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Chris Ballard Enters Race For Council

Posted by auroracitizen on July 1, 2010

Just checked the town website and noticed that Chris Ballard has submitted his nomination papers for Council. Chris is the current Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Committee and the owner of Aurora based CSB Communications — a communications company that currently lists the Town of Aurora on its website as a client.

Chris is also generally viewed as a friend of Phyllis Morris — recently spotted glad handing with her at the Seniors Centre at Belinda’s Barbecue.

This will raise an interesting quandary when it comes to declaring conflicts. How would sitting on Council impact his ability to work for the same town he is a Councillor for?

No doubt he will have an interesting response to the question. We’d certainly be interested in hearing what his response is.

For what it’s worth, our opinion is that he should decline any and all work associated with the Town and therefore avoid any hint of conflict.

Equally interesting will be  whether Chris will stand up against the Mayor should they both get elected or whether he will just be another vote that the Mayor counts on to support her agenda. Or will he possibly turn on her should he see her fortunes turn and another mayoralty candidate look like they will be the winner. Nothing worse that backing a losing horse in a political race.

This election is shaping up the be the most interesting in recent history. Only July 1 and already 3 Mayor candidates and 7 Councillor candidates. That must be a new record.

Possibly a commentary on the view of the current council’s performance.

19 Responses to “Chris Ballard Enters Race For Council”

  1. Broderick Epps said

    I can see it now. Self professed Escalade driving Town Environment expert Sue Walmer will in due time send out her list of endorsed candidates and of course Chris Ballard will be on the list of Team Morris.
    On another note what salient benefit has EDAC in Aurora under Mr. Ballard;s leadership brought to the table of benefit to Aurorans excluding pretentious buzz word laden BS that no one save for Mormac reads or believes.

    • Guy Poppe said

      Mr. Epps or Mr.Broderick

      I have no idea who you are, and frankly nor do I want to know.

      Ms. Walmer has done more for this town, than anyone I know.

      What have you done?

    • Positive 2010 said

      My question Mr.Poppe is do you know many people?

      There are many many in Aurora who do excellent things for this community.

      If you would like a list then just call Neighbourhood

      You can support more than just the Mayors friends.

      Its called free speech and equality.

    • Anonymous said

      “Ms. Walmer has done more for this town, than anyone I know.”

      Even more than your friend, the mayor?! Tsk, tsk, Mr Poppe, ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ will not be pleased…

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Mr. Poppe, you should expand your circle of acquaintances then.

    • “Ms. Walmer has done more for this town, than anyone I know.”


      Thanks I needed a good laugh.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Mr. Watts

      I’m glad I made you laugh.


    • Guy Poppe said

      Thanks everyone.

      I thought things have been rather quiet in the viper pit, so I am glad to wake you.

      But of course, you don’t want me to know who you are. I wonder why?

    • joker said

      Yes Mr. Poppe, “Ms. Walmer the champion of the environment”

      Never seen an environmentalist drive a gas guzzling Escalade!!!!

      what else can you expect from the circle of fake fools..

    • Anonymous said

      Some things never change Guy. No one liked your pompus attitude at Air Canada, and no one likes it here.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To the Joker

      Did you select your handle or did someone chose it for you.

      Regardles, it is tres a propos

    • joker said

      that’s right Mr. Poppe,

      Just like the rest of them. No answer for a comment that is true, change the subject and deflect.

      There is no response to a statement that is true.

      I’m sure you will come back with a statement about hiding identities and crap like that instead of speaking to how a champion of the environment drives a Escalade and shows up to a environmental event and supplies styrofoam cups……

      Like i said self-serving fake fools!!

  2. Anonymous said

    Well, since Chris Ballard has checked in, perhaps he’d like to expand on this topic:

  3. Hello said

    And has the guts to comment in his own name!!

  4. Chris Ballard said

    Dear Moderator, thank you for your input.

    To be clear, our firm is not currently working for the Town of Aurora, nor has it since the 1990s when we sub-contracted to WorldWide Online (whose President, Romeo Colacitti was also from Aurora and an active Chamber member), to help create the Town’s first (pre “e-aurora”) website. Our website clearly states that the list of clients displayed contains both past and current.

    Because it might be perceived as a conflict, our company has not sought any Town of Aurora work since I became a member of the Economic Development Advisory Committee, and that policy will remain in place when elected.

    I hope this clarifies any confusion you might have.


    Chris Ballard

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