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Dawe’s Response on Canvassing at The Farmers Market

Posted by auroracitizen on September 9, 2010

Spotted Geoff Dawe’s post on his blog about the experience he had at the Market last Saturday. We thought it provided some insight into the man’s approach that was worth sharing.

Of particular note were his comments about respect.

The more important issue, is respect. I was advised that I was breaking the rules and I chose to honour those rules — regardless of whether or not I agree with them. One of my main issues has been the general lack of respect – for rules and for people – demonstrated by the past Mayor and Council. There is precious little reason for me to talk about that issue if I don’t live it.

Regardless on your position on whether he should or should not be allowed to campaign, possibly we can all agree that respect is an essential component of a leader — something that has been missing this past 4 years.

And make no mistake, a leader who respects the rules is not the same as a coward.

Let’s hope that Geoff will stand up against bullies that try to dominate by intimidation.

10 Responses to “Dawe’s Response on Canvassing at The Farmers Market”

  1. evelyn.buck said

    I’m supporting Geoff Dawe.I’ve worked with him for seven years on the library board.

    I will not argue the merits of civility.

    Politics are what they are.

    They are not what you would like them to be.

    They are not what you think they should be.

    They just are.

    In a campaign, to engage, one needs to react to situations as they present themselves

    I didn’t say one shouldn’t be civil.

    I said one shouldn’t be too civil.

    Politics being what they are an’all.

    No, I am not obsessed with politics.

    I am dedicated to the art.

    For the people who have supported me through many elections, I keep trying to master the skill and serve them well.

  2. fed up said

    Her lordship was busy flitting about the market this morning–talking shop–but not handing out literature–as well as doing some shopping–but that ugly trailer of hers was parked (as it was last night at ribfest) in a prominant spot for all to see–did not see any other candidates–they were probably at ribfest–more people–better atmosphere, nobody telling them what they can and can’t do in a public place

  3. One who Knows said

    with all due respect to Geoff .when one is totally blind sided by some irrational individual more often that not your immediate reaction is no reaction or the one that Geoff had , it is not until you have had a chance to reflect on what was said that you realize how off base this person really was , Be greatful that it happened, its a perfect lesson for Geoff and the learning curves that will come with his new Job, What his reaction proves is that he is a genuine Gentleman with a great deal of patience .

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      I’m sure Geoff has done his research in the interim, and will do what is right, and permitted, at the Market this Saturday.

      Nothing more.

      And nothing less!

    • Anonymously said

      Duelling signs have commenced. Morris signs are out today and the Dawe signs seemed to have grown overnight. And then there are little Kean signs overshadowed.

  4. evelyn.buck said

    Geoff doesn’t have to take advice.And I don’t have to give it.

    But respect for rules is fine so long as everybody is playing by the same rules.

    When somebody you don’t know, walks up to you and tells you there are rules and you’ve seen no evidence of such rules since the day the Market opened, you’d best be ready to exercise some independent judgement before you meekly acquiesce to interference with your right to be out and about in the community doing what common sense tells you, you have a right to do.

    Election a the Parish Council is not what we are about.

    People don’t go to a hockey game to watch players bowing politely to one another.

    • Augustinius said

      If we presume that we live in a civilized world, then we should be prepared to act civilly to one another.

      It is impractical to carry a huge binder that contains all the laws of our society. As adults, it is assumed that we know the basic ones. These govern our very survival.

      Unfortunately politics is an obsession with many who seek to participate in it. The ultimate objective is to do everything necessary to succeed, to get elected, the only measure of victory.

      Aspirants for political office appear to either truly want to serve their fellow members of society, or to garner that absolute thrill, the ability to exercise power, often and unfortunately unchecked.

      It is our responsibility as potential voters to learn as much as we possibly can about the candidates, to distinguish between service and power. It should be the responsibility of the candidates to express themselves honestly and to demonstrate how their life experience qualifies them for the position they are seeking, and to not hide behind lies and hypocrisy.

      Only then may we get the government that we deserve, not the one we presently have.

    • Linda said

      “But respect for rules is fine so long as everybody is playing by the same rules.”

      So are we to assume that if no one else is playing by the rules that we shouldn’t as well? What kind of world would this be it we all went around thinking that kind of logic?

      I’m sorry, but I just don’t agree with that. Geoff did the right thing in showing respect for whatever ‘rule’ it is that they have at the Market. I have a ton of respect for this guy already!

    • David Heard said

      I was actually standing beside Mr.Dawe when this took place.

      I was about to say something and he protected me by saying….”Its ok”

      I could have openned my big mouth and I would have to then deal with the backlash.

      Mr.Dawe has earned my respect.

  5. Matt Maddocks said

    The professionalism and respect Geoff shows when dealing with situations is one of the reasons he has my vote.

    By contrast, the gawdawful display of immaturity and nastiness by Morris at last Tuesday’s council meeting really sets these two individuals apart.

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