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Sign War Being Taken Literally

Posted by auroracitizen on September 26, 2010

Is anyone else noticing the theft and destruction of signs around our community?

Is anyone else disgusted by this behaviour?

This is reflective of the type of politics we have seen the last couple elections. It seems Aurora is no longer a community where people are able to disagree agreeably.

Over the weekend, one citizen was awoken at around 3:00 am in the morning by the noise of a youngish man — armed with a baseball bat — methodically smashing their Geoff Dawe and Evelyn Buck signs. They called the police and descriptions were given.

A drive around town revealed that signs for certain candidates are being systematically and singularly targeted by vandals — and in many cases thieves. Some signs were vandalize — others were simply stolen.

Historically, we have seen signs pushed down by young people out late at night as general mischief — but this is different. This is a campaign tactic targeting specific signs like we have never seen in our town before. Frankly we must demand better from our candidates and their campaign teams.

What a disappointing new low for politics in Aurora.

19 Responses to “Sign War Being Taken Literally”

  1. Anonymous said

    Regarding signs….. what is the law for Town employees.

    I know of a house of a town staffer (an important person’s assistant) has a number of signs on the lawn, PM, SG, EM, CB to name a few.

    Of course the house is around the corner from EM’s house too.

  2. Robert the Bruce said

    On another topic with signs. This morning I noticed that my neighbour has a Roy Cohen sign on his lawn. I find this interesting because my neighbour is half-way through a two week trip in Europe and is not home. Who has given Mr. Cohen the right to erect a sign on the lawn?


    • Mr. Spock said

      Maybe Mr.Cohen and your absent neighbour both have email?
      My understanding is that it works no matter where you are in the world. Even in Europe.
      Just sayin…

  3. Anonymous said

    I have noticed in my neighbourhood over the last week that some of the Dawe signs have disappeared and replaced with Evilina.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Strange considering the kind words she had for him at the Candidates meeting. Lol.

  4. Hello! said

    I know this comment probably does not belong here, but I need to share recollections from council past. Does anyone recall why the address of the Municipal offices was changed from John West Way to Municipal Dr.? Because Nigel and Phylis decided that was an unfair advertising advantage for John. This was an honor that people from the past had bestowed on John West in a free vote and they striped him of it for their own selfish reason and at a substantial cost to the town. They did not listen when the people spoke! I would also like to remind people of the letter I read that Nigel Kean had written to the Auroran that stated his mother had taught him to respect his elders, but that Evelyn Buck was one lady that did not deserve that respect. There was dysfunction in our last council and I truly believe that Nigel was as big a part of that as Phylis and Phylis has proven that over the past four years. THEY WILL NOT BE GETTING MY VOTE!

  5. Horrified said

    In this week’s Auroran, there is an article about sign problems, and a letter on same from Nigel Kean.

    If these are to be taken at face value then the issue appears to be more equal opportunity vandalism than this blog posting, and associated comments thus far would indicate.

    • Anonymous said

      I think Nigel may be also trying to deflect from the real issue that Mr.Dawe has suppport out there.

    • Richard Johnson said

      You may be correct but the attacks on the Dawe signs look very much to be targeted in some instances.

      He has lost 40 to 50 signs and if you are correct, that may be because he has more signs out there (even on private property).

      It is hard to know for sure what is going on but there may be a few different things at play here.

  6. Christopher Watts said

    I disagree with Anonymous 4:04pm on the basis that only certain candidates signs are being targeted. Teens don’t discriminate in their vandalism unless otherwise instructed/rewarded.

    Candidates are being targeted because they pose a threat to the camps that are in the status quo. Destroying property of other candidates, even if they are being replaced costs those candidates resources which could be used elsewhere.

    If the damage seems to being conducted under the cover of darkness then I will avail myself to patrol our streets during these hours to keep eyes out for this despicable and criminal behavior. Instead of arming myself with baseball bats and the like I have a military grade high powered floodlight, a professional video camera and photo camera, and I will be sure to hunt down those responsible if they are stupid enough to keep up such behavior.

    The police in Vaughn have declared these as criminal charges and they will not back down in the laying of these charges. I doubt the York Regional Police’s stance will be any different in Aurora.

    That being said, if the perpetrators squeal to Police as to who is behind these acts, and 100% of the time they do, then I’m sure that the Police will cut them a break.

    I doubt the voting public will cut the people truly responsible the same deal.

    • enough is enough said

      Each mayoralty candidate should have to post a bond for $2,500; each council candidate a bond for $1,000.

      These bonds to be held by the duly appointed elections officer.

      Candidates should be reimbursed for damaged or stolen signs out of this fund.

      And if the bond amounts are not enough, double them or even more.

      This vandalism is an insult to the election process.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Christopher…. I think your sanity is starting to dwindle. You are prepared to patrol the streets to make sure signs are not damaged? Will you wear tights, cape and a mask when you do this? Seriously, vigiante (sp) justice is not the answer – tend to your blog and let professionals deal with this.


  7. Anonymous said

    From the September 24th Era Banner article entitled “Leave election signs alone: cops”:

    Tuesday morning, a resident claimed he had witnessed one of the candidates knock over signs of other candidates at a street corner.

    From the September 21st Auroran, “Letter to the Editor”:

    I received a phone call on the evening of September 13, from an Aurora resident, advising me that
    someone had stolen one of my election signs.

    The resident, currently not a known supporter, was absolutely appalled . . .

    . . .

    The resident was able to provide a reasonably good description of the vehicle (a silver or gray mini-van) and the two males (one middle age and one younger) that occupied it . . .


    • Anonymous said

      Just saw more down this afternoon on Henderson Drive. Geoff Dawe, John Abel and Evelyn Buck. Didn’t notice ANYONE ELSE being vandalized! This sucks bigtime!

    • David Heard said

      I do not doubt this is orchestrated.

      At my Mothers home there was a yellow candidates sign there for two days and then it was gone.

      The purplish one was put up the next day.

      It remained.

      The amount of yellow signs vanishing speaks volumne.

      By the way,this is my Mothers home and I will not sway her to change support or take the signs down.

      She is a smart lady who has lived here 80 years.


  8. Stephanie said

    Apparently, the candidates whose signs have been stolen or vandalized are a considerable threat for those in opposing camps — otherwise, why would people go to such lengths?

    The shenanigans of a few only reinforce my higher opinions of the “victims”.

    I agree, it is disgusting to see things deteriorating to this level. How sad that adults are resorting to such juvenile tactics in order to see their friends in office?

  9. Anonymous said

    this is still likely the work of teens…I doubt very much that any campaign would risk being part of an orchestrated attack.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Quote: “this is still likely the work of teens”

      Not according to two witnesses in two different instances and why is it usually the Dawe signs that are hit ?

      I think that you can safely bet that it is not the supporters of three of the other four candidates who are feeling compelled to trash the apparent front runner in the sign war.

      While this kind of petty thug behaviour is not a-typical of most elections these cases strike me as just an extension of the “poison politics” we have come to expect from this council.

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