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Ethics are a Funny Thing When Campaigning

Posted by auroracitizen on October 2, 2010

Recently all 5 Mayoralty candidates were invited to Devins Drive Public School to talk to the Grade 5 students and answer questions from the students about the upcoming election. Teachers and parents were also invited.

Most folks would understand this was not a typical campaigning event since it is more educational in nature and the audience were all young people.

However, since all 5 candidates were invited, would you expect Phyllis to behave as a candidate or Mayor?

We ask because Phyllis wore her official chain of office to this event.

What do you think? Did she step over the line?

When campaigning, incumbant candidates are not allowed to use town resources (i.e. email accounts) to avoid the perception of an uneven playing field.

Should she have worn her chain as Mayor, brought the chain and just shown it to the kids or should she have left it at home given the nature of the appearance with other candidates?

13 Responses to “Ethics are a Funny Thing When Campaigning”

  1. Richard Johnson said

    I like Duff. Here is his website. Take a closer look:


  2. fed up said

    What was with this disengenuous handshake that the mayor gave to E. Buck at the all candidates meeting after her lordship finished her speech? That’s supposed to make up for 4 years of integ commish, evil looks, rolling of the eyes and basic disrespect? My GOD I wanted to puke–She really has lost it–thank goodness the crowd booed her lordship and yelled at her to sit down–

    • David Heard said

      This was the most disturbing thing I have seen in many years as I saw it as pure grandstanding for votes.

      I have forgiven people of pure evil in the events of my life but this I did not believe a for a second that this was genuine.

    • Richard Johnson said

      How about Phyllis’ comment that she felt that no one should slander others as her suggestion for improving the decorum at council ?

      Phyllis recently dodged the fact that she received an order from the former Integrity Commissioner’s lawyer that stated via a letter that if she did not cease and desist her comments concerning Mr. Nitkin that she would be open to being sued (presumably for slander). That would make two legal cases filed against someone who is trying to hold herself up as the great defender of integrity while turning a blind eye to the actions of her supporters on Council —such as Evelina who told Evelyn to get checked for mad cow disease while copying “all-council” on the e-mail that was sent in around three in the morning. The fact that Phyllis posted unsubstantiated accusations against a fellow councillor for a year, even after the former integrity commissioner ruled again the initial complaint also points to an indefensible and illogical bias on the Mayor’s part.

      Phyllis then turns around and states on the record that it there is “a rumour” that she has received a cease and desist “order”. She is clearly playing at semantics here given that if she had just stuck to repeating the town’s official reason for releasing Mr. Nitkin she would not have opened herself up to being sued (again) and no cease and desist instruction would have been likely issued by a work renowned expert on ethics and corporate governance. I think the cease and desist letter strongly points to the fact that Phyllis very likely broke section three of her own code of conduct.

      The other thing that struck me is that while the town has spent approximately $200 million of our tax dollars over the past four years and while we can celebrate some of council’s achievements we should keep in mind that the big picture points to a completely armature and petty approach to civil debate and discourse while the need for affordable housing and social services such as the food bank have been completely ignored. The town supports legal battles, trees, trails and Jazz festivals and it leaves those in need to be taken care of by the good will of others because apparently “it’s not their job” to care for others.

      If anything came through loud and clear it is that we have some very good alternatives in the coming election that will ensure change.

      So far I have locked in the following new candidates:
      Roy Cohen
      Paul Pirri
      Milton Hart
      Helen Power
      Michael Thompson

      The last few positions will be harder to fill but one or two existing councillors and a few other new candidates (Duff, Able and Moore) have not been ruled out. I know, I know… I’m going to be given a hard time for keeping an open mind on some of my calls but it what it is and we need a full slate that will ensure the kind of change that most of us clearly hope for.

      The Choice for Mayor is increasingly clear but I do feel that all of the candidates for change did well at the all-candidates meeting yesterday. I thought that Phyllis tanked (even with two of her own planted questions) but I realise that I am biased given the weight of information I have which supports my conclusion that she is huge hypocrite and she twists the truth to suit her world view with ease.

      The hand shake to Clr Buck is the perfect example of the false reality that she wants to create these days. Phyllis has attacked Evelyn for years and now she wants to appear to be open to reconciliation… ya, right.

    • Anonymous said

      NOT voting for Roy Cohen.

    • Anonymous said

      Can’t remember whether it was an article in the Auroran or Banner but I think it related to the visit to Devins. The mayor apparently talked to the kids about how important it is to have “history and experience.”
      Now I find that really funny and HYPOCRITICAL considering that, if Councillor Buck ever refers to her own history and experience, Morris shuts her down immediately and rudely dismisses it as not relevant and “living in the past.”
      Can’t have it both ways Phyllis!!

    • Richard Johnson said

      Correction to Richard Johnson posting on October 4, 2010 at 9:35 am:

      “and no cease and desist instruction would have been likely issued by a work renowned expert on ethics and corporate governance”…

      Should have read “and no cease and desist instruction would have been likely issued by a WORLD renowned expert on ethics and corporate governance”…

      Rushing through spell check has its disadvantages.

  3. Chase said

    Don’t get me wrong here, Morris has to go, but I don’t think she crossed the line. She is currently the Mayor, she’s entitled to wear the chain. Are we next going to call for candidates to be banned from putting “Re-elect” on campaign signs?

  4. far from the madding crowd said

    I thought GP had been banned from AC.

  5. Guy Poppe said

    You are really struggling in ways to discredit the mayor and council.

    Fear of losing provokes some into desperate irationalism.

    Censor’s knife?

    • fed up said

      she discredits herself–she is such a self absorbed fool–she needs no help from honest citizens of Aurora

    • Richard Johnson said

      With all due respect Guy, you have never admitted that Phyllis has made a mistake even despite the irrefutable facts put before you. It should be no wonder that you would see no fault in the Mayor wearing the chain of office at an all-candidates meeting.

      You probably also thought that wearing a jacket that says “Mayor” across the back was a good idea as well, which is your call.

      I am not sure how you can justifiably explain away the Mayor trying to pull off that she did not receive a cease and desist notice, claiming it was a rumour, when she read the letter at a council meeting that was taped. How do you explain that she didn’t answer one of the questions related to my open letter and my FOI sent to the town regarding senior staff turnover (seven of eight senior staff leaving the town this term) ? A coincidence, just like the timing of Mr. Nitkin’s release.

      There are so many examples of Phyllis’ lack of professionalism and respect for others that the average voter should be forgiven for questioning almost everything Phyllis does at this stage. There is a pattern of behaviour that leaves a whole lot of residents reasonably concerned and hoping for the kind of change that Phyllis promised in 2006, but clearly did not deliver.

      I’m not sure who is getting more petty, but it is time for a change given the new lows that our council seems to reach in the credibility department.

    • Richard Johnson said

      “Fear of losing provokes some into desperate irationalism.”

      You should know.

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