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Lois Brown: Conservative Party Candidate, Newmarket – Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on April 21, 2011

We have established this post to allow readers to ask Lois questions directly — it will be up to Lois whether to take the opportunity to respond.

Her website is:

Moderators will review the questions to ensure they are really questions and not simply an attempt to promote another candidate/party in the guise of a question. Anonymous comments will face a higher standard 🙂

9 Responses to “Lois Brown: Conservative Party Candidate, Newmarket – Aurora”

  1. Harold said

    Having read the comments on the page I must speak to an imparticular one and that is Chris Watts and the comment that it is soley about the economy. Chris…. IT IS. Any idea you have to put forward is secondary to the pricetag. The economy pays for all activities. If you do not have a viable economy you do not have any social programs. Increase the wealth of industry, you increase the wealth of the tax payer therefore you increase what you may provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. Tax the rich out of existance and well you have done just that. Now who will pay?

  2. JOHN H SARGENT said

    Lois Brown- I would like to say Congratulations for your reelect

  3. Anonymous said

    Why am I not surprised that Lois has not participated in the candidates’ pages? I guess she doesn’t have permission from her “lord and master” to engage in such unscripted activities. So sad!

    • Anonymous said

      I suspect she has better things to do…

    • Anonymous said

      Well, Anonymous May 1 at 5:11, her “better things to do” do not include any canvassing in my area. Not a whisper or a word throughout the entire campaign.

  4. I’m with Barney, but I’d be asking Lois about a great deal of bills. not just C-302 which is insulting.

    The conservatives have run a patheticly simplistic campaign, focusing only on the economy, aruging that their fiscal policies are the one’s that should differentiate them and earn your vote.

    To which I have to ask which policies would support such a laughable notion given the hefty surplus from the previous gov’t they managed to turn it into a mind-boggling deficit within 3 years?

    I don;t think any of us want to end up like our neighbours in the U.S. who are $14 Trillion in debt, but we seem well on the way at a staggering $500 B in national debt. And the conservatives don’t want you to aknowledge or even care about the path we are on.

    The answers this party have to that is to ignore the obvious and shell out significant corporate tax cuts. Because that has been working so well over the past 5-6 years.

    Our GDP is failing, Retuers has reported on Feb’s numbers here:

    The National Post had a recent piece on the NDP and it is interesting to read what has been attributing to this loss:

    When compared to other countries the Canadian dollar has taken a significant hit. The only currency that we seem to be treading water when compared to is the U.S. and that shouldn’t be paraded around as a triumph.

    Fromn the National Post article:

    “the Canadian dollar’s strength is a lagged effect, and its true damage to Canadian economic growth will be felt later on.”

    Thanks Harper-ites.

    The following inforgraphic illustrates countries that carry a debt ratio far outside the realm of their capacity to sustain the debt:

    The U.S. ranks at #6, and Canada is ranked only 3 spots behind at #9.

    Perhaps if the Conservative party wanted to be honest with the average Canadian they could opt to approach the concept of fiscal responsibility in a similar manner to the way Philip Greenspun did in his country.

    Mr. Greenspun made it easier to understand the financial mess our neighbors to the south are in by simply divided the

    2011 US Federal budget by $100 million.:

    Here is what he determined:

    “We have a family that is spending $38,200 per year.
    The family’s income is $21,700 per year.
    The family adds $16,500 in credit card debt every year in order to pay its bills.
    After a long and difficult debate among family members, keeping in mind that it was not going to be possible to borrow $16,500 every year forever, the parents and children agreed that a $380/year premium cable subscription could be terminated.
    So now the family will have to borrow only $16,120 per year.”

    If you think that Canadian’s and their enconomy under the control of a minority or majority Conservative government is going to address such fiscal imbalance you are not doing your homework.

    They are counting on that, and it is downright insulting.

    Let’s hope the outcome on May 2nd is as predicted here by a Conservative insider:–exclusive-majority-out-of-reach-tories-say

    Harper has no choice but to resign as party leader as a result, and rightly so.

    Contempt and ignorance have no place in digging us out of the whole the Harper conservatives have so happily burried us in.

  5. Barney said

    I’d like to ask Lois why she voted against Bill C-302.

    This bill eventually passed in Parliament in late April 2010. The “Italian-Canadian Recognition and Restitution Act, a bill introduced by Mr. Massimo Pacetti, Member of Parliament for Saint-Léonard / Saint-Michel, was adopted by the House of Commons.”

    “The main components of this legislation are the issuance of an official apology in the House of Commons for the internment of Italian-Canadians during World War II and the creation of an educational fund to be administered by reputable Italian-Canadian community organizations in order to inform Canadians about internment and to foster cultural harmony throughout Canada.”

    I’m not a person who believes in “paying for the sins of our fathers”…but precedents have been set in the past with apologies to Chinese and Japanese Canadians.

    What makes Harper look so foolish in this are his recent(and foolish) attempts at photo ops with “ethnic Canadians”. What a phony.

    The bill ended up passing by a 147/134 majority. What’s odd, is that two (WASP) Conservatives supported the bill, while at least one Italian-Canadian voted against it. Is uncle Stevie (who did not vote) pulling the strings here?

  6. Ridiculous said

    How is it that transexual modification is covered under our health insurance but abortion isn’t?

    • JOHN H SARGENT said

      Transsexual health insurance–Ridiculous that a good question? May have something to do with sex and gender in the P Trudeau s (Liberal Prime Minister) Charter of Rights for Canada..just like injection sites for illegal drugs in B C..and may be coming to Ontario

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