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All Candidates Meeting – Videos

Posted by auroracitizen on October 5, 2010

With thanks to Aurora Guy, here are 4 of the 5 Mayoralty speeches delivered on Sunday at the Aurora Public Library’s All candidates meeting.

Roger Clowater

Geoff Dawe

Nigel Kean

Phyllis Morris

We apologize that we were unable to find Miloslav Prikrl’s video, it would be nice to have the complete set of candidates.

So if anyone has a copy or can direct us to a copy online, we will add it to this list.

11 Responses to “All Candidates Meeting – Videos”

  1. Anonymous said

    The televised debate only reinforced for me how much the mayor DOES NOT LISTEN, or else she has a cgnitive processing disorder. I was waiting for her to actually answer one of the questions posed rather than launching into “I have done this, I have done that.” One example (and there were many) was when the young lady asked about what candidates’ positions were on transit to the north of Aurora as she needs to travel there. The first comment from Morris’s mouth was that “she” has built a 5-story parking garage. What does that have to do with anything related to the young lady’s actual question?
    It is quite plain that the mayor is incapable of listening, or processing information and it is usually because she is so damn busy yapping about herself.

  2. Anonymous said

    correction…will air Sat.Oct 16th at 2pm on Rogers tv

  3. Anonymous said

    To Luckywife
    I believe it airs again (on tv)on Saturday around 2pm, on channel 10 Robbers TV….

  4. anonymous said

    It looks to me like Phyllis was handed her speech at the last minute. Terrible delivery. Read the whole thing with no passion.

  5. Anonymous said

    “There were a few other points that Phyllis was busted on tonight, but I won’t go there.”

    Go! Go! No, really – GO!

    • Richard Johnson said

      I am sensitive to the fact that I may offer far too many comments and go into far too much detail in some instances.

      After watching council closely for years and after looking into a few issues more closely it does not take long to catch Phyllis in her efforts to contort reality in a way that would make Harry Houdini blush. The only difference between Harry and Phyllis at this stage is that Phyllis is not likely to get out of the web she has weaved this time. I think that she is being “caught out” all over the place.

      I’ll try to find some time to watch the Roger’s tape again and I’ll offer some more examples. Her tone alone stands in contrast to her assertion that she respects all viewpoints. The grandiose statements she makes are sounding more and more like she is drinking the same punch as Sher St. Kitts who seems to think that everything she has touched has resulted in the best ever results in the history of Aurora or they have been turning points in our history etc. etc. (or words to that effect).

      The trick with Phyllis is that it is not always what she says but what she does not say.

      Look at the exchange that Phyllis had with Geoff over how to protect our heritage areas. Phyllis was apparently off track talking about our town owned lands and Geoff pointed that out. Phyllis then tried to turn what she was saying around by claiming that it was Geoff that was off track. Watch the tape. She then makes a blunder by saying “you’ll learn”, to which Geoff agrees that he will (implying of course that he will learn as our next Mayor).

      I will provide more input when I have the time. There is a ton of material to work with !!!

    • Anonymous said

      “She then makes a blunder by saying “you’ll learn”, to which Geoff agrees that he will (implying of course that he will learn as our next Mayor).”

      Was that Phyllis’ subconscious speaking with her out-loud voice? It would seem her Freudian slip was showing.

      Thanks, Richard. I look forward to your follow-up examples.

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said


  6. Richard Johnson said

    Note that the Roger’s Cable debate is available to Rogers customers at this website:
    but don’t ask me how this site works.

    The next broadcast on Rogers is Saturday, October 16, 2:00 pm

    I have to caution you… it’s hard to watch this all-candidates meeting at points but I guess that it is no worse than most of the recent council meetings. Some of the debate is just plain embarrassing however numerous good points were made by some.

    One really small point. If Phyllis read this blog she would realise that GO is already planning all day train service and the neccessary improvements to the track are already being made just west of Union Station. The target date for all day train service on weekdays is 2015 (in time for the Pan Am games). No lobbying is required and as much as Phyllis would love to take credit for the new GO parking lot it was a provincial initiative that had little to nothing to do with her. There were a few other points that Phyllis was busted on tonight, but I won’t go there.

    Is it any wonder that debate at council this past term has been so divisive and petty ? Phyllis puts on quite a show.

    This performance makes me think that there is not a remote chance that she is going to win if people make an educated vote. I am lowering my expectations of her results every day and I was only 2% off in my predictions in 2006 (for what it is worth / if I could only turn back time).

    • Anonymous said

      Richard, the air is blue around this house this morning. If the debate is on Robbers I sure as hell can’t find it. I even had to create an account. I won’t have any of their crap in my house but Luckyhusband allows himself to be extorted for several hundreds a month for wireless so signing up was no problem. I can’t even find the link anymore for Council meetings on tv. Gawd I hate those buggers. To add insult to injury, I’m out of coffee!!!! Do we have any techno geeks on here that can tell me where to find it?


    • Richard Johnson said

      Apparently you need to be a Rogers customer and then somehow sign up in order to download shows. The Roger’s all-candidates show may not be posted yet but it will be shortly. it is being rebroadcast at 2 on Saturday the 16th.

      The profiles are being broadcast on October 9th at 8PM and on October 23rd 8PM.

      If required, send a question to Roger’s via the contact link on the website or e-mail Lori Marier at

      As far as coffee goes, I’d recommend Sumatra at Longos. We’re out too !

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