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All Candidates Meeting Part 2

Posted by auroracitizen on October 4, 2010

The Aurora Town Hall was the scene, this past Sunday, for the first in a series of three candidate meetings.  Based on Sunday’s event, this is shaping up to be one of the hottest mayoralty campaigns this Town has seen in decades.

Sunday’s meeting was hosted by the Aurora Public Library and was moderated by Dr. Wes Cragg – a professor in business ethics at York University.  The irony of an ethics professor moderating that lot, at the Aurora Town Hall, was rich, to say the least.

It was the first chance for the public to see and hear first hand what the candidates for Mayor, Council and Trustee had to offer.

The APL candidate’s meeting is usually a staid – read “boring” – affair.  Candidate after candidate gets up there and talks about nothing of substance and then sits down.

Not this time.

It was clear from the buzz in the room that people were there for a purpose.  You don’t see that many people cooped up in a building on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon if they don’t have a vested interested in the outcome.

They were there to hear, to see, to FEEL if change was in the air.

Would they get positive change? Or just more of the same?

Would they hear empty platitudes? Or recognition of problems that exist and solutions to address them…

It was a raucous crowd.  The room was simply electric with anticipation.

And they were not disappointed.

Geoff Dawe was the first to speak.  His speech was electrifying.  He had to stop a number of times as the crowd cheered his statements. He spoke of  the problems Aurora has faced these long, long 4 years – a fractured council, the waste of taxpayer dollars and, most important the culture of disrespect exhibited by Morris et al – but he also spoke of solutions; what he would do to “put the Aura back in Aurora”.  His theme of positive change clearly resonated with the residents present at the meeting.

Mr. Kean too spoke of change – “refreshing” change. Similar to comments made by Dawe, the crowd reacted well to his concerns about the lack of respect for staff, the wasted money on integrity commissioners and need for greater accountability. His speech was also well received.

Mr’s Clowater and Prykyrl raised some interesting ideas in their speeches – for example Mr. Clowater’s idea of the need for Aurora to have a University.  They spoke well and should be commended for their efforts.

Morris as expected gave an “I” speech – the type of speech we’ve heard her give virtually every week at Council.  “I sat on this committee”.  “ I steered this group and that group”. “I shepherded this process”.  “I make the sun rise in the morning…”

“I”,   “I”,  “I”, “I”, “I”

No acknowledgement of work left undone.  No acknowledgement of the need to rebuild what has been lost. No acknowledgement of any responsibility for the debacle that was this past term of Council.

That just isn’t Morris’ style.  She cannot admit failure.  As a result, she is defensive – both in speech and stance – chin defiantly thrust forward, heel stuck out to the side.  She fumbled and stumbled towards the end of her speech – perhaps sensing she had not won the crowd.

At the end, aside from the omnipresent Ms. St. Kitts whooping and whistling, Ms. Morris received a smattering of polite applause.

But then something extraordinary happened.

Instead of recognizing that her speech had fallen flat and she should sit down and prepare for the question period, Morris instead decided to pretend to act the statesman and proceeded to walk about the chamber, thrusting her hand out to a few of the candidates.  Bizarre.  Inappropriate.

But it got worse!

She proceeded to walk all the way around the chamber and marched right up to Evelyn Buck, and thrust her hand out in a handshake.

It was simply a disgusting display of disingenuousness – and typical Morris.

The crowd was appalled.  There were boos.  There were calls to “sit down!”.  Morris scurried back to her seat, her ignominy complete.

It’s unfortunate that Rogers has chosen NOT to show the meeting in its entirety.  They are only showing snippets of it on the news.

What is fortunate is that we understand that members of the audience do have a recording of the speeches. We will make them available to you if we can track them down.

Stay tuned folks!!

25 Responses to “All Candidates Meeting Part 2”

  1. Huh? said

    Evalina has her ad in the Auroran this week with the ubiquitous Mr. Guy Poppe’s endorsement.
    Is his the only endorsement she could muster?

  2. fed up said

    the irony here is this–the disrespect, bullying and downright abusive behaviour foisted upon Councillor Buck by the “gold standard for democray” 6 has backfired and Councillor Buck is coming out a hero–she will be returned to serve another term and the GOS will be gone–the good people of this town are fed up with their elected official being treated in this manner by her collegues and will stand for no more of this behaviour

  3. Anonymous said

    I just read Guy’s letter. No where in it does he call for “banning” blogs.

    The point he is trying to make is that this website’s administrator decides what gets posted and what doesn’t, therefore leading to a skewed representation of what the “public’s” opinion is, as if the comments here represent an accurate cross-section of Aurora’s voters.

    It’s like Councillor Buck’s website — she only allows supportive comments to be posted, making it appear she’s got the full support of posters. Ones presenting an opposing view never see the light of day.

    It’s even more troubling in the case of the Citizen since the owner of the site hasn’t come clean on who — if anyone’s — campaign he/she is working for.

    At least Councillor Buck is honest about it — she’s clearly said she’s not interested in giving opposing viewpoints a platform on her blog. (Although I find that curious from such a vocal proponent of free speech.)

    But back to the Citizen. I have noticed nary a negative comment about Mr. Dawe — I won’t suggest a reason why — so I thought I’d put this out. He has said he is committed “to initiating the immediate suspension of the Integrity Commissioner contract and a public review of the need for a Code of Conduct/Integrity Commissioner within the first year.”

    Ummm, last time I checked, the mayor carried one vote and isn’t president. How does he plan on initiating something that would take a majority of council to enact? Let’s say a few of the very councillors who voted for it are returned. How are you going to convince them to overturn it?

    And with regard to his “you can’t legislate integrity” comment — maybe not, but you can certainly have a process in place to hold elected officials accountable when they aren’t acting with integrity.

    I think he’s on the wrong side of this one. More, not fewer, municipalities are bringing in Codes of Conduct and Integrity Commissioners. You may not have liked the way the Morris/Buck situation played out but let’s take them out of the equation for a second and think about it from this angle.

    You have a candidate arguing politicians can police themselves and it would be better to take away a mechanism designed to hold them accountable for their behaviour.

    And we all know how great politicians are at policing themselves.

    • A for Anonymous said

      To Anonymous 8:46:

      Show me on the town’s website, in the Letters to the Mayor section, where the negative letters to Phyllis are. I thought so.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Good point “A For Anonymous” but you seem to forget that the same rules don’t apply to the “Gang Of Six” (GOS). The code of conduct is proof enough of that.

      Did you hear Phyllis claiming in the Roger’s debate that she values input. Ya right, unless of course you disagree. The first Integrity Commissioner learned that the hard way. You know, the guy that filed the cease and desist letter that Phyllis is now trying to pass off as a “rumour” by using semantics as a defence (likely with Guy’s full support).

      If most people knew the half of what has been twisted Phyllis would finish dead last this time around.

    • Richard Johnson said

      This thought just occurred to me.

      Phyllis pointed out in the Rogers debate that was aird tonight, that Aurora has “set the gold standard for democracy”. At first I thought she said we “set the gold standard for dementia” but no, she said did say democracy upon further review.

      Given that one councillor quit, two of our most educated and professional councillors will not run again and one has sued the Mayor and her followers, not to mention the cease and desist letter from a man with international credentials in ethics and corporate governance who was released from his duties “by coincidence” (according to Phyllis) the day after his ruling that did not go the Mayor’s way… do we not also “set the gold standard for hypocrisy ?”

      It’s just a thought.

    • Morris is jealous said

      All media ( newspapers, television) are skewed a certain way and promote the angle that editor or president of the company wants…. that is why there is so many of them….Yes the majority of bloggers that visit this site are anti-Morris… If you don’t like it Start YOUR OWN DAMN BLOG THATS DEMOCROCY and how freedom of speech works!!!!!!

    • Anonymous said

      Apples and oranges A.

      A blog and a forum are about back and forth and open discussion. A repository for letters is not the same. And do you think any politician would include negative letters? I thought not.

    • anonymous said

      To Anonymous 8:46:
      Why are you not using YOUR name?

    • anonymous said

      Well you read it correctly, but seem to struggle with understanding.

      The term “initiating” indicates that he plans to bring this issue forward. I suspect that this recognizes that he understands that he has one vote only and needs to solicit the support of the majority of Council.

      However, I guess the hope is that given the groundswell of negative feedback from both Mayor and Council candidates other than Morris and MacEachern, that there would be enough support to carry this initiative through.

      And since it is one of his key campaign promises, if he is elected as Mayor, all of Council would understand that it is the wishes of the electorate. Hopefully they would use this as guidance in their individual decision-making — even returning Councillors.

    • Hello said


      No where did the people of Aurora sign a document that said if you don`t like a fellow ELECTED Councilor that you could put together a CODE of CONDUCT FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF GETTING RID OF THEM. I did not hear about Councilor Buck filing complaints against her fellow councilors. If she did I wonder how that would have worked for her. An abuse of public resources comes to mind. There is no righteousness in the way the GOS used this Code. They took unfair advantage.

    • A for Anonymous said

      To Anonymous 7:27

      But it is not a politician’s website, it is not her website, it is the Town’s website. She seems to forget that.(Mayor’s Anti-litter day, Mayor’s blood donor clinic, Mayor’s corn roast, Mayor’s enabling the sun to rise today – you get the picture). A sprinkling of critical letters thrown in there would show she is listening to the people. But I guess her ears are only tuned to the glowing reviews.

    • Anonymous said

      to anonymous 7:27

      There seems to be one who at least claims too, but perhaps he isn’t a very smart politician.

    • Hello said

      The code of conduct is an election issue. The people will decide. After that a judge or jury will make a decision. Clause 3 was written for the sole purpose of silencing the minority. How does that fit in with the Mayor`s touted Gold Standard of Democracy!

    • evelyn.buck said

      We do have two instruments in place to ensure accountability in our elected Officials.
      The first is the Oath of Office.
      A person can be elected but cannot take the seat without first swearing an Oath of Office.
      And elected official can be charged with a Breach of Trust if they break their Oath of Office.
      An election is the second instrument. In a matter of days,voters of Aurora will exercise their right to hold the last Council accountable for the decisions they made.

      They will have their say about the Mormac Code of Conduct and whether or not it fits with this community’s standard of integrity.

  4. fed up said

    here’s an interesting question–once Phyllis is gone and the rest of her friends on the current council with her and due to the fact that none of her friends running for council are going to get elected, will the Snowball Queen continue to volunteer with such gusto in the future or will she also cease her passion for this town?

    • Anonymous said

      Enthusiasm will fizzle! There are more groups out there wanting to do the same but without the glamor and glitz…humbly,down to earth,inclusive.

    • Anonymous said

      The glamour and the glitz has always been my beef with the whole St Kitts affair. There are so many volunteers, myself included, that work tirelessly in this community, with no desire or need for the fanfare and the accolades; the satisfaction of helping others should be thanks enough.

    • Anonymous said

      To Anonymous@10:55 a.m.
      You are valued,and I thank you!

  5. Hello said

    Just where is that people like Guy Poppe live? Ban all blogs during an election! Hello Guy we live in the land of Blogs, Facebook e-mail. You couldn’t put a ban on these things even if you paid people to. They are the here and now, so you better get with the times, accept them and move on or out! Your choice Guy! As Evelyn has said this is a place where people can be heard! Even you Guy, even you!

    • Anonymous said

      It is strange that the pro-Morris faction didn’t start a blog to counteract the obvious discontent found on this one. Why didn’t Ballard or Whitehurst or some other shill produce one with all the MorMac spin, all the time?

      No, they’d rather try to stifle and intimidate existing blogs, because they can’t control the message and they don’t like what’s being said about them. It’s symptomatic of Phyllis and her cohorts – they are reactive not proactive and are negatively motivated.

    • Richard Johnson said

      On page 4 of this weeks’ Auroran Guy defends the current council in his efforts to attack people expressing themselves on those terrible Blogs (despite the fact that he expresses himself as much as anyone) and he endorses Evelina in an ad on page 14… say no more.

      You can say what you want about Guy’s selective interpretation of the facts and his sense of logic, but he is loyal to MorMac all the way to the bitter end (bitter being the operative word).

    • Anonymous said

      And he gets all conspiratorial about censorship – as he does here – in an effort to discredit the overall anti-MorMac tenor of this blog. In the next breath, he’s advocating the censorship of blogs heading into an election.

      Bleating about being censored while endorsing censorship?! Sucking and blowing at the same time…

  6. fed up said

    It seems that since G Poppe can’t get an audience here on this blog that he has turned to “The Auroran” instead and had a letter published in this week’s edition calling for the banning of all blogs during election campaigns or at the least that we give our full name and addresses. Did anyone see hime at the all candidates meeting?

  7. KA-NON said

    It was not just random candidates that she shook hands with. It was all of the council members from this past term. At one point, I was wondering whether she was going to climb the stairs and shake hands with ACM and BMcR.

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