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And They’re Off

Posted by auroracitizen on September 10, 2010

5 candidates for Mayor, 19 Candidates for Council.

Let’s hope that this bumper crop of candidates is also reflected in the voter turnout in October.

The full list can be seen on the Town website — or just click over to 2010 Municipal Election on this blog

Each of the candidates has been extended the following invitation;

Congratulations on your decision to run for election in 2010. Many citizens will be interested in hearing what you have to say as we get closer to the election.

The Aurora Citizen is committed to providing equally access for all candidates to our readers. You will be able to interact directly with voters and any information supplied will be posted without editing.

We will dedicate a page to each candidate who provides information. Your page will be set up with its own URL which you are welcome to use in any campaign communication to direct people to your page if you don’t already have your own online presence.

You are also welcome to simply provide a link to your own website if you would prefer.

Good luck on October 25th.

We will continue to monitor comments for the candidates as outlined on the 2010 Municipal Election tab. Here’s hoping more than Geoff Dawe take us up on the opportunity to initiate dialogue with the voters of Aurora.

47 Responses to “And They’re Off”

  1. Guy Poppe said

    To lucky wife.

    Thank you for the question.

    To allege or suggest that someone is, or will be in a breach of trust (a potential criminal offence) is potentially libelous.

    It is for a judge or jury to decide.

    I am not Ms. MacEachern’s lawyer.

    I threaten no one, but as I stated long ago, these type of allegations are something to keep in mind.

    I would take no delight in seeing someone have to be embroiled in court proceedings. It is the last forum I ever recommended to anyone, although some did not always agree, and some insisted on the views of the Supreme Court of Canada.

    For me, I think I have a thick skin. I no longer practice law, but still feel capable of lucid views. (Some of you may disagree)

    Like Clr. Buck, I am a strong advocate of free speech, and in fact, have raised the Ethics rules with several of our leaders.
    They have recognized a review is warranted.

    I have stated openly, I respect our leaders and Town.

    It is for all of us to decide whether there are better ones.

    Guy Poppe

  2. Richard Johnson said

    Check out Phyllis’ website !!! Holy cow batman; did she decide to run at the last minute or what ?


    “Ask not what I can do for the community, but what you can do for me…” that just about sums it up.

    • Anonymous Indeed said

      I guess she won’t be spending $19 grand of her own cash this election.

    • fed up said

      What a pathetic attempt to try and convince us that she is right for the job and has all the qualifications to be a leader of this rapidly growing town. Perhaps she has seen the writing on the wall and figures what’s the point of spending a fortune in this loosing battle.

    • Anonymous said

      I think that her decision to run again was made the night she won four years ago and she will keep running unless a better opportunity presents itself or Aurora voters finally say ENOUGH!

      Websites are an inexpensive and potentially effective advertising tool for candiates to share their platform, list their accomplishments and offer their “curriculum vitae” of sorts, that qualifies them to receive your vote. She is the encumbant, she can’t present the same package wrapped in the same pretty bow as she did the first time around. She has to sell herself to voters based solely on her experience and accomplishment of the last four years. Therein lies the problem for Phyllis and her campaign team. What are the positve accomplishments of her leadership and experience that are the foundation for the next four years? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….STILL THINKING………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Sorry, I can’t do it. There simply isn’t anything that she has done as Mayor that has inspired my confidence or my respect. Even taking the Evelyn Buck fiasco out of the equation, I cannot reconcile all the missteps of this term. So much time and money wasted on planning and consulting, and precious little to show for it other than glossy brochures and lofty goals that nobody has the money to pay for. Not to mention all the in-camera and closed door meetings, and lawyers!! that have had their wallets fattened these last four years courtesy of Aurora taxpayors. Not a single member of this council, except maybe Evelina, and I imagine, few staff have been spared this Mayor’s derision and comdemnation when they have strayed from her path or dared to disagree. Two councilors, whom IMO demonstrated professionalism and ethics that are beyond reproach have chosen to withdraw rather than risk sitting at the same table with this Mayor for another four years. A highly respected and world renowned ethics specialist FIRED by the little Town of Aurora, Ontario and replaced by a former politician who will never outrun the stink of canned tuna! Having our “dirty laundry” aired in national newspapers, the laughingstock of York Region. If I have missed anything or if you feel I am wrong, by all means, please correct me. Let’s discuss. But, from where I am sitting right now, there is nothing that Phyllis Morris can say or do to rehabilitate her reputation or candidacy.


    • Eloquently Stated said

      I think the only thing you missed was the title “Open Letter to the Editor of the Auroran”

    • Anonymous said

      What gall she has. We volunteered to campaign for her the last time (we were new in town) and trudged around our neighbourhood in all kinds of miserable weather. An introductory meeting was scheduled at a local coffee shop but nobody bothered to notify us that the start time had been changed and we turned up after the meeting had happened. No explanation or apology. After the campaign, there was no acknowlegement or thanks for having canvassed. We have canvassed many times for candidates in the various towns and cities we have lived but after the experience 4 years ago in Aurora, we will never offer again to anybody!

    • Richard Johnson said

      Team Morris’ website is now up and running. Worth a view.


    • Anonymous said

      ****Excerpts from:

      “Mayor Phyllis Morris has consistently demonstrated her leadership skills by identifying issues critical to the Town and rallying the community, councillors and staff to find solutions.” WHEN WAS THIS????

      “It has been a pleasure to work with a fantastic Town Council that successfully considered and charted new directions. The public record shows it to be the most capable in a decade at both finding common ground and achieving results.” WOW. JUST WOW!


      I am fluctuating here between outrage and amusement. What the heck, today is a good day for a hearty laugh!


    • Anonymous said

      I just read through it again. I know this is supposed to be serious but I just can’t stop laughing.

      Can we have some delusions with our grandeur!!!! Please! Too much BS to handle, now I have to run to the loo.


    • for a few dollars more said

      In looking at the first full page of the Morris re-election struggle, it is obvious that when she sits down she is placing a great deal of pressure on her brain.

      Hyper-dementia comes to mind.

      The quotation from the New York Times is from an article that appeared on April 17, 2008, headed “A Line in the Yard: The Battle Over the Right to Dry Outside”

      Is this what our election is all about?

      Give her enough clothesline and she might hang herself!

  3. Guy Poppe said

    Anon Anon

    Perhaps you would enlighten me.

    From your past comments, you assert and when challenged, you hide.

    Perhaps you also have access to my e-mails to the Aurora Citizen, which questioned their refusal to allow me to respond.

    Frankly, you have absolutely no credibility to many folks who are quietly watching.

    • Poppe Cock said

      isn’t it time for your afternoon nap?

    • Anon Anon said

      Hey Guy, Still challenged by the reply button, I see.

      Perhaps Anon Anon only exists to niggle you. I rest my case.

    • Anonymous said

      “Frankly, you have absolutely no credibility to many folks who are quietly watching.”

      Just to be clear, the “many” doesn’t refer to any of your pets, right?

    • Broderick epps said

      Mr. Poppe

      Please do not use the word credibility with your name in the same sentence.
      All you do is obfuscate and twist statements of others.You have not contributed nor added any value to this forumn.
      Until you articulate what Phyllis has done to deserve my vote (and your $$ donations)ie what successes, you deserve all the scorn heaped on you.

  4. Stephanie said

    Anonymous wrote:
    “A vote for Sandra Humfryes is like voting for Sher St.Kitts.”
    “Check out her Facebook page; it has no security. She is friends with Sher St Kitts. Lost my vote right there! No more information required.”

    Interesting — now Ms. Humfryes’ Facebook profile is not visible to the public. Apparently she monitors this blog. Still, anyone can view her Facebook friends, and Ms. St. Kitts is clearly on that list. Ms. St. Kitts’ Facebook friends list is interesting as well.

    The campaign has clearly begun. Yesterday, I had front-door visits from Nigel Kean and Geoffrey Dawe. (I don’t remember EVER seeing Ms. Morris at my front door.)

    • Anonymous said

      Of a bigger note.
      Remember the questions Clr.Buck asked about the cross up betwwen The July First Committee and The Dream Team.
      The questions that caused Sher to come to the mic and lose it.

      Well.Sandra H. was also on the Dream Team committee.

      Oh what a web they weave.

  5. Matt Maddocks said

    Just a reminder;

    Guy Poppe’s posts = ignore.

  6. Guy Poppe said

    To Faux Pas and Aurora Citizen

    “a breach of trust is going to finish you”.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if you get a libel notice.

    • fed up said

      a threat?

    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      kind of, it’s referred commonly as libel chill.

      No respectable lawyer would consider such dirty pool so I guess we know what kind of lawyer Mr. Puppet is, or was.

      and why he is all but ignored.

    • Anonymous said

      Mr. Poppe, please enlighten me, where is this missive by “Faux Paus” that you find so libelous?

      I am curious, how does threatening or implying the threat of lawsuits to the AC or its participants help the Mayor’s campaign? I would think that your time would be better spent out on the streets trying to educate or convince the undecided and unenlightened voters of the Mayor’s virtues, rather than with a bunch of malcontents such as you find here. Why bother?


  7. Guy Poppe said

    To Anon Anon

    You’re quite right. I was banished. The moderator would not post various comments I wrote. Reason? No idea.

    What’s interesting is how you learned I was banished since it was not posted nor commented on.

    Perhaps you are the moderator or in close contact.

    • Anon Anon said

      Hey Guy, it was indeed posted….you obviously don’t follow this blog THAT closely.
      Perhaps the AC moderator has relented and allowed a few posts to give some increased value to this blog in the weeks leading up to the election. The value being your feet in Phyllis’ mouth. Thanks for obliging.
      See you at the next fundraising event!

  8. Anonymous said

    A vote for Sandra Humfryes is like voting for Sher St.Kitts.

    These two have been joined at the hip a long time.

    They are both in the Mayors camp.

    • Guy Poppe said

      Thanks for the info.

      Who’s in the others’ camp?

    • Anonymous said

      Wasn’t she the one sitting beside SSK in the ringside seats when Morris & Tsubouchi delivered the purchased decision against Cllr Buck? As I recall, she was very busy taking notes, while Sher was revelling in the “triumph” (the kind of pre-ordained triumph that professional wrestling offers with every bout).

    • Anonymous said

      Check out her Facebook page; it has no security. She is friends with Sher St Kitts. Lost my vote right there! No more information required.

  9. Anonymous said

    And…SHOULD that loser Morris sneak in by way of the split vote, it will be thanks to Nigel Kean. My greatest hope was that he would finally listen to all his friends who told him he couldn’t win and pleaded with him to run for Council. Talk about a loser. He could very well be responsible twice in a row for handing Morris her crown. He attacked Jones the last time and now has failed to take any advice from his friends and is running again. Can you say 3 time loser? Nigel…if she wins, you are responsible! Nigel Kean, the man who cares about Aurora…really, he cares about himself and wouldn’t listen to the scores of friends who honestly were trying to help. Shame on you Nigel.

    • fed up said

      NO NO NO–if she wins it is the people who voted for her that did it–it is also the people who are too foolish to realize that a vote for Nigel is a vote for Morris and still ended up placing their X beside Nigel’s name–it is Nigel’s shortsightedness that has put the voteres in this silly place–He should have run for council–become deputy mayor and really done some good for the town–as it is he has become a has been. As for deputy mayor–look out Phyllis–Madam Buck may just end up sitting beside you on your right–My GOD, then we would really see the sparks fly–

    • Guy Poppe said

      If I wrote that response by Anonymous, I would also be ashamed to identify myself.

    • Poppe Cock said

      Come now Guy, Anonymous has a point poor old Nigey wasn’t what you could call a stellar performer last time round on the previous dysfunctional councils , In all honesty would you really want this little half with running our fair Town. Nigey will reap his just reward come the 25th of October , Maybe, Just maybe he will finally realize that his time in shaping the future of Aurora has long since past.

    • Anon Anon said

      Hey AC, I thought Hey Guy wasn’t allowed to play on this blog?
      See you Phyllis’ next week for the big supporters bash.

    • Anonymous said

      I have now made four requests of Nigel Kean to explain how my personal email address ended up on his campaign canvassing list. I object to receiving unsolicited campaigning but have had no reply from him. I guess his concern for the residents of this town doesn’t stretch to invading their privacy. He is no more ethical than the rest of his former politician friends.

    • Anonymous said

      I finally got a response from Nigel Kean about how he got my personal email address… after he read my comment on this blog. Four written requests to him couldn’t elicit a response but this blog did (or as Nigel put it “Bill Hogg’s blog). It’s amazing how they all jump to posts on here but won’t respond to a simple question posed to them directly.

    • 2 points;
      – just because Nigel says it doesn’t make it so and
      – did he tell you where he got your email address. Clearly he didn’t say from this blog.

    • walt said

      Oh geez…

      You go on and on about “How did he get my email” and then Mr. Kean does tell you, you don’t bother to tell us how he got it (and nor do you retract your previous assertion that he may have got it from this blog).

      Grow the hell up.

    • Anonymous said

      To Aurora Citizen
      Those were Kean’s words not mine and I do realise that just because he says it, doesn’t make it true. Quite frankly I am not interested in whose blog this is other than the Aurora Citizen. I appreciate it’s purpose and the forum. Kean’s response was very curt and quite cutting, not very pleasant at all, and thus was the reference to his words, “your friends at the Bill Hogg blog.”
      It seems he took my address from an email that Al Wilson sent out when he registered again as a candidate. Apparently Wilson must have kept the email addresses of anyone who had written to him and/or other members of council and felt that he could use them for his own campaign ends too. I guess Kean was also on that list and just took it as his own.
      All of this is making me more nervous about protecting privacy in this day of “everything-is-out-there-for-ever cyberspace and nobody seems to give a %^#@ about courtesy.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I cannot believe how naive people can be with their email address. Courtesy has nothing to do with it. If you provide your email address to any of these characters, you are asking for trouble.

      And people ask why we don’t use our real names??????


    • Anonymous said

      I grew up in an age of courtesy and respect. When I receive emails that post another person’s distribution list, I would not dream of assuming that I can use those addresses for my orn purpose. Yes, I am naive.
      And I have acknowledged to Aurora Citizen that if they say they do not release email addresses then I take them at their word.

  10. Richard Johnson said

    In answer to the question, “who is Miloslav Prikryl ?”…

    See 2006 Election results:

    Miloslav Prikryl, 1,239 votes for Councillor. He was last place of 20 people running for Council and the three people running for Mayor. I think that I remember his speech from the all-candidates meeting. He seemed like a nice guy but there may have been a language barrier if my memory serves me correctly.

    • Grace Marsh said

      Richard – I recall the same as you. I believe his platform was geared toward the environmental issues and that he may have handed out tree seedlings at one or two events. I also recall he was difficult to understand.

    • Richard Johnson said

      I forgot about the tree seedlings. That’s right ! He struck me as a well meaning and nice guy but he is not a serious contender. The race for Mayor is still essentially a two or three person race at the end of the day.

      I find it hard to believe that anyone would vote for Phyllis but when you consider that less than 38% of eligible voters will likely vote and when you have to assume that at half of those people that do vote may not do their homework to the degree necessary, anything can happen. One can only hope that people are reminded of what has been written in the Globe, Sun, Star, National post about Phyllis’ handling of the integrity commissioner issue. She has not come close to living up to her promises in a number of critical respects and the scary thing is that some people chose to ignore what is staring them in the face. Amazing.

  11. fed up said

    Who the heck is Miloslav Prikryl ? GREAT–now the anit-Morris vote (and it is substantial, at least from the talk at RibFest last night) will be split 4 ways.

  12. someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

    the Toronto Star just put Aurora as one of the cities in the 905 to watch:

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