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Greetings from your first Guest Moderator

Posted by elizabethbishenden on October 23, 2009

Hi Everyone,

My name is Elizabeth Bishenden.  Some of you know me through a few local activities, some of you don’t.  I’m the first guest moderator at the Aurora Citizen and I think I’ll be around until about mid-November.

For the last few days I’ve been moderating the blog.  I’ve consulted at times with the blog owner about different kinds of posts.  The person who owns the blog (yes, I do know who it is,  but until that person chooses to reveal her/his identity, I have no interest in providing revelations) has been helpful with information about the editorial policy of the blog and the kinds of items that have been accepted and rejected in the past.

When a new post comes in we look for reasons not to post it.  Those reasons are well documented on this blog already.  Unsubstantiated allegations are not going to be posted.  Information about such posts is available at but here’s a precis for you:

  • Allegations which are unsubstantiated and unproven will not be posted
  • Allegations are not opinions about known activities
  • Allegations are not questions about known activities but put forward as fact
  • The posts are usually filed anonymously, which leaves the accused with no recourse

This blog does not and will not investigate allegations to determine if they are based on fact. This is simply a communications channel to facilitate community dialogue. It is not an investigative facility — we leave that to the news media.

If these allegations were documented (i.e. viewed on video, previously reported by the paper, documents supplied, etc.) or filed by a person willing to accept responsibility for making the allegations we would publish the comments. Until such time, allegations will be rejected.

As a note, sometimes it is just one line in the post that causes problems.  Neither the blog owner nor I are interested in editing your posts.  That would open a can of worms for many people.  We will either post your entire response or reject your entire response.  If it’s rejected and you still think it is valid, read it again after 24 hours. (I’m a house league hockey convenor —  the 24 hour rule is huge with me.  Edit your response and try again.

 If you have an issue with a deleted post, you can send me an email via the connections at the AC for a private response about your post.  I might not answer promptly, but I will answer in a few days with some information.

Some people have accused the AC of being biased in the past.  I have to say that based on the posts I’ve moderated in the last few days, the AC needs alternative viewpoints about Town Council  and it especially needs discussion on topics other than Aurora Town Council.  Whatever you’re interested in, I’d love to see some support and reasoning for every point of view about your subject.  I will, however, remind everyone that support and reasoning are key to having your post approved.  Unsubstantiated allegations were never allowed on the AC and they won’t be approved while I am guest moderator, either.

Best regards to all,


9 Responses to “Greetings from your first Guest Moderator”

  1. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Hi All,

    My apologies for a few glitches as I get up to speed. I’m working on how to move posts that are inadvertently put under the wrong header. Like most folks, I love an orderly list.

    Evelyn, I’m also working on the font size issue. I totally agree.

    Thanks to those who’ve sent ideas for discussion topics. I think we’ll be working on “Budget” for the next while.

    Best, Elizabeth

  2. Heather Sisman said

    Here’s a question….where does everyone do their grocery shopping in Aurora? I used to like Metro before it was refurbished. Now the aisles are very narrow. Had a few run ins with a couple of cashiers who didn’t understand the whole ‘one coupon per purchase’ rule, but that won’t stop me from going back when something I need is on special.

    Foodland isn’t so bad, they have good deals from time to time, and it’s definitely not the busiest store in town (which is nice!). Their cashiers are really friendly

    I’ve only been to Longo’s once, during their grand opening week. It’s a beautiful store. The parking lot is ridiculous though. The parking aisles are awfully close to each other, it was hard to back out of a space and have enough turning radius to clear the cars behind me. They’ve got amazing produce though.

    Anybody got a favourite grocery store in Aurora? Tips and tricks to share about who’s got the best deals? I’m interested!

  3. Nigel Kean said

    I hope that you will bring some fresh ideas to the blog. I do enjoy reading it, however I think that it would be great if more people used their names rather than anonymous or other such names.

  4. Tim the Enchanter said

    Need some new topics?

    1. Council reform. I agree the name-calling and hair-pulling is tiresome so how about ideas to reform council? Do we need such a large “gang”? Burlington – pop 165K – has six councillors. Why do we need eight? One contributor opined that only “friends” of council get placements on committees. Truth or malicious rumour?If “trust me, everything is fair and square” isn’t acceptable is there a system that can be implemented that would ensure fairness and eliminate speculation? Pull names from a hate perhaps? Current council chose appointment over by-election and much time was wasted with arguments, accusations and denials. Does the Municipal Act allow us to enact a by-law to set a time frame? For example; a by-election is required unless a municipal election is less than a year or six months away?

    2. What happens when Aurora uses up available land and is “built out”? I don’t think that situation is too many years away. Do we hang up the NO VACANCY sign and forgo new development (and the juicy fees therefrom) or do we make a land grab such as Barrie is in the process of doing with Innisfil Township? If we give up development charges how do we replace the revenue? Higher taxes?
    If we expand, whose land do we grab?

    3. Does council really march to the “special interest” drum? Is that just sour grapes or should Aurora do more to seek input from more residents? A lot of folks are commuters so attending a 7PM council meeting is out of the question. Should residents be able to participate in Open Forum by email? Should we have referendums on local hot topics? Should we implement internet surveys? Would internet voting increase the turnout?

  5. Geoffrey Dawe said


    Good Stuff! I think the guest moderator is a great idea and congratulations on being the first! Bon Chance!!

  6. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Thanks for the lovely greetings. I’m enjoying my role. It’s nice to be involved in the way the citizens communicate.

  7. Richard Johnson said

    Thank you Elizabeth.

    I have a new topic for you. How about a few recommendations for a nice night out or great food ? I have three recommendations of my own…

    I’ve heard about Joia for years, however I only recently checked it out for myself. What great restaurant ! The food, atmosphere and service were all excellent. It’s great for a night out.

    We also recently discovered a Japanese restaurant that has just relocated from Yonge Street to the old location of the Purple Pig at 155 Wellington Street, just east of the tracks. It’s called Honba and the food is incredible. Definitely worth checking out ! LINK:

    The third recommendation is The (Portuguese) Chicken Place, located just east of Honba at Wellington and Industrial Parkway. The spices are awesome. We generally pick up to eat at home, but small groups can eat there as well.

    You can’t go wrong with any of the above, trust me !

  8. said

    Welcome to the party Elizabeth,You have already been a regular participant I hope you will enjoy your new role.

  9. Countdown to Nov 2010 said

    Good luck stirring discussions on anything other than Town Council. Those types of posts in the past haven’t really garnered much attention from readers. Probably because there has been so much political fodder to contend with!

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