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All Candidates Meeting

Posted by auroracitizen on October 3, 2010

Today was the probably the most well attended all candidates meeting in recent memory. High turnouts are usually associated with  elections that are looking for change as a result of dissatisfaction or because there is a particular polarizing issue before voters. In Aurora, we may have both.

Hopefully this turnout was an indication of things to come and we will see an equally great turnout at the polls on Oct 25th. Remember, if you don’t vote — you have no right to complain 😉

If you attended the meeting, we would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how the candidates acquitted themselves.

17 Responses to “All Candidates Meeting”

  1. fed up said

    I don’t remember where I either read or heard that Sandra Humfryes is in the mayor’s corner and a friend of the mayor–

    so so true–the Snowball Queen should not have even been allowed inside the building let alone allowed to ask questions–she is not a tax paying citizen of this town–I wouldn’t even think of attending an all candidates meeting in Newmarket and asking questions even though I do spend some time in that town. She is way way out of line–time sombody called her on this one–interesting to see if she shows up at the next debate and how quiet or how loud she is then–perhaps the crowd will be more vocal at the next meeting and shout her down and tell her to go back to Snowball

  2. Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

    Apparently bought one of the new condo’s at Yonge and Aurora Heights. That’s why she tried to register as a candidate for council.

    One problem, the condo building isn’t registered so technically she still doesn’t live in Aurora. Couldn’t register as a councillor, SHOULDN’T have been asking questions Sunday.

    Oh well, stretching the truth a little isn’t new. Sort of like those red velvet pants.

  3. Jack said

    The Cheerleading that the Snowball Queen and her sidekick led was hilarious to witness. They were like the girls in that TV hit show Glee…40 years later.

    I felt very badly for Sandra Humfryes. She made some very good points in her speech and a few people were nodding agreement at times as she spoke. Then, when she was finished speaking, the Cheerleaders started to scream and clap and universally the crowd mumbled…”Oh no…She’s one of them”. Too bad for Sandra…you lost us right then.

    • Anonymous said

      I too felt bad for her. She appeared quite grounded, wholesome, and finally; sincere. It was the first time I’ve seen her and really don’t know much about her. I cannot judge her. Time alone will tell.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Yes, she is one of them. One of the cheerleaders sitting beside Sher and clapping loudly on demand, has a growing sign farm on her property. SO FAR: three large and one small Morris sign, Two Grangers, three Ballards and a Humphries.

      I’m knocking them off my list as fast as she puts the signs up. It’s easier then shooting ducks in a barrel.

    • Anonymous said

      People are often judged by the company they keep. The Snowball Self-Promoter is considered radioactive by many.

    • I expect we will soon see Ms. Gopfert’s sign farm producing a new crop (maybe in time for the farmer’s market) that includes Evilina, Wilson and Gallo.

      How could they not be picked?

      This lady is the stereotype of “sheeple” her hair looks like an albino version of one of those brain slugs from Futurama.

      I look forward to seeing the cheer-leading section at the next ACM.

      I won’t be the only one pointing in their direction and laughing

    • fed up said

      st. kitts–the kiss of death–why are these candidates in such a hurry to align themselves with this woman–do they really think that she is that loved in this town?–that in itself speaks volumes

    • An endorsement from the Mayor’s website reads:

      It is with pride that I endorse Mayor Phyllis Morris. As an Auroran I am extremely proud to call such a great lady and hard working person our Mayor. It is with thanks that I acknowledge her success in keeping the enlargement of the hydro corridor through our town from becoming a reality. Thank you Mayor Morris, you have my confidence.

      Linda Goepfert
      Hawtin Lane

    • walt said

      Hawtin Lane is, of course, in Aurora Grove, right on the infamous hydro corridor.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Guess who the cheerleader was sitting beside Sher ?

      Linda Goepfert
      Hawtin Lane

      It’s a small, small world after all.

      Look at MacEachern’s endorsements as well. They are all from the Morris camp. I guess she had to “borrow” some of the same supporters. It looks like one small happy family.

  4. fed up said

    what the heck was the snowball queen doing at our election debate?–prancing around as if she owns the town hall–makes me sick–maybe after Phyllis moves out of town, the snowball queen will realize that the boundary between king and aurora is Bathurst st.

    • Another Anonymous said

      Aurora’s boundary may ens at Bathurst Street but the Secondary School Board boundary for Aurora is Dufferin Street. Maybe Sher’s going by that?

    • jargong said

      Amen! We are fed up with her antics, self-praise and unfounded accusations. Out with the whole gang and out with St. Kitts!

    • Anonymous said

      When at the podium to ask her silly question, she referred to a Yonge St address. Did anyone catch it?

    • Richard Johnson said

      I know that Sher St. Kitts had two large Morris signs on her lawn that she was ordered to take down because she apparently forgot that she does not live in Aurora and it is unfortunately against the election rules to erect signs from outside of your municipality. It looks like Sher was just a bit too zealous in wanting to become an Auroran.

      The folks in King must be thrilled that Sher counts herself as a part of the Morris clan. They have enough issues of their own to deal with in King.

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