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Candidates Debate at Rogers TV

Posted by auroracitizen on September 30, 2010

Yesterday all 5 candidates for Mayor were in attendance at Rogers TV for the first of a number of scheduled interactions.

From what we hear it was a spirited affair – so be sure to look for it both on TV and online.

One of the stipulations was that each candidate was only allowed to bring 1 supporter. Phyllis Morris brought Ken Whitehurst.

Wasn’t that the same fellow awarded a $60,000 dollar job without  advertising the job so other members of the public could apply — per town recruitment policies — and who also sat on the committee that created the job?

Hmmmm? Just asking.

Also, don’t forget to attend the all-candidates event at the Town Hall this Sunday starting at 2 pm, presented by the Library Board.

2 Responses to “Candidates Debate at Rogers TV”

  1. fed up said

    Ken Whitehurst–Chris Ballard–both cut from the same cloth–Morris friends and supporters–my memories of Ballard who sat on the Parent Council of Regency Acres Public School–not good–a true bully of the highest order–BEWARE–

  2. fed up said

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH–what is that smell? answer–Aurora politics

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