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And they’re off…

Posted by elizabethbishenden on November 25, 2009

With Nigel Kean tossing his hat in the ring as a mayoral candidate earlier this week, we are beginning to see what the November 2010 municipal election will be like in Aurora.

We’ll be enabling tabs on the “2010 Candidates” page  in the next while that will allow candidates to post their electoral message, but in the meantime, we’ll periodically make posts about the election here.

Let us know your interests and concerns!

11 Responses to “And they’re off…”

  1. Robert the Bruce said

    I am surprised that no one has made mention of the Banner piece this past week where Granger fires his first salvo of the election campaign by endorsing a ward system in Aurora. Clearly too late for the 2010 election, but is he staking out territory perhaps considering he lives in a “ward” that also includes other members of council past and present (including the omnipotent Evelina)?


    • Countdown to Nov 2010 said

      Who knows how the mind of bobble-head Granger works? I’m afraid I didn’t read the piece because it involved Granger. He is a buffoon who hasn’t an original thought, but it spoon-fed drivel from the mayor.
      I’d be willing to discuss the pros and cons of a ward system, but only with someone not currently on council.

    • Anonymous said

      To Robert the Bruce

      I am not at all surprised that Grainger is now coming out with the call for a ward system. He did it last election and that might have helped him get elected.Then he did nothing until now. Perhaps he thinks that people from Aurora have short memories. But then again Wilson promised Tax cuts and garbage control-again nothing.
      Morris promised transparency, openess and a workable council- again she has been the biggest flop of a mayor ever. Evilina promised everything the morris did-oh well.
      Gaertner promised-what did she promise? Perhaps to remember Remembrance Day.
      Gallo promised to call Buck when he did not get elected to ask her to step down so he could join his friends to totally screw up Aurora politics-at least he did not lie.
      The mayor and her loyal followers must go.Let’s get them out of the town hall and to where they belong, perhaps in the audience at council meetings so that they can perhaps learn from the next council or perhaps a comedy review that can travel in the Arctic.

    • White Knight said

      Wilson promised garbage control? What a joke! He makes no attempts to control his and five others’ garbage in the council chambers!

  2. Junius said

    And, as we progress along the path of democratic elections, and reflect on the makeup of the current Council, let us keep in mind the words of Marcus Aurelius Antonius Augustus, Roman Emperor 161 – 180:

    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority,
    but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

    Signed “Junius”

  3. Robert the Bruce said

    Given the posting about Aurora’s online videos…. is there any truth to the rumour that after last night’s council meeting, Morris and her group did this video?

  4. Robert the Bruce said


    I left the anonymous comment yesterday by mistake – forgot to put my psuedo-name on it.

    Of course you are using your real name…. you are now running for office – actually you have been running for office for over 3 years! You have to put your name out there both here and in the paper so that when you start putting out those signs, people will recognize the name. You need to stop be critical of people for “hiding behind names”. Our goal is not to get elected – some have valid reasons to do so. For exmaple, I have had nasty phone calls at home after writing a letter to the editor – I don’t wish to have that again.

    You are correct in that you have experience on council. However, looking back at the terms – I cannot think of much to write home about. Short of the Market (and don’t get me started on that) – can you remind us and elaborate on your past record on council? You can omit the renaming of John West West too if you like. You were involved in, up to the last election, the most dysfunctional council in Aurora history.

    No where did I say that a “new face should run for mayor with no political experience”. New does not mean unexperienced.

    At what point would you consider stepping aside if there was a potential of splitting the vote? What if it was you, Allison and Morris? or you, McRoberts and Morris? I just would like to know where you consider yourself in the heirarchy of the whole thing. You came in third last time in a three horse race. Perhaps we should have a thread here of potential mayor candidates and have people rate them.

    I am not trying to put down your ability, far from it. Just looking for information. I am also interested in why the early declaration? Shortof name recognition, what’s the point? Do you think this will deter others?


    • Nigel Kean said

      Robert the Bruce.

      I have used my name as I feel that I have worked hard in Aurora to make it a better place not just through the market. I have worked with two councils and through them we opened the Aurora Seniors Centre, the new fire hall on Wellington, the new rinks and pool on Wellington.I also worked with Councillor Wallace and some residents to start and complete the NE quadrant as an historical area. Our past council also started the reconstruction of the Church Street School into the new Aurora Heritage Centre.
      There were many other things that I was part of while on Council even though we were considered dysfunctional and yes the Farmer’s Market.I am proud of my accomplishments on Council and will not get into them all. If you ever want to sit down over a coffee let me know and we can discuss.
      As for John West Way, it still exists, as the name was never taken away. The Town Hall sits on Municipal Drive as does the Senior’s Centre. Jonh West still has a street named after him, although I still do not believe that any living councillor should have a street named after them.I have in the past and still do believe that Councillors and Mayors are paid by the town and that the honour of street naming should be left to those who have fought for our country or others who have volunteered or been a pioneer in starting something that is long lasting. I stated my reasons then and I stand by them.
      Depending on who has the best chance of beating Ms Morris closer to the election I will then make the decision.
      Whether you think so or not, I still believe that I have a good chance and I will run a strong campaign this time. I consider Allison and Bob McRoberts excellent Councillors and if they decide to run for mayor I will look at all of the options at that time.

    • Suggest an Alternative to this Mayor said

      Robert the Bruce….all excellent points. And I can resurface in this blog…

  5. Nigel Kean said

    I left a comment in another catagory this morning after reading notes from Fed Up, White Knight and anonymous about the fact that I am running for mayor. Comments like “you have had your time move on”, we need “new blood for mayor” and so on.
    I have chosen, as normal, to use my real name when writing to the blog or the Auroran as I do not hide behind anonymous or any other name.I have choosen to run for mayor as I believe that I will do a better job and have experience on council, good and bad, as well as business management experience.
    I do not believe that a new face should run for mayor with no political experience. I will, at any time, meet with Fed up,White knight or any anonymous to discuss what I can do to help them feel better about the fact that I am running for mayor.
    In the article in the Auroran it was mentioned that I would consider stepping aside if Tim Jones or Frank Klees ran. The statement was made only as a reference to the fact that if I felt if I would split the vote then I would consider stepping aside for a better candidate and run for council. Frank’s and Tim’s names were mentioned and I said that depending on the race I might step aside.Their names were mentioned only as an example. I still believe that I am the best candidate, other wise I would not have said that I would run for Mayor.
    If people wish to use fake names or anonymous, then that is up to them.If they are doing it to promote another candidate by running my ability down then again that is up to them.Please know that as I said earlier I will meet with any of them at any time to work through their concerns.

    Nigel Kean

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