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Candidate Questions

Posted by auroracitizen on September 26, 2010

A number of questions were posed to the candidates for Mayor and Council based on input from readers of the AuroraCitizen.

The questions and answers are posted here.

18 Responses to “Candidate Questions”

  1. Required Reading said

    Hats off and thanks to Christopher Watts for his compilation of Dick Illingworth’s comments regarding the sitting Town Council. Great work and took no little time to read and catalogue, I’m sure.

    You can find it here:

    It’s good to have the late Mr Illingworth’s trenchant observations to help guide us in this election campaign. They should be required reading for potential voters.

  2. Brian Duff said

    I believe that portions of it are being aired on First Local as a news item. It will not be broadcast in its entirety as far as I am aware. First Local is on at 5pm.
    Brian Duff

  3. fed up said

    Also at last night’s council meeting, a man from Holland Landing spoke about restoring the Petch House for 125,000–He was asked to speak at council in open forum by councillor Evilina–He overheard him state outside the town hall before the meeting started “I have been asked here to speak by councillor Evilina. When will I be speaking?–Haven’t council been discussing this restoration for 4 years now–Why bring this person out of the woodwork (no pun intended) to speak at the last session of council before the election?–something sure doesn’t smell right here–and it isn’t the smell of rotting wood

  4. fed up said

    Another question–the St. Kitts woman, at last night’s council meeting, paraded a half dozen teenage volunteers from the Canada Day Parade in front of council to congratulate them for their efforts–congrats are due–BUT–wasn’t the parade in July?–why did it take three months to figure out that they should be congratulated?–conveniently done at the Mayor’s last council meeting–talk about grandstanding

    • Anonymous said


    • A for Anonymous said

      Apparently Morris and Clowater (and maybe the other candidates, my source couldn’t be sure) were at Devins Drive Public School yesterday to speak to the Grade 5 students as part of their learning unit on the different levels of government. This is great, but according to my source, there were bunches of red and white balloons there as well. Campaigning to Grade 5’s? Now I’ve heard everything.

    • I was at Devins to pick up my daughter and watched as Kean, Clowater, Morris and Dawe exited. I was wondering what was going in myself.

      The mayor exited in her gas guzzeling Lincon with her ads plastered on her doors.

      Another individual, maybe a candidate for council, also came out handed a green and white leaflet to a kid outside, got into a silver Nissan sports coupe and drove off, so it was campaigning.

      But to public school kids?

    • Broderick Epps said

      Look at the bright side. The only people who saw the spectacle of the orchestrated open forumn speakers were the 30 odd spectators in attendance.The
      debate around the minutes were classic. Al Wilson declared he did not know whether the vote was taken, had done no research yet followed the flow. Granger was at his bobblehead best whenever the Mayor spoke.Gaertner, was so confused by McRoberts disertation that she furiously turned pages and tried to look like she knew what was going on.Her indignation when Buck spoke was again interesting to watch. Ms. Buck has more knowledge on proceedings and procedure than Wendy will ever have times 3. Gaertner truly is a joke a fact confirmed if you go to her website and read her qualifications for council. Phyllis of course as is her ususal pattern had to interject her commentary even when Collins-Mrakas had the floor.People may say Buck is the cause of council discord, but the look on Ms Collins-Mrakas’ face spoke volumes.She like Buck truly despises Ms. Morris.The next month should be quite interesting.Hopefully Ms Morris will not be able to fool the electorate again, and some of the deadwood aka Gaertner/Granger/Wilson are returned to private life.

  5. fed up said

    They ignored the truth and they ignored democracy and accepted the minutes and the vote as CARRIED–I can’t believe it–Wilson said that we have more important things to deal with here and held up the promenade study–what is more important than the truth?–what is more important than the true meaning of democracy and letting the NAYS have their chance to vote?–Leach is nothing more than a puppet of the Morris regime–how he could view the DVD and agree that the vote was taken is beyond me–at least Buck, CM and McRoberts stand up for truth–too bad only one of them is running for re-election–the rest of the GOS don’t deserve the privilege of living in this town

    • I was equally disgusted with Wilson’s treatment of this as a non issue at tonight’s council meeting.

      His priority is not to uphold a truthful and correct record.

      He was one of the 7 that voted in favor of approving the 2 studies tonight. Perhaps if he needed more time to review all of the materials he could have voted to defer the studies.

    • enough is enough said

      I was present for this debacle and couldn’t agree more.

      Tar and feather these creatures and send them out of town on a GO train!

    • Anonymous said

      Bullies they are,and bullies they will be.
      Just look at Stephen Granger who told a Farmers Market committee member that they were not to talk to Nigel Kean,Tim Jones,or Steve Hinder.
      This was almost two years ago but if you look at the election he,possibly under guidance was setting himself up for the election.
      Also the committee member was not to use Magna Volunteers from the Network.
      If this is the type of support you want for YOUR community then we are going to “hell in a handbasket”and full of Market goodies
      By the way,you can tell David Herd loves Aurora and he did not deserve this wrath and bullying from these people.
      Councilor Wilson took it to the next level and put his hands on David.
      Shameful that these people are trying to are trying to pull the wool over our eyes again.

    • fed up said

      Hell no–let them walk–with their collective tails between their legs

  6. Richard Johnson said

    I’ve sent two e-mails to John Able with a few very simple questions. Given that he has not responded to my e-mails I trust that if elected he will only serve a select few in Aurora, which would not include me.

    I’ve dropped Mr. Able from my list. The good news is that I have identified a few really strong alternatives thanks to the Aurora Citizen.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Mr. Able and I had a chance to discuss his lack of response at the all-candidates meeting and he expressed his concerns related to dealing with blogs such as the Aurora Citizen.

      He struck me as being open and approachable and he suggested that he would respond at sometime in the not so distant future.

      The all-candidates meeting was very informative in many respects and hope that everyone on this blog watches it on Rogers Cable.

      The meeting certainly assisted me in solidifying who I am voting for. Only a few remaining questions need to be answered from my perspective in order to pick the final council positions.

    • fed up said

      when is it being broadcast on rogers cable?–aurora debate is not mentioned on rogers website

    • A for Anonymous said

      I read on the website that the Aurora Mayoral debate is on TV Tues Oct 5 at 8 pm and Sat Oct 16 at 2 pm.

    • fed up said

      these are the dates for the rogers debate–what about yesterday’s debate?–is it being broadcast?

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