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Integrity Complaint to be Filed Against Phyllis Morris

Posted by auroracitizen on September 30, 2010

Council Watch #16 – by Richard Johnson

I would like to inform the public that should Mayor Morris be re-elected that I will be filing a complaint to the Integrity Commissioner along with evidence that suggests that she may have broken section three of the code of conduct in her statements made to the Toronto Star with regards to the reasons why Mr. Nitkin was released from his duties as Integrity Commissioner of the town, shortly after he released an opinion that stated the initial allegations laid against Councillor Buck were “incomplete”, “inaccurate”, “ill-informed” and possibly wholly politically motivated.

Mayor Morris’ statements as communicated to me by the reporter in question were not consistent with what Mr. Nitkin informed me were the actual facts, which may help to explain his cease and desist order against the Mayor, nor were they consistent with the official reasons given by the town for his dismissal as per a Freedom of Information response provided to me, therefore it appears on the surface that the Mayor may not have followed her own code of conduct rules. If this proves to be the case then she is guilty of the same offense that she and her fellow councillors are accusing Councillor Buck of breaching.

Richard Johnson

4 Responses to “Integrity Complaint to be Filed Against Phyllis Morris”

  1. Anonymous said

    “Mayor Morris’ statements as communicated to me by the reporter in question were not consistent with what Mr. Nitkin informed me were the actual facts….”


    You expect the Integrity Commissioner to accept second- and third-hand testimony from you as the basis of a complaint?

    “Well, what the reporter told me the mayor told him didn’t jive with what the former IC told me…”

    Maybe you could devise another spread-sheet to help keep track of it!

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject of spread-sheets — congratulations on the hat-trick of letters in the Auroran — I especially liked how one of your letters referred to another one of your letters. You don’t see that everyday.

    • Richard Johnson said

      It’s no wonder that you stay anonymous.

    • Richard Johnson said

      I trust that you put more weight on what Phyllis says than a Toronto Star Reporter, an internationally renowned specialist on ethics and corporate governance as well as the town staff who gave the official reason for the release of Mr. Nitkin (the former integrity commissioner).

      It is Phyllis’ statements that don’t appear to fit with the facts, which is the point. I’m sorry you could not follow my earlier comments. I accept some responsibility for that but I am willing to bet that Phyllis will be found to have broken her own code of conduct rules as a result of not accurately representing the town’s official position.

      Phyllis appears to have been caught by a reporter and by the facts.

      The reason she had to stop commenting about Mr. Nitkin as she stated on camera at the Sept 15, 2009 council meeting was that if she continued along the same path she was she apparently ran the risk of being sued per the cease and desist letter that Phyllis actually read for all to hear.

  2. For a fistful of dollars said

    While I support you 110% you should bear in mind that the sitting Integrity Commissioner is just as lacking in this commodity as Morris.

    You will probably get a huge amount of public support if the complaint is filed.

    Don’t be disappointed if the IC’s findings are less than satisfactory. Unless, of course, he recuses himself once again and passes the torch to Vaughan.

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