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Is Mayor Morris Putting Lipstick on a Pig?

Posted by auroracitizen on July 3, 2010

Aurora getting makeover

In the recent Banner Article (June 29th, 2010), outgoing Mayor Morris rhapsodized about a “new programme” to provide the downtown core with a makeover in the coming months – just in time for the election – but not in time for the summer, Street Sale, Canada Day parade, movies in the park etc.. but hey, it will be ready for the election.

Morris described it as the “Clean up Aurora” programme. Apparently, the much ballyhooed programme consists of such basic things as repainting lane markers, railings, power-washing the sidewalks (seriously???)  She described it as a “quick win” for the downtown revitalization “plan” she’s been flogging to death in recent weeks – including apparently, standing on the sidewalk literally waving it about last Friday.
Is it just us, or does it all seem so desperate? And, well, just a little bit sad.

This is what the outgoing Mayor seems to think is downtown revitalization? Are you kidding me? Shouldn’t painting lines on the road so drivers know what lane they are in be common practice?  She thinks this needs to be part of a plan? It is pathetic that normal day-to-day business practice in public works is repackaged as some kind of new plan with bells, whistles and streamers (even a puff piece in the paper…)

Has this “plan” been discussed at Council?  Let’s hope not.  I certainly hope it doesn’t need to be debated. Can you imagine that council discussion? 

“I move a motion that we replace all the straight lines in town with wiggly ones…”

“I move a motion that the lines be painted red in honour of Canada’s Birthday Town…”

“This is just too much for us to consider, Madam Chair, I move a motion to refer that motion to staff to consider and report back to Council, madam chair…”

Good grief!

Morris hopes by “tidying” up the area, her fellow Auroran’s “…will no longer be ashamed of the downtown”.

She thinks Aurorans are “ashamed”???

If that was the case, then why did it take her 44 months of a 48 month term to notice?  Has she been paying attention at all to what’s happening in the Town she ostensibly serves? Or too busy pandering to the whiners – oops, sorry, potential voters – wanting light posts moved/trees planted/whistles silenced etc. etc. etc.

Even sadder is outgoing Mayor Morris’ comments that she hopes, “with luck” that the tidying efforts will get people, “excited” about the supposed pending changes to the core.  With luck?  She needs “luck” to get people interested in their town again???

Of course, unsaid is the fact that her hopes are all based on whether the study is ever completed, ever adopted, ever implemented. After all, we have seen so many studies shot down, re-written, shelved by this (and other) Councils, I doubt anyone pays much heed to Morris’ clarion call. More to the point, the next Council is not obligated to act — hence most Council actually develop plans early in the term so they can see it through on their term.

It is all well and good to “tidy-up” the Town – it’s about time. But to make this the central focus of what has been a term lacking in any substantive action simply highlights just how little else has actually been accomplished.

Past terms of Council have built Libraries, Seniors Centres and the new Aurora Rec Centre in a single term. Mayor Morris has managed a study.

Well … do what you’re able Phyllis.

This is just more spin to try to make an ineffectual term look like something it’s not — lipstick on a pig we say.

3 Responses to “Is Mayor Morris Putting Lipstick on a Pig?”

  1. Anonymous With Justification said

    I am anything but embarrassed about Aurora, I still, after nearly 50 years in Aurora, love to drive and walk in downtown Aurora, what I do miss is the interaction with neighbours that used to take place on our main street and the businesses that used to be there. however, when I see quotes like “Morris described it as the “Clean up Aurora” programme. Apparently, the much ballyhooed programme consists of such basic things as repainting lane markers, railings, power-washing the sidewalks (seriously???) She described it as a “quick win” for the downtown revitalization “plan”” I have to question her motives. I was driving to work one morning recently and there was a crew out painting the lines on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill and Oak Ridges and yesterday while I was driving through Bradford the lines there are also recently painted, I am not sure about Newmarket as I did not take note, but I will today. Does she really think that we are so stupid to believe that she is responsible alone for the line painting on Yonge Street. Does anyone know if this is a Regional responsibility? And why powerwash sidewalks that not to many residents utilize? I don’t see anything that is so disgusting on the sidewalks, while walking, as a matter of fact, I don’t even look at the sidewalk unless there is something in my way that I need to avoid, and that does not happen very ofter. Painting of railings? The only railings I am aware of on Yonge Street are those that belong to business owners and residents, why is the town going to paint them, or are they going to charge back to the owners the costs at the end of this endeavour? And as far as the corner of Tyler Street now being covered with artwork, I believe that this is a depiction of what the Developer has in store for the property, that is far from artwork and more insight, which is Bouquets to the Developer not the town. Just think that in the not so far future the corner of Centre and Yonge might have some sort of beautiful depiction instead of that falling down building and derelict property, no thanks to Morris, McEachern or Gaertner, who did not vote in favour of that development.

  2. Anonymous says said

    Considering all of Yonge Street is having the lines painted and I believe this is a Regional initiative, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Morris would try and claim this to be her idea. She actually has no ideas of her own, she grabs others suggestions and claims them for herself.

  3. Positive 2010 said

    Information regarding instructions from The Mayor or Town, to remove the paper boxes that advertise jobs,real estate etc.from the core area has also hit the streets.

    Orders to cut chains and carry them away were given it has been said.

    Do these companies not have permits?

    Is this legal?

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