on Crawford Rose Drive, which is a very busy street, with many cars flying down the hill over the speed limit. We often move our cars on the street if we are out in the summer and encourage our neighbours to do so as well – it does help slow the traffic. I have contacted the town about the speeding but soon realized people speed on every street. And while backyards and parks are great safe places for kids, and we frequent them often, Saturday chores need to be done, and in our neighbourhood, when parents are out front working in the garage on in the yard, the kids are out front too, playing together, drawing on the sidewalk, or riding their bikes up and down, under our watchful eye. Neighbours visit and chat and kids play. That’s what makes our community. Our backyards are all fenced off from each other so this prohibits any casual interaction with neighbours in the backyard.

    • Christopher Watts said

      Perhaps Darryl and Anne could look at other traffic calming measures than parking cars on the street, or those stupid chicanes.

      Maybe Calvin&Hobbes offer a viable solution:

    • Anne said

      I like your thinking, but that only works in winter Chris.

    • Christopher Watts said


      There are equally creative solutions for other seasons:

  4. Robert the Bruce said

    I agree 100%!!! Get them off the street. My street has chicane after chicane with cars. There are families with a two car garage, room for 4 cars on the driveway and they still need to park 2 of their 4 vehicles on the street. It also makes it difficult for me to get out of my driveway because I can’t see the traffic.

    To: Another Anonymous…. Bylaw enforcement is through complaints. Make the call, make a complaint and they will deal with it.

    Kron Prinz Ferdinand…. Maybe it’s time to hang up the keys if you’re too old.


  5. Kelli said

    As someone who needs to find alternate parking in the winter – I totally agree!!! I am one of those people that do it all 12 months of the year as I do realize the difficulties it leads too for other drivers!!!

    Great idea!!!

  6. Another Anonymous said

    This is a nice idea and one that I would fully support, especially in the neighbourhoods. Sometimes I can’t see to get out of my driveway because of the commercial pick-ups parked on the roads. Have you ever noticed how many landscaping and snow removal pick-ups there are in the town of Aurora?? Even if they do park their vehicles in their driveways overnight, the plow blocks the sidewalk! If only our by-law enforcement people/person was out every night between 2 and 6 am. There’d be a ton of money in the coffers!!

  7. Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

    Never!!!!!!!!!! I’d prefer street parking all the time since I don’t have to engage in the gymnastics required to move one vehicle to get the other out from the garage…only to put the first vehicle back. I’m old and can’t do this easily, so your idea is a bad one.

    • October Came, Thanks were Given said

      So if it’s bad for you it doesn’t matter about anyone else?

    • lol, this is what I was just talking about above.
      and who said gymnastics are bad for you?

    • Winter's comin' said

      KPF …. poor you! Have you thought of moving to a farm – you can park your vehicles anywhere you want to without the disturbing the rest of the world and heaven forbid, your own! … wc

    • Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

      As a youth, I used to live in the north of the province and was used to hauling stuff out of boats and snowmobiles and into cars or up to the house. Daily back-breaking work that many suburbanites can’t conceive of since they drive everywhere and everything is at one’s fingertips.

      I’ve since moved down here where life is far easier, and now my peers suggest that I go back to performing physical labour? I simply want to ensure that my vehicle doesn’t get a ticket I can barely afford, while it sounds like everyone and their dog is up for a new cash grab by city hall?

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