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The Focal Point: Are York Regions Councils Working?

Posted by auroracitizen on October 20, 2009

In a recent post, we mentioned the show “The Focal Point” was doing a show titled “Are York Regions Councils Working?”   The show is now available online.

The panel had a healthy debate – free of spin –  that offered some interesting insights. The panel consisted of

  • George Rust-D’eye, Partner with Weir Foulds (one of the law firms used by Aurora)
  • Don Cousens, ex Mayor of Markham.
  • Robert MacDermid, a York University professor
  • Chris Emanuel, Newmarket Councillor

We would encourage everyone to watch it. There were many insightful comments by the members of this panel worth your time.

3 Responses to “The Focal Point: Are York Regions Councils Working?”

  1. White Knight said

    Consultant/media coach? I think that’s really funny.Somehow I don’t think there is anyone out there who would be able to coach either Morris or Maceachern – or Gaertner for that matter – to the point where they would be able to conceal their loathing of Councillor Buck and vitriolic sniping.

  2. Richard Johnson said

    To Anonymous, October 20, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    Nancy and Phyllis were both members of the Aurora – Markham Hydro Task Force (as was I), however Phyllis did not show up to a vast majority of meetings while Nancy played a major role in following the power supply issue and executing the Task Force’s communications strategy.

    Nancy continues to follow the ongoing power supply issue closely as well as all aspects of politics impacting our region.

  3. Anonymous said

    What, if any, is the connection between the show’s host, Nancy Coldham, and Phyllis Morris? Judging by the following, they are acquainted:

    “Renewal Commission of the Liberal Party Summary of a meeting of the Working Group on the Status of Women On July 10, 2006 in Toronto

    Participants: The Hon. Anne McLellan, Mehreen Raza, Lesley Byrne, Lynne Steele, Louisa Moya, Michelle Simson, Kim Donaldson, Hon. Elinor Caplan, Nancy Coldham, Sandra Anstey, Theresa Nowakowski, Andrea Harrison, Yasmin Ratansi (MP), Paddy Torsney, Lia Quickert, Farah Mohamed, Elaine Flis, Pamela Jeffrey, Adrian Lang, Kate Acs, Phyllis Morris, Lori Spadorcia”

    There are reports that the mayor is availing herself of a Public Relations consultant/media coach. Judging from the last couple of council meetings and the dearth of comments from her usual supporters on these pages of late, it would seem someone is advising her and her faction regarding a different strategy with an election a year away.

    Has anyone else heard these reports?

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