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Guest Post: Action Required — Not More Words

Posted by auroracitizen on January 24, 2010

Most of the comments on Aurora Citizen are common sense and fully justified.

But all of them are talk, talk, talk. None of the GOS pays any attention.

They just carry on doing what they have become quite good at doing, squandering taxpayer dollars.

If we did away with the Code of Conduct and the Integrity Commissioner and reinstated Department Head titles to understandable areas of responsibilities all Aurora residents would gain, and the Town would regain some of the credibility that it has lost during the “Rain of Terror.”

What would happen at Council meetings if at least 50 people showed up for each one, both the regular and the general?

If there were contentious issues on the agenda, double this figure.

Bloggers to the Aurora Citizen must make their presence known to Phyllis and the bat-brained quintet that drift along in her updraft.

Organize; and put in a physical presence in the “Fishbowl.”

Politicians only pay attention to numbers of voters, to real people who are concerned and who are prepared to attend and watch; they don’t give a damn about blogs.

Stop just talking; START ACTING.


4 Responses to “Guest Post: Action Required — Not More Words”

  1. evelyn buck said

    Politicians do care about blogs. Questions about disposition of funds raised at the Legion in March 2008 for the July 1st Parade in 2009 were first publicly raised on this Blog. People had been asking among themselves before. When the issue was raised on the Blog, everyone became aware, they were not the only ones asking.

    A comment from New Man In Town was uncomplimentary to the Mayor. The Town’s Chief Administrator responded. He stated the municipality’s reputation was damaged and demanded the comment be taken down. Google were contacted to reveal the person’sidentification.The Mayor stated senior staff had been unable to do their own work for a week and a half because of that issue.

    I understand certain staff members have been assigned the task of monitoring blogs. For what purpose I am not aware.

    Now we are searching for a persons with a Master’s Degree in Communication to add to the staff complement to correct mis-information abroad in the community. Where would that be perceived, if not in Blogs.No doubt the fellow will be fully occupied and will soon acquire a high profile running interference for the Mayor.

    • Richard Johnson said

      “I understand certain staff members have been assigned the task of monitoring blogs. For what purpose I am not aware.”

      Wow. My guess is that because the Mayor has publicly stated that she does not read the Auroran or “those blogs” that does not stop Her Worship from having her people do the hard work for her. Does she get reports on what staff finds ? Incredible.

      The Mayor also can’t write her own speeches and we need a well paid expert to spin the town’s tale and yet another well paid expert to hold our now firmly dysfunctional council to account because they can’t do it themselves.

      What the heck has happened to this little town of ours ?

      I don’t think we need an integrity commissioner as much as we need a common sense commissioner.

  2. Anna said


    ‘Politicians only pay attention to numbers of voters, to real people who are concerned and who are prepared to attend and watch; they don’t give a damn about blogs.- its a matter of time.


  3. someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

    Interesting concept.

    The times I’ve been to council meetings there seems to be a slim acknowledgment of those who attend, at least eyes seem to scan the council chambers, but the focus seems to be more towards the TV cameras. Even when the chambers are somewhat full it doesn’t seem to change the course of the meeting.

    Making a physical presence is definitely smart, but my take is slightly different.

    None of the G.O.S. likes to be alone when confronted, especially the mayor. At a council meeting, unless you are granted delegation status, the only time to speak is either during open forum or before or after the meeting. When you do you have to address council as a whole and they respond as a gang.

    I would suggest instead of booking one on one meetings with the mayor. Book a 15 minute meeting with her, take the whole 15 minutes and ask her the tough questions, tell her succinctly your views. Make her recognize the dissatisfaction. Vocalize your displeasure. She has no avenue for escape. There is nobody she can run to for answers.

    As for the rest of the gang be sure to stop them in public at their usual photo-ops and at the farmers market. Let them know you read this blog.

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